Saudis weigh DNA tests to prove parenthood

Saudis weigh DNA tests to prove parenthood

Jumana Al Tamimi, Associate Editor of the Gulf News recently published an article on the children who have been abandoned by Saudi fathers. KSA is taking the first step in having those men be heald accountable for their actions. Please note that this will not do anything for the women who were not married to their Saudi at the time of  your child s birth, but at least they are making an attempt to set things right. Women who were married to a Saudi man please I implore you to not sign anything from the Saudi government without first seeking the advice of a lawyer in your country. Some of these men might try to take your child from you KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and always protect yourself and your child. The men who have abandon you and your child have already proven they can not be trusted. I advise every woman who has contact with the father to keep everything for proof and also it is a good idea to record your phone conversations. The day will come where KSA will catch up to the rest of the civilized world and it will not matter if you were married to these men or not so please document everything.  Here is the link to Jumana Al Tamimi article. I would also like to take the time to thank her for her interest in our cause.

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11 thoughts on “Saudis weigh DNA tests to prove parenthood

  1. Anonymous

    just out of curiosity when an American does the same, do you guys do the same? all men are the same!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s madness to deny the child, Ali, if you are there ,,, don’t just walk away, the boy needs you so it’s time to face it and start a family.

  3. Anonymous

    Here in Saudi Arabia can be called the husband of his wife and left to suffer with her children and there is no law that protects the law stands with men and there is here a lot of stories with Saudi women like your story and did not find a solution I am sorry for what happened to you and it’s a shame they these acts

  4. Saudi sad for what Saudis did !

    shame on them
    I’m Saudi and those people they don’t represent us AT ALL and there is a solution for these situation
    you can contact the Embassy Of Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and give them all the papers that proof that guy is the father of this son and they can get him by his picture and his name and they will get his Saudi ID and after that u can know where he is live and every thing about him and assume him in embassy.

    God bless you and your son and I’m so sorry for this and I wish you can get what u want .

  5. saad

    أنا أعيش بأمريكا والله فضائح العرب كتيرة ليس فقط سعوديين بل تجد اماراتيين ومغاربة و- قطريين وتونسيين وعراقيين واردنيين تقومون إدلال صورة مسلمين بأفعالكم لعنة الله عليكم

  6. الله يستر من الجاي

    وكل ديره فيها الزين والشين

  7. Left

    My father left me too. You have got to stop beating yourself up about this. There is no way to force any man to step up and be a DADDY. Any man can make a baby and be a father but it’s the real men who take their place and raise us as their own. Our step-fathers are our DADDY’s and if he is good to you then he has probably already given you more than your “real” father could ever have. If you don’t have a step-father then thank GOD you have a mother with a heart of gold.
    We need to focus on the people “IN” our life and stop wasting time on people who don’t want to be with us. IT IS THEIR LOSS! NOT YOURS! You wouldn’t be the person you are today if it wasn’t for the people who are WITH YOU. Thank God for the life you have and fill the emptiness with pity and mercy for your biological father.
    Feel sorry for him because he doesn’t get to share your life. YOU have the memories of YOUR life that he can never have by his own choice. His Loss. Not yours. You have got to put it to rest or it will haunt you forever,
    I came to my father’s country and knocked on my father’s door. I was threatened and then finally just ignored when i chose to stay in his country.
    Trust me you are not missing anything and don’t try to say “Oh maybe my father is different.” They are all the same and they will do whatever they have to do to save their pride and honor.
    To them we are children born of “sin” and it is our mother’s sin to bear. We are not even supposed to carry our father’s name religiously. We are supposed to take our mother’s name. I know that is a harsh reality but this is what they are basing their actions on. This is their excuse.
    We can’t argue religion but you know the world was very different 1400 years ago when the Quran came to us. 1400 years ago he would have been stoned to death and so would your mother and you wouldn’t be alive. So THANK GOD we weren’t around 1400 years ago. At least we are alive and well and have a chance to raise OUR kids the right way.
    If it’s any comfort for those of you that can’t forgive. He will pay for what he has done on the day of judgment and their is no escaping it unless he truly repents and asks for forgiveness. Let GOD deal with him. In the mean time Live and Let Live. Enjoy your life and your future and forgive because it will only make you feel better.
    Mother’s with babies don’t let your child grow up with any hope that they will have anything to do with their father. Save them the disappointment. I dreamed about the great man my mom told me about and went to his country high on hopes of a relationship with him only to get a door slammed in my face and threatened to be killed if i didn’t change my name. Save them the heartache. Let the man GO so you can give your child the best life possible.

    • Great comment 🙂 I too have never known my father. I have spent my whole life looking for a man who does not want to be found and never wanted to be a father. The pain I still feel drives me to make sure my son never has false hope that he will ever see or know the man who is his father. Sadly the truth is my son will get to see this pattern of behaviour by these men who come to our country to study and use women as sexual toys and leave again as if nothing ever happened. At least he will see that it is not his fault and he is part of a large number of half Saudi’s & he will never be alone. He may not have his father but he will always have others he can talk to about it when he gets older and that is worth its weight in gold 🙂

  8. Muteb

    لو الأمر بيدي أخصيهم في المطار قبل دخولهم ، راحوا للدارسة ولا راحوا يشوهون سمعة ديننا وبلدنا ، هذه ليست تعاليم ديننا الحنيف ، المسلم لا يكذب في أي شي. وعلى الجميع العلم بأن أي مولود يولود خارج نطاق العلاقة الزوجية لا يعترف به في بلدنا هو ابن لعلاقة غير شرعية لذلك لن يظهره والده للأهله وللمجتمع ويجلب العار لنفسه

  9. Anonymous

    It is both funny and sad to me that the truth is most of these women and their children would be content with merely a family medical history. Of course they would wish for more, but most would probably let the rest go if they could only receive the medical histories. It seems from reading the comments that so many from the Saudi culture assume that the mothers and children are really looking for material goods, or a payoff. You forget that most of the women and children aren’t part of Saudi culture, and their objectives are not going to be quite the same. So these Saudi fathers dig their heels deeper into the ground with their secrecy and ignoring, which causes the American & Canadian mothers to make the situation all the more public. I can’t decide whether I want to laugh or cry. I wish you all the best of luck in finally getting your Saudi family medical histories, even if you can never get anything else.

    And for the Saudis reading this – you may not understand how important this is outside the KSA and the Gulf States. With your ancestry comes the possibility of some medical problems that are very, very rare for people of European ancestry to have. These are problems that doctors and hospitals in the Gulf are used to seeing, but not so much North American and European doctors. Unless they know your family medical history, they will not think to perform certain medical tests. I am not Arab myself, but I had a serious medical problem that was treated early only because I knew my father’s family had this problem in their medical history. Had I not known anything about my father, I would have been dead when I was 18 years old. Haven’t these children been punished enough for something they are not responsible for? Fathers – give them their medical histories or find someone in your families that will!

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