A Message to Hazza Ayesh Al Rosan from your daughter

We received correspondence from Divine Domingo in regards to her father, Hazza Ayesh Al-Rosan from Riyadh. After numerous attempts over the years to get in contact with her father, he has yet to try to contact her at all or acknowledge her as his daughter. This is her story…


My name is Divine Domingo and like everyone here, I am also an illegitimate child of a Saudian guy. My father is a Shiek in Saudi Arabia and I just learned that he is also an ambassador of good will (Sounds good right?) .

To make my story short, my mother used to work for him as a maid. According to my mother, my father loved her. Fast forward, my mother got pregnant (it’s me). Once my father knew that my mother was pregnant, he asked my mother to go back to the Philippines (where she lives) and promised her that he will come visit her after 3 months. So many months has passed my father never showed up and when I brought out to the world, my mother keeps sending him my photos and update about me but never get a reply. When I was like 12-14 I can’t remember exactly but I started to have the interest to know my father so we started searching for him. We went to a Saudi embassy in the Philippines and what they did is they just took all the evidence my mom had like photos business cards and never responded to us. Few months ago I tried to find any resources that could link me to my father and o found email and phone number. I called the office and I never get to talk to him. Sent him emails but I never get a reply. Soon I realized and it actually sinked into my heart that my father really abandoned me purposely. He intended to leave me and never cared for me. I had a rough childhood and to think how rich my father is up till now, with all his richness and resources, he could live a good life knowing one of his own blood is out there struggling to make it to life. How could he accept the label “ambassador of goodwill” if can’t do a goodwill to your own blood? What kind of a human being is that?

Now I that I accepted that my father will never recognize me nor ever cared for me, I will stop all the drama and I want the world to know that this guy on the photo, is the worst father I have ever known in my life. I am so disgusted by him and I wish that this letter will get to him. I know he have received  all my emails but this time I want the world to know what kind of a person you are.

Mr. Hazza Ayesh Alrosan, This is for you.

Your Neglected Daughter,
Divine Domingo

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16 thoughts on “A Message to Hazza Ayesh Al Rosan from your daughter

  1. I am Sorry to heard your story… Hopefully he will contact you after this letter. Big hug and I understand you feelings.

  2. Michelle

    Dear Divine I am a grandmother of a child who was left behind. This man was here in Canada going to school. He was with my daughter for almost 2 years, making her believe he loved her and they were going to marry. She got pregnant with my granddaughter and he convinced her to keep this baby cause he was going to be there for her and her baby. Right?? My grandchild was born in May and after 2 weeks he said gr had to go home to Riyadh for his brother’s wedding. Well he never came back. Emotionally what he did to my daughter was horrible and I will never forgive him. She struggles trying to raise her little girl and it’s been very hard. Meanwhile he went home and still lives a good life. I’m sure hes never gone hungry or had to worry about a roof over his head. Anyway I guess I just wanted to say your not alone. Many of these men come to these countries and are never made accountable for their actions. Please dont make his choices allow you to feel bad. I’m sure you are a wonderful person and you do not deserve this man to ignore you in such a cruel way.

    • Divine

      It’s even sadder to know that there’s so many of us been victimized by these kind of people. Until now I still don’t get how they could actually live their life normally knowing someone is suffering because of their bad behaviour. It’s sad. The only thing I can say to you is just keep fighting and be strong all the time. Because if you don’t, no one will do it for us.

  3. Hamd

    Thats so sad indeed! OMG! What heart this guy has? Im a saudi guy , i feel angry to hear this! Please let me know if there is anything i can do for you!

    • Divine

      Do you live in saudi sir? I asked a lawyer who is based in Saudi Arabia if I can do something about it. She said that I could file for DNA case and if I am proven his daughter, I could file for an alimony case to make him pay for it. But I don’t know how much this case will cost me. Do you know anyone who could help me with this?

      • Saudi Children Left Behind

        If anybody has information or has resources that can help Divine in her situation, please email the website at saudichildrenleftbehind@gmail.com

      • alalyani

        I live in Saudi Arabia and i absolutely agree with what the lawyer said to you! A DNA test would help , however this has to come from higher up ! This guy is rich as i understand and has a good reputation in the area where he lives and has friends here and there so it might be hard to even suggest DNA test from him! You need to involve the government in the country where you are and through their foreign affairs department

      • Divine

        That sounds like a mission impossible for me T.T

        I guess I should just give up.

      • Saudi Children Left Behind

        Keep your head up, there’s always an option. Alot of people have already seen this and know what he did. Definitely a good start!

  4. Torn

    Hey, I don’t know where to write that but my mom was a maid in Saudi Arabia many years ago and her employeer (my father) was paying her for sex.. please don’t judge. She had huge debts and she was afraid he could fire her. He was Shura council member. His wife discovered it and fired my mom but my mom come back with a belly
    I would like to contact my father but I don’t know whether it’s a good idea …

    • Saudi Children Left Behind

      Hey..what happened to you and your mom is extremely unfair. If you want to communicate about this further, our email is saudichildrenleftbehind@gmail.com and we can try to see about helping if this is something you wish to pursue. Look forward to speaking

  5. He is a very wealthy and well-known man who loves to show off rare camel animals that he buys in millions. I think he does not care about money but is afraid for his reputation, but legal procedures in Saudi Arabia do not care about a person’s wealth or money, and if he is a prince, this is his name in Arabic, and you can know everything about him هزاع بن عايش الروسان

  6. lawyer

    We know how to get your rights back for free … Contact


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