Did the Saudi Embassy lie?

In November 2012 the Saudi Embassy issued a statement that they were going force DNA testing on the men who were thought to have fathered a child while studding abroad. Saying that if these men refuse testing their scholarship will be revoked and they will be sent home to face possible jail time.  This appeared to be a step in the right direction and a small victory to the women and children who have been effected.



Six months later the news is disheartening to say the least.
The embassy knows about the men named on the blog they admitted this when they sent out the statement about forcing these men to take a DNA test.  To date none of the men have been tested.
In my case I have PROOF that the embassy not only knew about the father two years ago, they helped hide him so I couldn’t take him to court. I was lied to over and over by the embassy saying the father returned home for good therefore DNA testing would not be possible.  Imaging my surprise when Sultan Abdullah Asiri showed up on May 4 2013 to graduate.
I am angry that the embassy lied to me and helped Sultan get away with abandoning his child. Thank you for proving to the world exactly why this blog is needed.


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14 thoughts on “Did the Saudi Embassy lie?

  1. No they didn’t, they only acknowledge married people

    • They aren’t even doing that much. Several women were married when they had their children and they get the same lies from the embassy.

      • Sara

        how about you sue them for child support and then your government ask them to extradited from saudi?

      • Sara

        I forgot to add, go send your stories to the DailyMail, they quite often publish similar stories

  2. khaled621

    starting with your last statement, yes we will always need blogs like this. with or without the cooperation of governmental institutions, we still need a place where everyone can express what they think about a certain issues, as “Saudi Children Left Behind” problem. Unfortunately, i don’t think that the Saudi embassy were totally honest regarding forcing some individuals to enroll in a DNA test, since that will bring shame to his family and to his tribe which can end up with serious consequences. I would say that what those student did was completely inhumane, and disrespectful. Even though other groups from different race are doing the same exact thing somewhere else around the world, as the Americans in Thailand, the Japanese in South Korea, and the Russians in Ukraine.
    Considering the Saudi students had came from a place where you can be sent to jail just for having sex with unrelated female (not a wife) living in the states was the freedom that they always wanted to have.
    As i said, those cowards are suppose to be sentence in jail with the heartless actions that they did. I totally encourage you to keep revealing those devils to the Saudi community, since I can guarantee you that this would make the rest of their life miserable around here. You are doing great job, and i wish you still do, regarding exposing this problem to the Saudi community and exposing those cowards who ran away and left their kids behind.
    From the bottom of my heart ,,, thank you so much

    • Thank you khaled621. I don’t necessarily think these men should be jailed or punished just do the right thing by their children. Since these men continue to lie and deny the rights of their children this site will continue to grow in the numbers. I am glad that the women/children effected finally have a voice that is being heard. Now these men are unable to hide in KSA.

  3. Amazonbaby


  4. Ali

    Well, in my view, you should just let it go. Your life has to go on. If the father does not have the courage to face the results of his doing, then he is not worth your time. And you don’t want him in your child’s life any way. You can raise the child on your own. Eventually, we all pay for our mistakes sooner or later and he shall pay very dearly.

    Go on with your life and never look back. He is not worth your time.

    Wishing you all the best.


    • I find it imposable to just walk away. I am going through this so my son never has to. Sultan may not be worth my time but my son may feel otherwise having unresolved feelings as an adult. For my son I can never walk away, it is my job to fight for him until the day I die. I never want my son to quit when things get tough, he must always stand up for the underdogs if he wants to be a good man and become more than his father. This is my gift to him.

  5. Ali…Having a 32 year old daughter from my Saudi husband (yes, we were married), I too have let it go and have moved on. It’s unfair to my child, because it’s almost like she’s adopted. Are there diseases in his family (diabetes, heart problems, cancer)? Who knows?? And I’m tired of reading about the religion aspect. I don’t care if the father is muslim, atheist, buddist, or Christian—a child was brought into this world for pete’s sake! Anyways, I raised a self-sufficient young lady who has a master’s degree and owns her own home–with NOOOOO help from him.

    • Hello Diana thank you for commenting. I also worry what medical conditions may effect my son in the future. I am always embarrassed when I am asked about my sons fathers medical history and I have no answer. Would you and your daughter be willing to share your story on the blog? I think your strength can help others who are in this situation.

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  7. heavenly flower

    saudi government as will as embassy is bitch!

    not only they took our rights in saudi..they took the right of americans!!!

    where is the us government from this seriously!?

    took these bitch guys to court! investigate saudi government lying!!!

  8. heavenly flower

    saudi government as will as embassy is bitch!

    not only they took our rights in saudi..they took the right of americans!!!

    where is the us government from this seriously!?

    took these bitch guys to court! investigate saudi government lying!!!

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