How do you feel?

Ok, everyone. I have a question or two for those who would care to respond, as i am looking for a little input on the subject. What part of being left alone to raise your child ( assuming that you were not given other options ) makes you the most upset? The financial aspects? The worrying about your child’s future without a father? Or the biological implications, i.e. allergies, known familial diseases, etc.? Have people told you that you would be better off not searching for or seeking out assistance from the father at all? Does that make you angry? I ask because, of all the thoughts that cross my mind, in my situation what bothers me most is the fact that my son will simply never be acknowledged by his biological father, and I am sure sooner or later he will have questions that I’m not sure I can answer.

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68 thoughts on “How do you feel?

  1. Anonymous

    My saudi bf broke up with me when I was 11 weeks pregnant because I refuse an abortion. He begged me to not have the baby and then we will be married. When I told him I refuse an abortion he stopped returning my calls and text. 1 month before I had my son I find out he had left back to saudi arabia. My son is 7 months old now and his father has never asked about him. I have trouble trying to figure out what to say to my son when he asks.

  2. Its crazy how easily these men can just return home with no regards to the lives he has forever changed. We as women have a daily reminder of the men who abandoned us. The men however get to run away free of any responsibility. How do I explain to my son that his biological father was among a large group of Saudi men who abandon their children and mothers. How are these children as adults going to view Saudi men?

    • Adly

      remember that man who abandoned u, U choose him in first place, world full with bad and good peoples , but u pick the wrong one!!!

      i know a nice good Saudi man who marrie a woman from usa , Guss what happens, she was the one who abandoned him!! it was his fault too that he choose the wrong lady!!!

      but in both case, “children left Behind”

      sorry for my bad English, still working on it, i wish for thos people to CARE about them Children

      Adly, saudi arabia

    • mike

      I’m a saudi and I feel sorry and a shamed of what happend to you. i totally sympathised with you all . I will do what ever it takes to make your voice reach in the community.
      Your Story was published through Al Arabiya news website and was widely spread. here is the link:

  3. As you all mothers with Saudis children left behind go through the same questions and each day that passes we get more questions.

    In my personal situation has become more difficult because he abandoned me when i was 4 months pregnant but he still continues in some form in my life. During my pregnancy I decided to keep contact with him because i was wondering about the future of my son, especially in the healthy side (because in KSA there are a lot of diseases) so when I’ve asked something about diseases in his family or how everything was with him to make my son’s medical record he always cooperate with me, and I decided this to prevent future illness. On the other hand, he still has contact with me, so he has not left 100% and he always claims that his son will knows about him and he will provide him everything to have a very good life but so far has not sent even a $1 gift to his son…sad, right?

    … Like many women always wonder what to tell my son when he ask me about his father, but finally I understood that I must tell the truth to my son without hurting him. I decided to tell him that his father and I spent X years together, that we love each other very much and that he couldn’t be in our lives for certain situations, plus give him an album with is father and I pictures because all the years we lived together we lived a vary happy life and we loved each other. So in that way he will not feel it was his fault his father left us and sow resentment toward his father because that is only hurt himself and i want my son be a happy man. I believe that sooner or later his father will come back to ask forgiveness for leaving him and to don’t have the ball to fought for us; if for some reason he don’t come to pur lives i don’t think he will be able to live a peaceful life, the remorse will be killing him.

    Beside all that, what really bothers me and that are the comments and opinions of the people … It is very easy for them to spit words and stupid comments when they are not or have not experienced a similar situation, and unfortunately KSA has a reputation of be a country with rich people, so most of them thinks that we want to take advantage of the innocent Saudis guys when they really are stand up to take responsibility for their actions and at least give them a decent life for their children.

  4. Andrea I am glad the father of your beautiful son still tries to do something. I commend you for trying so hard to make sure your son is happy. What can be said about those fathers that 100% refuse any contact with the children? I want my son to be happy but I wont give him false images of his father loving him or one day showing back up into his life. The hope that a “lost” father will one day show up and say I love you can KILL a child’s heart when year by year daddy never shows.

  5. Qamar

    FYI, these Saudi students are studying/studied abroad because of Saudi government money, not from their own pocket and not because KSA is an oil-rich country it means the people are rich. No. Just advice young ladies not to be gullible.

  6. gemma

    Does anyone out there know how to trace a relative in Riyadh as i don’t know where to start.

    • That is a good question Gemma. My experience so far it is difficult.

    • Tallal

      Start with the Family name + city they are from. It is not hard… if you are here that is. Most of the “men” listed are from very well known family names and can be easily traced.

    • Dr. M Shehri

      As I’m too busy, so pls do follow my replies to other. Please do so.

    • Desert traveller

      Hi there ! if you get hold of his ID card no then you would definitely find the guy . when u have the ID card no then contact me 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Hello everyone, sorry to hear about your sad experiences in life. I’m a Saudi student on the US. I don’t think its an easy thing to track someone from Saudi Arabia specially in Riyadh since its the largest city out there. however, there is one way to track someone down, and you have to have lots of info about the person. the way is to know saudis that might know him! I don’t think the government would be much of a help.

    • That is so true, it is almost imposable to track someone down in Riyahd and the government has been no help at all. I am just hopeful that some one will recognize the men named in the blog and urge them to do the right thing.

      • badir salim

        barik alqarnai as of now he is ginral marshal in druge department

      • Abdulmajeed

        You guys did the right thing. It’s no so hard to track someone in Saudi Arabia .. Everyone belongs to a known family and most families with same last name live in a known region of each city in the country.. For example, When saying Al-QARNI family, 90% of this family live in Abha city. If he’s studied in the US then propably the person is known. And before making any step, you need to know what is the thing that catches Saudies attention on the internet?! so you could publish your story can be seen. I suggest YOUTUBE ‘put the name in the title in Arabic if you could’ + MBC channel ..

        For any help contact me please…

  8. Dr. M Shehri

    Well, I JUST want to assure of of those affected women, kids and families that Saudi Government is fully would in their side 100% have they prove these kids as of Saudis men. I vcan assure uou and UNQUESTIONABLE that your cases would be dealt with properly have you reach the rihgt people, have you adopt the real and right way. Just fi,e your cases, phtoes related and proofs and evidences in papers shape and send via registered post to both directions, the embassy and to the F. Affairs in KSA. I assure you of bright results in no tome. Of course, that would be if these cases were proven legally, medically and via evidence.
    Best wishes and regards.

  9. Dr. M Shehri

    OK, in connection of my last comment above , I do here assure you to follow iny case that meets all requirments:
    1. Any related papers, prrofs, evidence, photos ….etc.
    2. As much as you can of photos gathering these kids, wives or women with any of these Saudi Men.
    3. Copy or copies of their Saudi passports, id or such.
    All of these will help in two methods;
    a. To get them down to talk and discussion directly or via their families and furthermore to put them responsible in front of legal office here in KSA. Talks, mails and such will NOT be enogh unless you provide evidence and proofs. I told you, in such proved case, Saudi authority would be in your side. I assure you. Regards.

    • gabrielbreakalqarni

      Dr. Shehri,

      My son was abandoned when he was 1 years old, now he is 27 years old. At that time I became homeless with my child and lost everything, all the pictures, documents and his father contact phone number.

      In this age, the U.S.A. courts legal system don’t ask for pictures or documents, the requirements are to take a blood or saliva sample for DNA paternity testing.

      Wouldn’t a DNA test be proof enough that he fathered the child?


      Mother of Gabriel Break Al-Qarni


      • I always thought DNA trumped photos also. Unfortunately some people think that the women from the west are liars and unclean so they just dont believe anything we say ;(

      • Dr. M Shehri

        Your son is 27 years old by now????? I’m afraid, indeed very much afraid that the father was that one about whom I heard that time. Pls, let me be sure 1st. If u have any kind of passort copy or such for that student. Student ID or any thing containing his full name, do send it. Oh, my God!

        Of course, DNA would be enough but along with all relevant documents you need to raise a proper case. Many details MUST be included: When he was in USA, What he was studying, Where he lived, How many years he stayed overthere, any related photos of him, any related papers ans any , any kind of proofs indicating that help in this matter.

      • Dr. M Shehri

        I assure you that this is NOT that way. DNA , nowadays is the almost sungle clear cut proof. Most peole here are very just and reasonable. Even authorities here do support such cases providing that the case if 100% ture. They get him down to shoulder the full responsibility. Just gather all documents, information, phtos and all related proofs. I assure you that such clear and proved case will take no time. Regards.

  10. Dr, M. Shehri,

    Did you read my comment thoroughly.??????????????????
    I had lost everything ,….. every proof I had with my son’s father…especially the pictures.
    I wrote to the embassy everything, my story from A to Z, including where my son’s father lived and what school he went to and the degree he received from the University, but they are still asking for hard copies of which I had lost 26 years ago…
    ..the only proof I can provide is my son’s blood for DNA TESTING. ….. I wish I can gather those documents but I don’t have magic powers to make them reappear. If I had them I wouldn’t be asking you if DNA testing would be sufficient proof.
    Sorry to sound cynical but I have no more patience in repeating myself over, over and over again. Wasting my time in writing and requesting help when your people don’t give a crap about us!


    P.S. God is the Judge and thank God he is my God, he will judge all who did evil against other humans, including those who abandoned their children and that continued with their life as if their children do not exist.
    Hey, Saudi fathers, He created you and the same God created us and God created our children.

    • Mr.MNAHE

      My Dear ,

      Since you know the school ,the year of studying ,and the degree of your son’s father ,you can contact them about his information (full name, government ID , City ,…etc) ,can’t you ?

  11. gabrielbreakalqarni

    I must say only a few care.

  12. My name is Abdulah Alasiri. I’m 21 ans Saudi. I just wanted to tell you all that I support you and I will help you with spreading the news everywhere I can. I pray that these cowards who refused to take care of their own families that they started themselves agreeably.

    stay strong and stay together and I promise you you will be heard! 🙂

    These stupid men have families here and some strong traditions regarding family. I believe if you can go to the Saudi embassy their families will be notified and they will do something about this situation.

    • Thank you for your support 🙂 We have tried the Saudi embassy, sadly they just lied to us and eventually ignored our pleas for any help.
      Many blessings to you for your help it is good to know that so many wonderful people from KSA are showing their support.

    • Dr. M Shehri

      Yes, that’s right, providing they produce the full information about those fathers. Any information would be of importance: ID, school, year, years spent, address, where he lived, copy of id of passport from where he rented that falt, as much as you can bring of photos…….etc. All these materials DO really help in the matter.

  13. Anonymous

    Hi everyone, i’m a Saudi female, i’m a student in the US since two years and half, i just wanted to say really really sorry to hear your sad experience, in the same time i would say thank you for share it. I would just say as we are a Muslims they are really shame on our Islam, we are not proud of those kind of people. Hope you guys can go through it. Best wishes.

  14. Ohoud

    I am a Saudi girl, I was very impressed and saddened to hear your stories, i hope those children meet them father as soon as possible,
    the site has spread largely expect soon to hear the news about them,

  15. Sara

    Hi ..I am Saudi girl i just want u to know that we are supporting u and we wish for your children happy life ., really ohoud she is right the site has spread largely … keep strong God be with u

  16. MFBBengossan

    I am too sory to know such act were caried out , Even though it is not only the students doing that, other are doing it and this is shamful. He should be mature enough to relize the effects and harms done to his left child and that the child will face more and more defeculties ahead. It would be wise for the father to consider his kid and his/ here feauture. Kowning the saudi culture, yes this is wrong and unexeptable, but man what is done is done and if ur now is married with kids then deep inside you sure feel that you do not deserve to be a father. Ask your dam self is it right for ur kid to suffer knowing that his father knows and rejecting the fact about his kid?

  17. First I would like to say that I feel very sorry that the child and his mother are the victim of a person without feelings tears my eyes when I saw the picture of that child-like angel I am a father Arabia to three sons I can not imagine that any father Saleh can keep away from his child I wish you happiness with all my heart and Tqublogreetings and greetings of my children

  18. So sorry to read something like this, may be you know nothing about summertime’s children left behind.

  19. Saad Fahad

    i quoted u saying in your Arabic letter his”ولذلك أود أن انبه وبشدة النساء بأن لا يتواصلوا او يقعوا في مواعدة مع اي رجل سعودي لأنهم يفكرون فقط بتعليمهم والعودة للعمل في المملكة العربية السعودية
    Actually , government tells Saudis not get married otherwise they’ll be subject to lose scholarship ..Secondly , It is not so tempting to get married anyway from abroad due to huge cultural differences between abroad and Saudi Arabia .That might explains the escape situation .

    • Anonymous

      you are right, our embassy doesn’t allow the Saudis students to get married in the US, if so they will lose their scholarships.

  20. meme

    I’m sure you can find the father easily in this days.

  21. Hasan

    I am a saudi man and whole heatedly support you. I wish and pray every one of those irresponsible cowards is brought to justice and held resposible, not only for th child but the lives they have ruined.

    Another word to saudi students studying now. I was your age when i went to the USA for study and my stay there was CLEAN of any mischief. So there is NO excuse that you have no control of yourself. Please focus on your study and think ofyour family back home.

  22. k.s.a

    Well, I want to say to all these women that YOU disserve what had happened. Who commits adultery deserves the worst kind of punishment.

    • Huda

      Hey, Mr K.S.A do not be quick to judge I have a Saudi daughter and have been through what other women are taking about on this site and I was islamically married and i come from a respectable muslim family, even had hi’s family ask my hand in marriage from my family but he still turned out to be a Saudi devil Allah yal;anhu, so please don’t try to use adultry as a reason valid reason for what happened. With my case no adultry or even contact before marriage. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo????

    • Dr. M Shehri

      KSA, thank Allah that u r NOT a judge!! What about kids? This is the main question!
      Any way, Thank Allah that this issue has been raised now in many newspapers in KSA, in many TV program. Those fathers will SHPULDER their responsibilities sooner or later. They will be PINNED DOWN to the law. We know some of them are BIG officer now, theis why they are afraid of being FIRED.

  23. Hasan

    OK, k.s.a

    I assume you are a Saudi like me. If you are a saudi let me ask you about the Sharia law of Islam that you and I both know. When a man and woman commit adultery, does Islam punish the girl only and leave the man to do it again and again without punishment ?? In these cases you read about , punishment has fallen on the girl alone. How about you do something good and drag those boys to Saudi courts for their part of the adultery punishment ????

    Another thing if you are a Muslim, how about the child that was born, do you see it Islamically right that he or she isn’t accounted for by the father , and later not considered in any future inheritance ..etc.

    Your hasty opinion seems very much like the hasty actions of these irresponsible saudi boys abroad, and severly contradicts with Islamic teachgings and Islamic law.

    • gabrielbreakalqarni

      Thank you Hasan.

    • Sara

      You right about K.S.A’s hasty tounge, this was my reply to him… Hey, Mr K.S.A do not be quick to judge I have a Saudi daughter and have been through what other women are taking about on this site and I was islamically married and i come from a respectable muslim family, even had hi’s family ask my hand in marriage from my family but he still turned out to be a Saudi devil Allah yal;anhu, so please don’t try to use adultry as a reason valid reason for what happened. With my case no adultry or even contact before marriage. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo???? right about K.S.A’s hasty tounge, this was my reply to he’s post…

    • Dr. M Shehri

      Dear Mr. HASAN… U r really great man! I can’t say more than that.

  24. Saudi Arabian free man

    I think the right action is to stand front of the Saudi Arabian embassies and to ask for your and your kids rights. Also I strongly recommend you to publish any photo/s could help to Identify the fathers, so those men could be known easily, considering the fact that there are thousands of people might have the same names. good luck for you all.

    Saudi Arabian PhD.

  25. Ameen

    First, thanks for those who thought of making this site. thanks for those who put down their opinion.
    I have read most of the sad stories which I think could happen in any culture/nation. Sadly too I haven’t seen any solid solution YET that will bring justice to the “children left behind”. Will we see this site management organize each case, update what had been done and any progress. This site became popular now and I am sure there are many people who are welling to help whether in Saudi Arabia or the USA. I am one of them.

  26. sorry guys

    Hi there.
    If you want to specify any Arab guy you should but his name as follows : FIRST name + FATHER name(or second name) + GRANDFATHER name then FAMILY(OR TRIBE) name. Without this form your call will be lost amonge huge no. of arabic families !
    Yap Thats right ladies!
    WIsh the best luck.
    Good day

  27. I feel ashamed

    Hello everyone,
    Sorry for everything you have been through.
    I knew about this issue from the most watchable channel in Saudi Arabia ( MBC). SO MY ADVICE IS TO CONTACT “MBC” CHANNEL THROUGHT THIS PAGE

    It will be a huge step if they publish or show a programm about these issues. Almost everyone in Saudi Arabia watches MBC, so you could imagine the impact on the community .. Please try this way, I am pritty sure it will work if you convince the channel by explaining how important is that… I have sent a request already. But it will be better if the person who has the issue send it himself or herself. The much you send, the better chance you get. Your voice can be heard from 28 million people! Please try it!.

  28. ?/?????

    you havn’t a right to say all saudis are bad or most of them
    that IS RIGHT there are some bad apples but again you havn’t right to say all student in USA are bad or most of them .
    and absolutely what bad thing they did it isn’t represent islam

  29. ?/?????

    some stupid girls in USA they did what the did with saudis students because they thought saudis are rich that is not true , they may so poor but govr will JUST pay for college to allow him to study in it to learn
    absolutely what bad thing they did it isn’t represent islam remmeber that all the time .

  30. abdu

    My Name Is Naaser

    I am a Saudi man

    And I am ashamed very much of what these non-responsible young man did, and this shows their weakness because in Islam the most important rule is morality, and any man who leaves his son behind him without any care is an ignorant man and weak and has no faith and God will punish him on the Day of Judgment.

    I warn all Western girls do not sleep with any Saudi man without marriage because this act is contrary to Islam and students who go abroad to study mostly hide these actions from their families because it is a great and a big scandal on their families and rare of them can tell his family what he did

    As in the case of the girl who gave birth to a baby from Saudi man and this young man fled, the best solution is to raise the sued by lawyers and through the embassy will take all the girl right and the right of the child from the young man or his family or the Saudi government by low of Islam.

    And should not be tolerated because it is a great injustice to the girl and to the child.

    Also if the girl converted to Islam court can force the young man to marry her.

    Very important note:

    Do not silent for this issue

    Assigned a counsel to raise the issue of the Saudi embassy and will be referred to an Islamic court and will be resolved according to Islamic rulings position where that Islam is a religion of justice.

  31. rasamn2

    باختصار شديد نحن قوم فقط نفكر في الجنس والي يصير يصير… نفكر في الشهوه الجنسيه انشا الله يجي مليون طفل وطفله المهم ريحت وبس هذا هو حال المبتعثين وخلونا من الكلام الي لايودي ولا يجيب

  32. Hasan

    Today ( September 18th), a Saudi newspaper ( Al-Watan ) included a lengthy article about THIS blog and its cause. Those who can read Arabic , can read it here :

  33. يحسبون أنهم أذكياء يتلاعبون بنساء الغرب ولا يدرون أن السائق الهندي أو البنغالي أو البكستاني يزني في نسائهم وبناتهم وأمهاتهم تفوه على قردة العربان ناكحي الإبل

  34. إجمعوا أولادكم الغير شرعيين من أمريكا يا عربان تسبون الشيعة على المتعة ولكن بأفعالكم المشينة أصبحتم مثلهم وحتى ملككم الملعون لديه من زيجات المتعة 19 زواج ونصف مدينة من اللقطاء وبناتكم لقمة سهلة للمارينز المرابطين في القواعد الأمريكية في أرض الحجاز تفوه عليكم يا بقر

  35. Mohd.ktln

    ok, so i came here cuz this blog is being discussed in some local saudi media, so you are doing the right thing and my advice to u is “more of the same”.

    ur best choice right now is “twitter” start an account in arabic and post all their photos and vids and they will be found within days and if they dont anything then…. well i guess keeping them as far away from ur family as possible is better.

    Good luck.

  36. abdu

    نصيحه الى سعد
    ان كنت غير مسلم فلعل الله يهديك

    وان كنت مسلم فانتبه لا تسب العرب لان سب العرب من النفاق والعرب لن يضرهم سبك ولاكن المتضرر هو انت ولن يرفعهم مدح المادحون لان الله اصطفاهم على الخلق من فوق سبع سماوات :

    وهذه بعض هذه الأحاديث:
    روى الحاكم والبيهقي عن ابن عمر – رضي الله تعالى عنهما – قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله تعالى عليه وصحبه وسلم: لما خلق الله الخلق اختار العرب، ثم اختار من العرب قريشا، ثم اختار من قريش بني هاشم، ثم اختارني من بني هاشم، فأنا خيرة من خيرة . سكت عنه الذهبي
    وأخرج الحاكم في المستدرك والطبراني في المعجم الكبير والأوسط عن ابن عمر قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : وخلق الخلق فاختار من الخلق بني آدم، واختار من بني آدم العرب، واختار من العرب مضر، واختار من مضر قريشا، واختار من قريش بني هاشم، واختارني من بني هاشم، فأنا خيار إلى خيار، فمن أحب العرب فبحبي أحبهم، ومن أبغض العرب فببغضي أبغضهم .
    قال الهيثمي: وفيه حماد بن واقد وهو ضعيف يعتبر به، وبقية رجاله وثقوا
    وقال الهيتمي في مبلغ الأرب: حديث سنده لا بأس به، وإن تكلم الجمهور في غير واحد من رواتـه.
    وأخرج الطبراني في المعجم الأوسط عن أبي هريرة قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: إن الله حين خلق الخلق بعث جبريل، فقسم الناس قسمين، فقسم العرب قسما، وقسم العجم قسما، وكانت خيرة الله في العرب، ثم قسم العرب قسمين، فقسم اليمن قسما، وقسم مضر قسما، وقسم قريشا قسما، وكانت خيرة الله في قريش، ثم أخرجني من خير ما أنا منه . قال الهيتمي في مبلغ الأرب : سنده حسن
    وروى مسلم وغيره عن واثلة بن الأسقع يقول سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول: إن الله اصطفى كنانة من ولد إسماعيل، واصطفى قريشا من كنانة، واصطفى من قريش بني هاشم، واصطفاني من بني هاشم
    وأخرج الترمذي والحاكم وغيرهما عن سلمان قال قال لي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: يا سلمان؛ لا تبغضني فتفارق دينك. قلت: يا رسول الله كيف أبغضك وبك هدانا الله! قال: تبغض العرب فتبغضني قال: هذا حديث حسن غريب وقال الحاكم: هذا حديث صحيح الإسناد ولم يخرجاه وقال الذهبي في التلخيص: قابوس بن أبي ظبيان تكلم فيه
    وأخرج الحاكم والطبراني عن أنس رضي الله عنه قال : قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: حب قريش إيمان وبغضهم كفر، وحب العرب إيمان وبغضهم كفر، فمن أحب العرب فقد أحبني، ومن أبغض العرب فقد أبغضني .

  37. A. Abdullah

    sorry to hear about what happend to you ladies. However men every where abandon pregnant girlfriends! It isnt a thing that only saudi men would do.. it is somthing that most men do.
    Also, its your choice. you chose to sleep with him. fathers are not the only ones to blame. Mothers brought misery to children by choosing wrong men and making children before commiting to them.

    • Alessandra

      ههههههههايي thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard LoL!! WE “chose” bad men to have children with?? What kind of person taught you how the world works — do you think we met a guy thinking “hmmm i wonder if something happens he will be a total ASS-**** and run away?? Yup I think he will so lets make a baby!!”

      ROFL ya right :-/

  38. أود أن أنبه أن الطالب العربي المسلم الذي يترك بدله طلبا للعلم أو للعمل هو بمثابة رسالة المسلمين للغرب ، ولذلك يجب أن يتحلى بخلق العفاف وخلق الصدق و خلق النزاهة و يتحلى بخلق الإسلام ويكفينا ما فعلنا لنترك الفرصة لأعداء الإسلام ان يستشهدوا بأبناء الأسلام و سلوكهم في تشويه هذا الدين العظيم
    الذي يحرم الزنا ، و يأمر بالعفاف ، و يحرم الكذب ويفتح باب التوبة
    و الله الموفق

  39. حازم

    يا سعد فيه مثل — عربي — أراه ينطبق عليك وكأنه ما ضُرب إلا فيك

    يقول المثل : ” كلاً يرى الناس بعين طبعه ” – يعني كل واحد يرى الناس

    يفعلون أفعاله

  40. Well, I am a little different as there are 2 generations of children left behind in my family. My younger sister was left behind by her Kuwaiti dad and I had a child with a Qatari student eho also left. I guess I thought it wouldn’t happen again but it did. I’m now married to a Kuwaiti and have lived in Kuwait for 9 years now working as a US contractor. Before I was married I took a trip to Qatar and looked for her dad. I had his family house number and spoke with his mom letting her know about my daughter, her first words were “so what, you want money? What do you want from us”. His dad finally said we would have a paternity test and so on. Later that night I got a call from my ex calling me stupid and what the hell was I doing, just like old times. No test happened and I got into a fight with his dad when he called me up drunk and calling me a whore.

    I’m now married to a Kuwait, my sister as well and mom. We live here in Kuwait and we have tracked down my sisters dad, he told me I was his first “child” but he could not speak to my sister and has gone into hiding now and has never recognized my sister. Now that I have lived in the ME for so long I see why the guys do what they do. When they go to the states they act in the way they think is normal. Here in the ME they have gf and prostitutes and pregnancy is taboo, a women will go to prison if she’s pregnant out of wedlock so no one gets pregnant or they hide it and marry. WIth this mentality they travel to study thinking pregnancy could never happen and if it did they would get abortion. The first words from my ex when I told him I was pregnant was “is it mine?” Really? The life here in the ME is so controlled by parents. That’s why they refuse to marry their gf in the states.

    99% of marriages are arranged kind of like a business deal. Children are raised with maids and have no love or touch from their parents. So in reality children brought up here don’t know emotions or feelings just instinct. Everyone cheats on their spouses and divorce rates are like 50% in Kuwait. I went to the Qatari embassy here with pictures and my story. The guy got scared and was told me there was nothing he can do and told me to leave. It’s a taboo subject and no one wants to confront it. I’ve sent emails to different news channels asking them to do a story on this subject but no one cared. I wrote to the Qatari newspaper and no one responded.

    The ruler or Dubai has set out to find the abandoned Emirati children which is good news that someone has finally recognized the situation. The more light that is brought on this subject the better!

    I hope one day our children will be recognized!

  41. Hi everyone, I too am in this situation. I became pregnant by a Saudi man and we actually remained together throughout my pregnancy. It was only after I had the baby that he kicked me out of our place and said he couldn’t handle the baby crying and going to school at the same time. I was forced to move back to my mothers even though there is no room here. I am still in school for nursing so I am busing during the week with school. I have no help from her father and his family does not know…yet. His father is a Sheik back in Riyad. When my daughters father went back home for Christmas break I took his VIES #, address in KSA, drivers license number, mom and dads full names, dob, passport #, and a passport picture. I even have pictures when our daughter was born that were professionally done that are of the 3 of us. I do plan to write his father as well as send them pictures of their grand daughter. I want them to see my plea for help as he reassured me that he was going to help. I think someday soon this will gain international recognition. Until then we have each other. Any advice from anyone is greatly appreciated.

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