Makki Anwar Ibrahim Shareiah Makkah

We were recently contacted by Shaima a young single mother who originates from the Philippines. After a relationship with Makki she became pregnant. Here is her story.

Were both nurse in one hospital. Were together for about 11months before I get pregnant. After i confirm that i am pregnant i told him everything. and he get angry he told me that i need to abort my pregnancy or he will leave me. Then we start to fight and i didnt agree to abort my baby coz im afraid to god. I convince him to accept the reality that we will become parent soon but he never accept it after fighting with him for almost 2weeks i decided to go back to philippines and continue my pregnancy. Then i inform my family about my situation of course they are upset and angry with me because i did a big haram in my life were muslim as expected they are blaming me. But they accept everything. Before i leave saudi he talk to me and say he will help me for all i just need to inform him what i need. But later on everything change again but i dont mind it coz i need to prepare my self for my delivery. He never contact me for 2months. I deliver my baby via CS and i pay all my expenses and hospital bills. When the time come that i dont have enough money to support my baby i ask his help then he start to help me for 4months only then he never contact me again i try to contact him but he blocked all my numbers i dont know what happen then i decided to call his parent to inform everything but i failed coz his parent doesnt believe me. I was so upset and stress dont know where i can find money to support the needs of my daughter my family somehow help me for my daughter but still there is blaming part. This was very difficult part of my life. I dont know what i can do to support my daughter then i decided to go to saudi again to work and then i try to talk with him again and convince him to accept his daughter but he never accept. Then we never talk again its been 3yrs the last time i talk to him my daughter now turning 4yrs old and started to ask about her father but i dont know how to answer all of her question. Its hurt every time i saw her looking at other kids with there father it melt my heart coz i know what she feels. Now i decided to stay with her here in philippines coz i dont like her to feel that she dont have family. Im the only one who suffer more while her father doing nothing making his life better and not thinking about her daughter.

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43 thoughts on “Makki Anwar Ibrahim Shareiah Makkah

  1. traeauk

    this is brilliant you posting these stories and most of all the photos of these dead beat dads – the only thing that scares me is that the saudi authorities are giving all these rights what if the dad wants the child will these mothers lose their children as we all know in saudi law dads have more rights over mothers (especially foreign mothers)

    • Yes the laws in Saudi Arabia tend can be misogynistic, but the women usually stem and live in country’s where the laws favour the mothers. The majority of these men want nothing to do with the children let alone go through all the trouble of kidnapping them. When the couple are unmarried the family’s almost never conceder these children family and would not have them listed as such.

      • Um-Nathan

        well that’s true… i just hope one day or even in the far far future… Saudi government will help these abandoned Saudi children… im a filipina with a son to a Saudi… im just lucky that even we are not married my man supports our son… i just thank the Lord for it. praying for all abandoned children to have a good life despite the inferiority of their birth. to all the mothers out there… God is Good. you dont need a man to support your children. you just need God. be strong and have faith! godbless us all

  2. Abdulla aldark

    لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم
    Another sad story,it is really auful that such things happened.
    How she supposed to go on in her life like this.

  3. Aisha

    dear sister….every body sins in this one is sinless. as long as you ask for forgiveness then everything is fine. Sometimes its better to not to expect anything from these types of guys who run away from there responsibilities….they just get what they want and there gone…May be its much better for you and your daughter to not have MAKKI in your lives….You just try to bring up your daughter in the best way you can and May Allah give you courage and strength along the way….
    Remember if he runs away now he wont run away on Day of Judgement!

    • J

      Why does she need to ask for forgiveness when she is the one stuck with all the responsibilities?? This is blaming the victim mentality. The dad needs to ask the forgiveness for being a liar

      • sarahshareiah

        i always ask for forgiveness i prayed god always keep my daughter safe i did my best as a parent i never regret keeping my daughter shes now 8yrs old and alhamdulillah shes fine i never keep secret to my daughter if the time come that she really wants to know her father i will tell the whole story the best way i can without her thinking her father wants her to die. Its been 8yrs without any communication with her father All i pray is one day she can still meet her father and Her father can accept her

  4. James

    This guy is absolute scum. Any man who turns his back on his own children, deserves to go to the hottest part of hell when he dies. Just as he can show no mercy for his own child, perhaps Allah will show him no mercy. He deserves Hellfire.

    • A

      You are absolutely right.
      You can imagine , what a mother suppose to say to the child as he grows up.
      How another feees, when she can’t provide, things to make her child happy.
      Above all, she has to secure the child’s future on her own, while she is struggling to provide daily nececety of life.
      It really break her Heart and fall her apart.
      All of that, because she trusted a jerk.
      Hope, all SWT, forgives her sins with all these suffering, and grant a good happy life at the end to both, mother and the child.
      Personally, I feel her suffering, and hope soon will be over insha Allah.
      As a muslems,we believe as we’ve been told by our prophet pbah,..for every pain we go through in life, Allah SWT, forgives part of our sins, by the time we come to depart from this life, all our sins are washed away, ….this how Mumen life is, as told by our prophet pbah..
      For this mother in particular, and rest of others if you are muslems, you should know, your suffering is rewards and blessing for life after insha allah

      • sarahshareiah

        Thank u for your words inshallah god help me and my daughter to get through in life inshallah god protect my child from any harm in this work hasbiallah wanimalwakel

      • sarahshareiah

        Thank u for all the kind words Inshallah god protect my child in any harm.

  5. Haneen

    How are u dear?!?!? Is he supporting your child now??

    • sarahshareiah

      No he didnt support my child i want to contact him but all my number he always blocked now i dont have a job thats why i need to ask help to him but no chance

      • Abdulla aldark

        I hope she gets help from other people, there are good hearted people who could help her as a muslem woman in need.
        I know life in philipin is difficult, specially for a mother without job and has to rais a child.
        Also posting the child’s photos, will help her father, and rest of father’s family to feel toward the child, at least support her financially.
        The whole thing is heart breaking.
        Subhan Allah, that why haram is haram, to protect human from such horrible thing.
        Allah SWT forgives all the sins, and suffering is part of Allah’s punishment to forgive sins.
        Insha Allah, Allah SWT forgives you, and you get help to rais your child.
        As per the cases I have read on this blog, you don’t expect this guy to help you, and don’t fall in his trapp again.

      • Bigheart

        Salam! Why dont u go to saudi embassy?!?

      • She is currently in the Philippines what embassy are you referring to? Several of us have already tried the Saudi embassy in the United States. They then do everything in their power to protect the Saudi in question. They do not care one bit about the damage left in their wake.

      • Bigheart

        How are u now? Do not expect the guy to help u becoz in the first place he knew about the pregnancy and he should make the effort of reaching out to you. Are u legally married in Philippines?

    • sarahshareiah

      Alhamdulillah we are fine and im trying my best to support my child in my own ways i know my responsibilities and i never regret keeping my daughter i really hope someone can help me in her future god knows my trials in life but i never give up in sha allah things getting better.

  6. Santa Claus

    Did you guys talk about having children? Did he use condoms? Did you use birth control pills? Did you do abortion?
    If all answers were “No”, then why you are complaining, your daughter was a result of your choices.

    • Can you read? I just thought I would ask, because your comment suggest you have problems with reading comprehension. Your comment just goes to show the complete ignorance we face. I can suggest some books if you are interested in furthering your education.

      • Santa Claus

        “Can you read?” … “ignorance”… ” suggest books for furthering your education”.

        You should be interesting in furthering your politeness. And if you want to suggest any books, it should be safe-sex books.

      • “interesting” I think you meant to say interested. “Furthering your politeness”? As in….diplomacy, civility, refinement, or manners? Please continue to enlighten us with your wisdom o wise one.

      • Santa Claus

        Since you love fixing grammar mistakes you should fix the huge grammar mistakes in this story.
        And I meant your manner…sorry… you are rude. I’ll give you a wisdom: “No matter how harsh is the truth, it’s not an excuse to be impolite”. Before I forgot, English is my 3rd language, another wisdom “Being an English teacher won’t give you an advantage in any discussing”.
        Hope you enjoy my wisdoms. And if you want to talk about the story you gotta be polite and hold your english teaching skills.

      • You come onto my site spewing antiquated misogynistic garbage and I lack manners?
        ” I’ll give you a wisdom: “No matter how harsh is the truth, it’s not an excuse to be impolite” Do me a favour, keep your spurious wisdom. I clearly possess more intellect than you. What I do lack, is patience for moronic statements trying to shame us. So if you come here acting like a feeble-minded imbecile , I will treat you as such. Any more doltish ineptness you can bestow upon us?

      • Santa Claus

        “garbage”, “moronic”, “feeble-minded”, “imbecile “,”doltish” ,you know those words won’t affect me, it’s only reflecting your rude personality.
        And I noticed you wrote “You come onto my site” .. Sorry I came onto your SITE and disagreed with you, I didn’t know the comment section below was just for agreeing with you, my bad.

        What do you mean by “spewing antiquated misogynistic”?? is it because I said it’s his (the MAN) fault he didn’t use condom? and it’s her fault she didn’t use birth control pills? or because they didn’t do an abortion?
        And why you considered me as “misogynistic”?? Anyone disagree with you, you consider him as “misogynistic”?? If you are trying to be a “feminist”, then you are doing it wrong. Feminism is to get women’s rights and equality with men. Not trying to get revenge from men and control their opinions and actions.

        “I clearly possess more intellect than you”.. you are being childish. I feel sorry for these women who sees you as a leader. Try to get this wisdom .. smart people never said I’m smarter than you, it always the opposite.
        Finally, when I said “English teacher”, it was sarcastic, so chill out, and use 21st century dictionary 🙂

      • My lord that was painful to read. OK, since you put so many words and phrases in quotes, I’m going to assume you didn’t understand, so I’ll break it down a level or six. 1) Antiquated. It means old, out of date, no longer relevant. For example, when 2 people decide to have sex, two people are responsible for all possible outcomes, be they STDs, physical problems, or a child. Only someone with antiquated views would assume that since the outcome is a child, only one person should be responsible. The child has 2 parents, whether they both want to admit it or not. 2) Misogynistic. Poor attitude towards women. Only someone with a misogynistic attitude would assume it is only a woman’s responsibility to care for a child that 2 people decided to make. Yes, it is the man’s fault if he didn’t use a condom, and yes, it is the woman’s fault if she didn’t use birth control. But to single one person in that equation out and absolve the other ignores the fact that both parties were aware of all possible outcomes when deciding to have sex. Think of it as signing a contract, if you will. Everyone is bound by the possible outcomes to be responsible for said outcomes. If you can’t handle it, hey, don’t have sex. Last I checked, no one was holding a gun to these guys’ heads and forcing them into anything. You are correct in that feminism is about equality. I want BOTH parties to be equally responsible for taking care of the child they brought into this world, and frankly, throwing a couple hundred bucks at someone and telling them it isn’t your problem is about the level of responsibility I expect from a 6 year old trying to get his toy back on the playground. If you see it as revenge, then you obviously have a seriously warped view of what responsibility is. Finally – “I clearly possess more intellect than you”. Call it what you want, because I firmly believe it. You know what else? After reading your small minded, irresponsible, misogynistic, caveman era responses to what I post, a lot of other people here believe it, too. Smart people never say that they’re smarter than you? No, genius. Smart people always know there is someone out there smarter than them, they just know how to figure out who it is. And frankly, I know that ain’t you, pal.

      • Santa Claus

        “I’m going to assume you didn’t understand, so I’ll break it down a level or six”… you still rude
        I just read your past, and no wonder why you are rude and aggressive. Your father left your mother, and your boyfriend left you too. Therefore, you are taking my disagreement to this story, personally.
        Just try not to be misandry and removed hatred-of-men from your heart and imagine it was the opposite. There was a woman who got pregnant and she want to do an abortion, however her boyfriend doesn’t want to abort his child and beg her and paid her a lot of money to keep this child till birth. And the woman told him, I don’t want anything related to this baby at all. Later, the father was mad why the mother wasn’t around! and why she didn’t pay him money to help him to take care of this baby! In this story it’s the FATHER fault. Hope you get that I’m not “Misogynistic”, I’m just saying the TRUTH.
        Finally, if you are SMART and INTELLECT, you know to avoid having a child that you weren’t ready for, is not to stop having sex! is to use PROTECTION. If you messed up, there is a 2nd chance, it called “abortion”.

      • The conversation has gone over your head again I take it. I apologize I don’t speak “stupid”.

    • Abdulla aldark

      True, but her choice, at least she is not a criminal, didn’t a free to kill a child inside of is easy for you to say, and for everybody else.
      The fact, is, the kid and the merrage, can’t be legal in Saudia Arab. If they get married now.
      Worst yet to come, when the child grows up with no, identity, because the father denying her.

      • Santa Claus

        That’s my point, it’s her choice, not his. The story meant to show the guy as a criminal monster, not her. This guy tried to fix his mistake by offering an abortion, but she refused and decided to keep the baby (Cause god sees abortion as a sin.. ironically, also “adultery” is a sin to the same god too). The guy was nice for sending money to her for 4 months. And it looks that the 4 months money wasn’t enough, even tho, she is the one who decided to keep the baby. The worst thing, they are not just seeing it as the guy fault, it’s the government fault too. Exactly I don’t know what’s the Gov’s fault, maybe cause they didn’t gave “condoms”, or didn’t “castrating” saudi men?. And, what do you want from the embassy now? force this guy to marry her? or to admit his daughter?..obviously.. he doesn’t want to marry her… and obviously.. he doesn’t want to admit his daughter. And, of course the only victim is the daughter. However, we see many single parents these days. So, she should be okay.

  7. Being overseas workers here in Saudi Arabia is so difficult you best enemy is the Temptation, we are matured enough to think, im not angel that doesn’t have a feeling, I m human being too that longing for the desires of all human, but on my 9 years of existence here in Sauid Arabia as Dra. Im proud to my Self that I ve survived for those numerous trials, a lot of guys with different nationalities courting me and asking me to allow them for marry. They will provide whatever I want, whatever my family demands. Everything they did just to catch my heart…but all I have to say is ALHMDULLILLAH…. As long as your IMAn to ALLAH is strong no bodys destroy your faith, no matter what. And remember ALLAH is always there for you to protect you. Just ask your self think and think before you decide to do whatever you want to pursue on your life. Don’t listen to their beautiful words, promises to give you the world if you agree. Don’t base your heart just base from your mind or use your brain not your heart interms of LOVE. Remember your head is above your heart. Don’t let your brain lose by your heart. Because no ones responsible for your own. Except your SELF ALONE.
    I know we are matured enough to think, TEMPTATION here is so strong, don’t let your feelings or the temptation ruin your dignity, if you feel horny just do it by your self, I know you can do it alone with safe way. ALLAh forgiver and understand us.

    God Speed
    Dra. Mara

    • Bigheart

      So whats ur point of saying all these things? That u are perfect?!? Are u raising urself here?? Ur replies are supposed to contain either emotional support or condemning the woman involved.. Are u trying to say that you are perfect, kudos!

  8. A way forward

    Dear Santa Claus,

    the guy was not being nice just sending some money for 4 months- we are talking about his child! It is his responsibility to suppor his child until 18 years old! and sometimes beyond- with or without marriage. Ultimately islamic marriage does not even have to be written on paper! She had her mahrams consent- her parents knew and surely he gave some gift (mahr). Also, it is not even his right to offer abortions that are basically killing. Shame on him for even spouting such dispicable offers that are opposite any religion or human dignity. And if you want to say that adultery is sin, it is much less a grevious harm than killing for sure!

    Basically there is almost nothing the lady can do now, she is left in a very hard situation and she has to move on. People like him have shown their true colours and it is a waste of time to try even to talk to them. Remember as it is commonly said :’ that a believer should never fall in the same mistake twice’. That said this guy should never be trusted again as he will betray- it is his character.

    It will take a long time for the lady to build her life again, but there is no other way at the moment. If she is a nurse it would be good to try to get a job in a country that after a few years she can immigrate by bringing her family and baby with her. Nurses are needed around the world (Canada, UK, US, Australia) and that is now her golden card- she is blessed to have a job that could ultimately save her and bring about a new much better life.

    • Abdulla aldark

      I really wish her a good life.
      About the marriage , she did say that they diunt get married and her family was a shamed, that she’d did make such mistake, and got pregnant, yet they supported her.
      We know the economical situation in philipin.
      I guess the guy, doesn’t see any benifit for him sending money, he will never be able to register his child in KSA, in addition, he will be ashamed to do it anyways.
      I personally would say , he should help her, with as much as possible,but I don’t think he would.
      I guess the biggest problem now will be, registering the child, ad the father is known, but recuse to admit his child.
      Abbut the killing, if the fetuse is ess than 2 months, then still no Saul I believe, but once above 2 months, and has the Saul, yes it is consider as if you actually kill a person who is a life.
      So we don’t know in which pregnancy stage he asked her to abort the baby..
      I am glad she didn’t abort, because,this might be the only baby Allah giving her, who knows..
      I really she gets support and find job soon.
      There are lots of jobs in UAE. Hospitals for her, with good wages

      • sarahshareiah

        Im already 2mos when i confirm im pregnant and that is his way to solve the problem. Like what u say. Thats the first thing i say to him maybe if i abort the baby mybe god will not bless me another child. After a month of argueing i decided to keep my child whatever it comes in my life atleast i do the right thing for my child. Actually i dont need his money he is the one who wants to support my child from birth to 4mos coz he think i will change my mind to kill my child. Coz from birth im begging him to accept my child i dont need his money i just want my child to grow up knowing she has a father. Even were not ok. Well atleast my daughter will feel complete if her father accept her.

      • Abdulla aldark

        You did the right thing for sure.
        Hope, allaahswt, ease it on you for the life that you didn’t destroied becasue of a mistake.
        I am sure your daughter will be thankful for keeping her alife.
        You deserve all the help, and encouragement to pass this difficult time insha Allah.
        Wish u the best

    • sarahshareiah

      thank u for the heartwarming words. Yes it is true that it takes a lot of time years for me to rebuild my life and family trust. But alhamdulillah with allah help i can still give love and care that my daughter needs. And alhamdulillah allah always with me in evry trials i face in life. i left my good work because of my daughters safety. and as all we know leaving here in the philippines is not easy u cant find a job easily. But alhamdulillah before my savings get finish i find a job. mybe god will not help me or punish me for the mistake i did. but i know god will never let the innocent child feel the sacrifies in this world.

      • Um-Nathan

        hi there… i feel you. i know that there’s nothing we can do to make them help us financially… like they said their government will protect them, same as their families.. i just hope you’ll have a good life. huwag kang bumitaw kasi God will provide. godbless

  9. Ha


    I have been with my saudi boyfriend for 1 year now. We met in college, and I am 20 and he is 23. He tells me he bought me a ring and plans to marry me, but cannot marry me now because his scholarship doesn’t permit it. He says many romantic things, he wants to die beside me, etc. He has apparently told his whole family about me, and they send me gifts. I have never had any reason to doubt his commitment until recently…

    We were in the middle of intimacy, and the condom broke. I was of course, scared, and rather than comfort me, he proceeded to make a bunch of crude jokes about abandoning me if I get pregnant. He claims to follow Islam very well, but shortly after the incident he mentioned to me he thinks if I ever get pregnant I should get an abortion (pretty sure abortion is strictly forbidden in Islam).

    I told him these jokes hurt me, and he said “Fine, I’ll never joke with you again” angrily. He has made other “jokes” such as if his parents ever found out he had premarital sex, they would force him to come back to Saudi.

    I love him, but I am now scared and also angry. I have not yet been able to get a pregnancy test, as the accident happened a few days ago and it would be too early to tell.

  10. Abdulla Iron

    this website raised so much awareness, thank you !
    my friends sent me something on Youtube similar to this website.

    Mafia College : Innocent Babies Left Behind

  11. ابو سلطان

    الله يقرفه الطرش يعني في امريكا الي مليانه حسنوات وشقروات ومزز مالقى غير فلبينية يصاحبها ويحملها فعلا الخرى خرى

  12. Y

    This is what I have found
    Makki announces the wedding of his son Anwar Ibrahim shareiah he married Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Sahli

    Wedding announcement Posted
    Had to laugh someone posted congratulations and hopefully you’ll find your second and third wife

    9th January 2010
    Requirement for jobs given to 344 Saudi National within the health ministry for pharmacy, nursing,

    He was named as one which clicks in with your story of him nursing
    أنور مكي إبراهيم شريعة

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