A Message to Hazza Ayesh Al Rosan from your daughter

We received correspondence from Divine Domingo in regards to her father, Hazza Ayesh Al-Rosan from Riyadh. After numerous attempts over the years to get in contact with her father, he has yet to try to contact her at all or acknowledge her as his daughter. This is her story…


My name is Divine Domingo and like everyone here, I am also an illegitimate child of a Saudian guy. My father is a Shiek in Saudi Arabia and I just learned that he is also an ambassador of good will (Sounds good right?) .

To make my story short, my mother used to work for him as a maid. According to my mother, my father loved her. Fast forward, my mother got pregnant (it’s me). Once my father knew that my mother was pregnant, he asked my mother to go back to the Philippines (where she lives) and promised her that he will come visit her after 3 months. So many months has passed my father never showed up and when I brought out to the world, my mother keeps sending him my photos and update about me but never get a reply. When I was like 12-14 I can’t remember exactly but I started to have the interest to know my father so we started searching for him. We went to a Saudi embassy in the Philippines and what they did is they just took all the evidence my mom had like photos business cards and never responded to us. Few months ago I tried to find any resources that could link me to my father and o found email and phone number. I called the office and I never get to talk to him. Sent him emails but I never get a reply. Soon I realized and it actually sinked into my heart that my father really abandoned me purposely. He intended to leave me and never cared for me. I had a rough childhood and to think how rich my father is up till now, with all his richness and resources, he could live a good life knowing one of his own blood is out there struggling to make it to life. How could he accept the label “ambassador of goodwill” if can’t do a goodwill to your own blood? What kind of a human being is that?

Now I that I accepted that my father will never recognize me nor ever cared for me, I will stop all the drama and I want the world to know that this guy on the photo, is the worst father I have ever known in my life. I am so disgusted by him and I wish that this letter will get to him. I know he have received  all my emails but this time I want the world to know what kind of a person you are.

Mr. Hazza Ayesh Alrosan, This is for you.

Your Neglected Daughter,
Divine Domingo

*****UPDATE 2/20/21*****

So, this started when a man by the name of Talal started messaging me in October to help me reach my father. He also said I should get paid based on what happened to me with the condition of getting 10% of what is collected. He seemed to be a very nice and polite person but there are many things about him that I found really suspicious. He never wanted to identify himself and only communicated via text.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is first-one.jpg

He asked me to delete my story online until an agreement was reached so that he has evidence for his sincerity that he is in contact with me. I said I would like to keep my story up until this is done. He said he collected some information about my father and that his company and he said it suffered a huge loss 3 years ago and the court in Riyadh confirmed that the company has financial claims in the millions.

He also said my father told him that he would help me and pay a total amount of $100,000 to walk in the affairs of my life.

Let this sink in.

An important thing I wish to add is while all this was happening, I would occasionally be given information by Saudis who were familiar with my dad’s business and they were all telling me the same thing: that he was worth billions, and had a penchant for purchasing rare expensive camels.

Talal suggested to ACCEPT IMMEDIATELY because the system in Saudi Arabia is never going to help me according to someone he knows.

He said I only have 2 ways:

1. Acceptance of $100,000-$200,000 and this is a sure way.

2. To file a lawsuit against Mr.Hazza, but the judges will consider this a lost case.

I did not agree with the amount and I told him I will file an Alimony case but he said they wont care because Saudi Arabia does not hear such cases (Is that so?)

He said according to what he knows about Saudi companies is that his company suffered heavy losses and some of them have declared bankruptcy and according to what he heard; my father’s company will be among them. For these reasons, he said they are hesitant in the amount that we discussed. I was in doubt about every thing this guy was saying and even tried to get someone else’s help too, but it did not work. So, me and Talal continued the negotiations with my father.

Because of all these stories Talal told me, I ended up agreeing for the amount of $300,000 because they said that’s the best they could do BUT with the CONDITION OF SIGNING AN AGREEMENT. They said this agreement should be signed in the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the Philippines because of its legal nature. I told him there is a pandemic and I don’t want to travel anywhere. Then they said they would travel here to Canada and sign the agreement in the embassy in Ottawa. So I said ok. But I also told them that now that the technology is so good, why they can’t just send me the settlement through wire transfer and I could hire a lawyer to take care of paperwork or whatever that needs to be taken care of.

This is the draft of the agreement Talal sent me that I should sign before receiving the money. It stated that I should remove any “BADLY INTENDED STATEMENTS” that were uploaded by me “AS THEY ARE FALSE”. They also want me to declare that “I AM NOT HIS DAUGHTER” and “I SHALL NOT FILE A PATERNITY LAWSUIT AGAINST HIM”. Then, if I violate this contract, he will be entitled to take legal action against me, I would have to return the $300,000, AND ON TOP OF THAT, I HAVE TO PAY HIM EXTRA $2,000,000!!!! HAHAHA! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is llll2.jpg

WOW Father! Oh My God! You have neglected me all my life, never provided me anything, no food, no shelter, no education and when you get your chance to finally reach me, you are going to do this to me??? Unbelievable!! He even uses the word “DISTURB” like I am a disturbance to his existence! First and foremost, father, or Mr. Hazza ayesh Alrosan , or هزاع بن عايش الروسان, whatever they call you, I wont be here if you did not made me in the first place! Do you think I wish to have a father like you? Think again.

Anyway, so I told this guy that I am not signing that contract because it is garbage. I told them that they have to modify the agreement. So Talal sends basically the same contract; it says I’m still going to be liable but not for 2 million, this time only 300,000 (so I would have to payback the amount of my settlement).

When I try to translate, there is something in arabic that states: “I will be liable for legal fees if my father tries to sue me” but it is not in the English version. And I asked him why there is a clause like this? And he said “Just in case you break the contract”.

Right then, I knew I don’t have a good feeling about this.

I told them, I will only sign an agreement in English only. I had endured months of them changing the plans at the last minute. After endless broken promises, and then this, I changed the amount to $500,000 and that they will only send my settlement through wire transfer. They offered $400,000 I said no.

Then they said, ok $500,000, English version but they said, they will not send me through wire transfer. They said they want to travel here to Canada and I have to sign the agreement inside the Saudi embassy to make sure of my identity. Hmmm… Knowing what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, I will not go in their Embassy if they could simply just finish this transaction through wire transfer, lawyer could take care of the identity validation. Why would they want me to go in their embassy?? This kind of agreement doesn’t need to be signed in their Embassy. Why? It doesn’t make sense to me. Do they have other plans? I’m sorry but I’m afraid for my safety and I will never meet them anywhere. They started this; they should finish this, but I will not fall for their plan to lure me into something I don’t know. Not at all!!!

And the big question..who is Talal? Why was he sent?

He has never shown himself, I have never talked to him on the phone, and we only communicated via WhatsApp texts. So, is he a good person who only wants to help me and get a 10% of what is collected or did my father send him to me to fix this mess???

The answer is: “I don’t know!!!”

And, lastly, for my father, Mr.Hazza Ayesh Aba Alrous, هزاع بن عايش الروسان Shame on you!!

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It seems, though, Mr. Hazza isn’t too poor for his collection of camels:

Additional Al-Rousan Company reference links:



UPDATE 4/16/21

Today Divine messaged the website and it seems mystery man “Talal” has been identified. Through a reputable source we have come to discover that the man’s name is Talal bin Mujez Allami AlEnzy. Apparently, Talal is a fan of the website and enjoys making threats against women who are looking for their father

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20 thoughts on “A Message to Hazza Ayesh Al Rosan from your daughter

  1. I am Sorry to heard your story… Hopefully he will contact you after this letter. Big hug and I understand you feelings.

  2. Michelle

    Dear Divine I am a grandmother of a child who was left behind. This man was here in Canada going to school. He was with my daughter for almost 2 years, making her believe he loved her and they were going to marry. She got pregnant with my granddaughter and he convinced her to keep this baby cause he was going to be there for her and her baby. Right?? My grandchild was born in May and after 2 weeks he said gr had to go home to Riyadh for his brother’s wedding. Well he never came back. Emotionally what he did to my daughter was horrible and I will never forgive him. She struggles trying to raise her little girl and it’s been very hard. Meanwhile he went home and still lives a good life. I’m sure hes never gone hungry or had to worry about a roof over his head. Anyway I guess I just wanted to say your not alone. Many of these men come to these countries and are never made accountable for their actions. Please dont make his choices allow you to feel bad. I’m sure you are a wonderful person and you do not deserve this man to ignore you in such a cruel way.

  3. Hamd

    Thats so sad indeed! OMG! What heart this guy has? Im a saudi guy , i feel angry to hear this! Please let me know if there is anything i can do for you!

    • Saudi Children Left Behind

      If anybody has information or has resources that can help Divine in her situation, please email the website at saudichildrenleftbehind@gmail.com

    • alalyani

      I live in Saudi Arabia and i absolutely agree with what the lawyer said to you! A DNA test would help , however this has to come from higher up ! This guy is rich as i understand and has a good reputation in the area where he lives and has friends here and there so it might be hard to even suggest DNA test from him! You need to involve the government in the country where you are and through their foreign affairs department

      • Saudi Children Left Behind

        Keep your head up, there’s always an option. Alot of people have already seen this and know what he did. Definitely a good start!

    • Gigi

      It is not possible to file any DNA testing without a marriage certificate in Saudi as this is against Sharia law. You can only file if there was marriage but the father suddenly decides to ignore their children. Whoever lawyer claims he can raise a case in court, would only be a case for adultery, ie. it will prove that he was adulterous, but children will not get recognition. It is very sad, I know and very different from the west, but it is important to understand this differences so that someone does not fall victim to lawyers of others promising they can do otherwise.

      • You seem to know alot about the laws protecting these men. What about the laws protecting women against these predators who use them for sport? What about the laws for these children born into automatic poverty because their mothers can’t afford to provide adequate food or shelter because of lack of access to help?

  4. Torn

    Hey, I don’t know where to write that but my mom was a maid in Saudi Arabia many years ago and her employeer (my father) was paying her for sex.. please don’t judge. She had huge debts and she was afraid he could fire her. He was Shura council member. His wife discovered it and fired my mom but my mom come back with a belly
    I would like to contact my father but I don’t know whether it’s a good idea …

    • Saudi Children Left Behind

      Hey..what happened to you and your mom is extremely unfair. If you want to communicate about this further, our email is saudichildrenleftbehind@gmail.com and we can try to see about helping if this is something you wish to pursue. Look forward to speaking

  5. He is a very wealthy and well-known man who loves to show off rare camel animals that he buys in millions. I think he does not care about money but is afraid for his reputation, but legal procedures in Saudi Arabia do not care about a person’s wealth or money, and if he is a prince, this is his name in Arabic, and you can know everything about him هزاع بن عايش الروسان

  6. lawyer

    We know how to get your rights back for free … Contact


  7. Gigi

    In general, in Saudi to file a case for DNA-paternity, it needs to be done within marriage. For example if someone is married and suspects that child is not his, he can file for such a case. I do not believe yet that it is possible to file for a DNA case outside marriage and the child to be recognized as this is outside sharia law that governs family relations.

    Nevertheless, If you have any sort of marriage papers, then yes you can go ahead and say that they were married, but suddenly the father does not recognize me. Then yes, in this case you can go to court.

    Another thing is that if a Saudi male is willing to register a child and say he is married to a foreigner, then he needs permission, which is a basic requirement to get a family card/register so he can then add kids as a second step.

    If now the permission comes late, after marriage, and the child is over 8 years of age, they make an investigation to why the father did not register the child all this time and male witnesses from the mans family have to come forward to support him. It is not easy, actually it can become hard and this type of registrations can take more than a year and lots of effort.

    I am saying all this- not to disappoint- but to get a realistic picture of the situation at this point.

    If there are no marriage papers, no lawyer can help- they will only try to make money. The only thing is to convince the man himself to take responsibility even if it means a trip to Saudi to personally meet him.

    • I understand what you are saying but here’s the thing..Saudi Arabia needs to realize there are thousands more cases like this all over the world. If a man violates Sharia by knowingly going abroad and having sex with a woman without protection, then what happens next is fair game. These laws in Saudi are in place assuming people aren’t acting completely reckless and a child born from these situations. Many of these guys use parts of Sharia to their own advantage and purposely lie to women about marrying them just to get what they want, or to do “temporary marriage” so they can have fun and not be held to account.
      When these men violate the laws of their own country for their own selfish gain then they need to pay the consequences and children taken care of because it was not the kids fault in the first place

  8. Gigi

    Indeed here there is this contradiction-as per Sharia Law- a woman is left helpless as it would be impossible to file a paternity test as an unmarried woman. This is for all countries where Sharia is strictly practiced. It is not only in Saudi Arabia.

    The only thing such a move would achieve is that both him and herself will be punished as they have effectively proved their adultery. Then the court again without a marriage certificate would simply not register the child and only hand down the punishment to both.
    That is definitely lashing if they are unmarried and probably worse if they were already married to others, including possibly imprisonment.

    There are children all over the middle east without any papers- no passport, no ID- as women in many countries are not even allowed to pass down nationality and this is tragic. These kids are usually added to the family card of their grandfathers- the father of the mother and presented as their little brothers and sisters. This is only if he is a kind enough person and did not punish her, himself.
    Otherwise, children have no access to education, jobs, travel and remain almost like illegal immigrants in their own countries for life.

    The only place that such a paternity case could be filed is abroad, eg in a western country – there he would be forced to have his name registered in the birth certificate. That is if he appears in court and offers a DNA sample. Possibly with such a certificate in hand one could attempt a court case in a sharia country and I am not sure of the result.

  9. Gigi

    Here I will send you a link to a very famous case in Egypt, which also practices sharia, albeit probably lighter in handing down punishments.

    This was a woman -Hind ElHinnawy- that managed to succeed but only after proving a ‘secret marriage’ with 4 credible male muslim witnesses, as there are still some traditional/tribal marriages called ‘urfi’ in Egypt based either on ‘paper’ or ‘word’.

    Based on that a DNA test was ordered. Without it, her case would be lost.


    Here you can see how many other mothers are still left battling for years, as proving paternity is the only way for them to get an ID for their kids.


  10. Divine

    My last message from me to my father Hazza Ayesh AlRosan:

    After all you did to me and my mother, I don’t feel anything for you anymore but disgust and grudge. From now on, I will just think that you are dead already. And if the day comes that you will die, I will definitely spit on your grave! I hope you are satisfied with the life you lived because we reap what we sow. Always remember that. Goodbye.

  11. Lam

    Hey Divine, i have something for you what might help you,, here’s a Twitter account to his son he lives in California , you can go talk to him about everything @AzizAlrosan

  12. Ahmed

    hey divine, im in direct contact with one of al hazzas family members, if u need my help please feel free to contact me. burnther@gmail.com

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