Chasing Jannah: My Baby Boy

This blog comes from a Canadian/Muslim woman who also has a child with a Saudi man who chooses not to have contact with her or her son.
I would like to thank you for for speaking out and sharing your story.

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4 thoughts on “Chasing Jannah: My Baby Boy

  1. Anonymous

    salam alaikum ,
    my name is sarah , saudi girl from yanbu city . i almost read all the stories posted in this website. as a moslem and humane i like to say :”even if i dont know you , or know any one you and others abandoned mothers looking for , i like to Send my apologies to you all,i wish i can do more for you but i dont know how ,i share this website link in my twitter account hoping that may help you, i will pray for you all mothers and sons , allah help you ,bless you all ” ” for non muslim mothers, i hope you understand that this fathers are not following islamic roles , islam is opposed this kinds of bad things , no religion in the world like it “.
    in the end forgive me for my simple english , i hope you understand what i am trying to say.

    wish you the best,

  2. I think you should got legal help. I am An Arab-American lawyer working in Doha for now, I would like to help

  3. Um Saudi

    I’m realll intrested in legal help, am one oh the mum’s. how can I contact u please…

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