Can someone translate this for me please?

Can someone translate this?

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14 thoughts on “Can someone translate this for me please?

  1. Anonymous

    I was and still suffer from studying and homework..
    I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable life, my life is very difficult, and still very difficult, all the decisions that I have made were so difficult, non was simple. But, I love you and I love your mother, and I wish you all a wonderful life.

  2. Anonymous

    This is so sad, I’m really in a serious shock right now! I didn’t expect to find a page that includes several children who were left behind by saudi students.This is a shame. As a saudi, I would like to say these guys DO NOT represent saudi nor Islam. I suggest you to find a way to contact the family. Twitter and the media is a good way to publish your story if no one had listened to you from the saudi authorities. What he did is socially unacceptable in saudi, social reputation is very important for saudis, so I suggest you to go that way and publish his name and what he did.

  3. Anonymous

    thats really bad !

  4. Anonymous

    As-Salaamu ‘alaykum
    I am one of the Saudi students who did their studies at the US. I heard about the issue that this blog talking about. However, the action of the very few Saudi students should not be generalized.
    As for your asking for help, there are a Saudi organization named “Awasser” located in Riyadh specialized on Saudis who left behind. This is their website
    I hope they can help you and all the mothers who suffer for their left behind kids.


    • Thank you for your comment. We have tried Awasser unfortunately they never reply to any of the women who have contacted them. Also Awaseer helps get the children to become Saudi citizens and most of the women do not want that for their children or themselves, but I do thank you for help.

  5. Voice of truth

    Well, to joseph’s mom: in Saudi Arabia, there is no such a thing called medical record or a family doctor. It’s a developing country so don’t expect to find such records.

  6. Alharthi

    حرام أطفال يتخلون عنهم آبائهم ماهو ذنب الطفل

  7. A.r

    What these guys did is really shame. Important to know that they do not represent neither the saudi values nor Islam.
    every saudi student gose oversease to study, has a full folder in the high education menestry(that includ the address and contact ) .if you try to contact them you might get some usefull details. This is their offecial website:
    If you go to the website, you will see a small botten in the top lift corner calld English, bush this botten to tern the website to English.
    Try to sen a formal letter signed by a lawyer or organisation, in this way your letter more likely to be answered.

    You can contact me if necessary.

  8. Najwa

    I was crying this morning because my pregnancy test is negative, what such a father, God give them and they ignored

  9. Anonymous

    I suggest going viral on Twitter with arabic hashtags. Saudi people pay alot of attention to twitter as if it’s the platform that makes decisions for the society.

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