ان هذا الموقع صمم لعرض مشاكل شخصية بغرض الاستفادة من المتابعين والزوار في جمع المعلومات التي تفيد اصحاب القضايا في استعادة حقوقهم الشرعية, وان كل قضية تنشر في الموقع تمثل صاحب القضية فقط وعلى مسؤوليته الخاصة, وان الموقع والقائمين عليه غير مسئولين عما يذكر فيه من قصص او عرض لصور او ادلة وبراهين او حتى التعليقات الخاصة بالزوار, مؤكدين على ان الموقع مختص فقط في عرض قضايا شخصية وليس له اي علاقة تربطه مع اي حكومات او هيئات, وان الدعم الذي يجده الموقع هو دعم شخصي وفردي, مؤكدين ايضا احترامنا وتقديرنا لكلا الحكومتين السعودية والامريكية ولشعبهما ولقوانينهما.

ادارة الموقع

This site is designed to display personal problems to take advantage of observers and visitors to gather information that owners issues can use in the restoration of their legitimate rights, and that each case be published in the site represent the case owner only, and under his own responsibility, and the site, site administrations, and support team, are NOT responsible for what in which been mentions of stories representation, pictures, evidence, and proofs, or even comments for visitors, stressing that the site specializes only in the presentation of personal issues and has nothing to do link with any governments or bodies, and the support that site finds, is personal and individual, stressing also our respect and appreciation for both Saudi Arabia and the U.S.governments, and their people and their laws.

Site administration team

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9 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi,

    Reading threw all these articles raise a serious issue of abandon a child that didn’t do no wrong. Such acts come from irresponsible individuals that unfortunately every one has to pay for except him.

    to all the young girls that may meet a Saudi in the future. Do not think it will be more than a fling that will end one day. Arabic culture has a strong opinion on premarriage sex. there will be no way that an Arabic or a Saudi in particular will announce back home that he has a child as result of his time abroad. Such premarriage relationships happen in the country and the results are the same all the time.

    I am a Saudi and i wish i can help to put together these families at least for closure. Please contact “awasser.org.sa” on the link at the end as they are a government sector and one of there chillings is to help out on such cases as i understand. The English website is not much of help as most the tabs are empty but send your enquiry on the contact us.

    Please let me know if i can help in any way i can. Good luck for all


  2. Sat

    I was so embarrassed of these irresponsible guys and became more embarrassed after watching this clip. These people implicitly encourage such behavior!!

  3. abdullah

    if you have any legitimate rights you can take it in the court 🙂

  4. sawsan

    saudi’s will never recognize kids out side of marriage the will go to the orphanage for kids born outside of marriage.

    • Well thank god our children were born to mothers who would die before giving up their children. Our children will grow up with strong women who will go to the ends of the earth for their happiness. Do me a favour don’t have children of your own if that is how you as a woman view a child. If anyone thinks these children would be better off in KSA with their fathers I hope they read your comments and see how lucky our kids are that we wont teach them to have such a narrow mind and small heart.

    • Umm Ali

      Good for Saudis, then… Al7amdulillah normal people and Islam is not like that.

  5. Caro

    How can i make a post on this site. More specifically, I have a question for the web author

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