Shamelya is looking for her father Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza

مرحباً بالجميع، هذا المنشور من شمليا والتي تقوم بالبحث عن والدها السعودي الذي لم تقابله قط واسمه عبد الرحمن عزيز الهزاع وهو من سكان الرياض. لقد كان هنا في الولايات المتحدة في العام 1977 في مينيابوليس ، مينيسوتا ، حيث التقى بأم شامليا ، واسمها هو ايرتينيس برانتت ، وأيضاً في  منطقة بحيرة الدب الأبيض حيث كان قد التحق بالمدرسة هناك

إذا كان لدى أي شخص معلومات بخصوص المدعو عبد الرحمن عزيز الهزاع، فإن ابنته انتظرت حياتها كلها للاتصال به.

Hello everyone, this post is for Shamelya who is looking for her father, whom she has never met. His name is Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza and he is from Riyadh. He was here in the US in 1977 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he met Shamelya’s mother, her name is Irtense Parent, and also in White Bear Lake, MN where he attended school.

If anyone has information in regards to Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza, his daughter has waited her whole life to contact him.

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4 thoughts on “Shamelya is looking for her father Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza

  1. Hello

    We have alot of people who have the same name as your father’s name so please provide more details as following:

    1- Photo which your mother might have.
    2- Graduation cermony”s pictures if available
    3- Details of his education information such as his major, gradute or undergradute student.
    4- Name of the university and the area he lived in.
    5- his approxmate birth of date.
    6- any other info you have.

    My private email is

    Lets talk and discuss


  2. Nada Hasan

    hello there
    there’s someone with similar name did your “father” studied in wisconsin Milwaukee?? and graduated in 1983??

    if so then i know someone who worked in national tv

    i don’t know him personally but i think i can give you his twitter account

    • Saudi Children Left Behind

      Hi, thank you for the info, I have forwarded this to Shamelya..if you have any info or social media accounts, that would help, we appreciate it. Thanks again

  3. Ra

    Hi there my family name is alhazza can you tell me more about your father? Even tho I can’t reach the men in my family cuz I’m a woman and it’s wrong in my country but i will ask my cousin for you to steal the number from her mom phone , i live in Riyadh, there is a lot of hazza its kind of complicated its like every family name has some tribe so maybe he is not from mine so don’t let your hopes get high please but I’ll try to help ya!!

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