Saudi Embassy forces DNA testing?


Recently an article was posted that the Saudi embassy is going to force DNA testing to prove paternity on the men who have children while studying abroad. When the embassy was asked about the number of cases their answer was in the single digits. They claim to be in the process of doing the testing now.

First their numbers are way off the mark since I personally have been contacted so many women who have had the same problems with the embassy as everyone else on the blog. This problem has been going on for over 30 years unchecked how can they claim such a small number?

No one on the blog has gotten a response from the Saudi embassy, they still refuse to return phone calls or emails. How are they going to force DNA testing when they refuse to even acknowledge us. I feel as if this is a ploy from the embassy to make themselves look like they are taking charge of the “small” situation. When in fact no one can seem to get through to them.

This problem is not going to go away. We are not going to go away. You say you are going to do DNA testing by all means prove it!!  We want the DNA testing done.

Saudi Embassy choose-between the “examination” of children whose paternity Americans and finish their mission

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11 thoughts on “Saudi Embassy forces DNA testing?

  1. Mandre

    Well said my friend…

    In the passed couple weeks i’ve been sending e-mail to the Saudi Embassy in USA, and the Ministery of Foreign Affair (MOFA) to resolve my situation with Sami’s father, but until now i didn’t get any answer regarding my claims.

    At the Saudi Embassy I’d sent mail and tried to talk with Hanady Chahin, Fahed Al-Rawaf (who is the lawyer that is in charge of my case, said by Sulaiman’s Father), Dr. Mohammad A. Aleissa (who said he had not got any complain at all from women in our situation), Mohammed Al Hamdan, Nasser Alarfaj, and the Citizens affairs at the Embassy.

    I’d also tried to call them more than 20 times this week to solve my son’s situation which is not a game at all but this people is not taking this matter serious, they are playing game and thinks we don’t even deserves an answer for what their citizens had done to their own son’s and daughter’s, beside the people in there are very very rude and mean to me. Just imagine that one of them stated that my son “will never be a Saudi” so i told her to be more respectful and serious in this situation because if being Saudi means to become like them (People working at these entities because not all Saudis are the same) for sure there is nothing to be proud about, and she hanged up the phone on me. I just spoke with a man who was kind of respectful but he refused to give to me his name. However, he said “oh yes, you sent several e-mails to us, but you case is with Fahad Al-Rawaf his extension is ####, if he doesn’t answer you is because he is probably busy but leave a message and he will call you back.” Am still waiting his call or e-mail back.

    Am wondering if the Saudi Embassy in USA published that just to let the other citizens, who are against what his “men” had done, to think that they are getting this matter serious, but they are not even trying to help us.

  2. raha

    Child of Saudi father is Saudi, and deserves same attention and service. Did anyone try visiting embassy?

    • Mandre

      Unfortunately am not able to move to America with my son, and Sami is just 10th months so is hard to leave him. But inshallah if i don’t get any answer i will travel without Sami to the Saudi Embassy to solve my son’s situation by next year.

  3. So much for representing “the Land of Islam & Tawheed”. The Saudi government spends so much publishing Islamic texts and written work yet they can’t even help the children being left behind by their own nationals?

    I am frustrated for my friends who have suffered by the ill manners and empty promises given by the Saudi embassy. Grrrrrrr >:-/

  4. Meccan Lady

    You got to use local Saudi organizations tat is located in Saudi. Also always put your issue in writing addressing the head of the organization. Keep a copy for your records and attach it when you follow up weekly

  5. Abdulahmid Salim

    did you try to contact with anyone from his friends and know about where is he ??? you have to see where is he by his friends … maybe you will find something !

  6. Saud

    I am Ashamed to be Saudi , Shameful behaver from the embassy & the stooped men & there parents , i don’t want to make you depress but it would take a very long time to solve your problem ( if it would even be solved ) try to find other ways so you wont waste your life , i am a saudi & i feel so sad about what happen to you Mandre ,everything in Arab countrys take alot of time & pepole are very laze &_ Saudis are very laze & argent

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  8. I just wanted to say thank you to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain for their bombings of ISIS. Recently I read that the leader of ISIS is a homosexual who has assaulted at least 11 of his terrorist recruits. The journalists and aid workers that have been beheaded were only there trying to help people. The Christians, Kurds, Yizidis, and innocent Muslims were not bothering anyone.

    Nowdays with “23 and Me” people can have their DNA tested and not only will it give them their complete ethnic background but also tell them of what medical problems they may inherit. My advice to all the Saudis Left Behind children is to have their testing done. That is what my daughter is going to do. We already know that she has some slight spinal problem and we will know more later. We will keep those records for sometime in the future. I am thinking that maybe in a thousand years there might be some change and some descendant of ours might care.

    I am wondering if my daughter has the spinal problem because of 64% of Saudis marrying their cousins. That has been going on a long, long time. In my family my great-great grandparents were cousins. In America they say there is a branch missing on the family tree. At least it is just a branch missing. Palm trees don’t even have branches.

    Please don’t continue to waste your time with the Saudis. What have you gotten out of it but grief? How much more time are you going to give them? Us, none!

  9. I just wanted to add that my daughter is a grown married woman now with a wonderful husband and 3 children. She works as a teacher. So much time has gone by. My concern now is that her father never see her or her children. I think that any man who has a child he never cared for is crazy and I don’t want that crazy man around my family. I hope that some day all you American women feel the same way I do. If those guys are so ashamed, let them have their shame. I’ll have my child, grandchildren, and my happiness. If I were to die tomorrow, my life was good!

  10. Ono111

    I am an American woman currently pregnant by a Saudi student who has also abandoned me, even though we live in the same town he has ignored and avoided me at all costs. He knows I am pregnant, I have saved texts where he discusses the pregnancy with me and will welcome the baby. He has justified his abandonment by accusing me of cheating on him during a two week period when he would not respond to any of my texts or calls, or answer the door for me. Where can I post his information to get in touch with anyone who might know him or his family and help me contact them? I have already contacted Awasser. He told me he lost his scholarship due to poor grades, which I do not know if that is the truth or not, but my biggest fear is that he will leave the country soon.

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