Lies Your Saudi Told You

This was a topic I recently addressed on social media. Lately there’s been a recurring trend from women and adult children I communicate with who are interested in coming forward with their stories but are afraid to because of a fraudulent misconception. This prevailing falsehood is just one out of many in a series of lies and deceptions used on the women by these Saudi students during the relationship to get what they wanted, so I feel the time has come to bring up some essential truth.

From those questionable “trips back to Saudi”, to fabrications about his real name, age, which country he’s ‘supposedly’ from, not to mention those fairy tales he spoon fed you about how he was going to put a ring on it, these fly by night Saudis have long since borrowed from the same playbook.

One major deception that has long been perpetuated I so often hear from women who want to come forward, but may be hesitant in doing so, is this:

“I want to find my child’s father but I don’t want to cause trouble for him and his family” This is something I hear from women who are interested in getting the rights due to their child (and rightfully so) but are apprehensive because of their fear of offending these pieces of human garbage who left them in the most selfish way, alone and destitute with a baby. With that said, since when should his or his family’s feelings be taken into consideration? I have news for you, the trouble already started long before you got pregnant. These guys were excited to come to your country and it wasn’t because of school. Secondly, who do you think molded this loser in the first place? Make no mistake..if his family did find out about you they’d no sooner rally around him like soldiers and some lowlife uncle of his would be the first to call you a slut or a whore before hanging up. So whether its going to cause trouble isn’t the issue. They could care less if you attempt to expose them or not, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so comfortable leaving in the first place. The only trouble lies with the fact that he left you high and dry without any financial support. When it comes to how the families of these deadbeats think, the golden rule goes like this..their sons are king, their sh** doesn’t smell, and no woman with a baby is going to change that.

This way of thinking is also deeply ingrained in how the Saudi government has handled this issue historically and as of late…(If you want proof of this, try calling a Saudi embassy and see how the condescending know-nothing on the other line responds). They don’t care about what the father did, you and your child’s welfare, or anything. It’s a secret club and you aren’t in it! Which leads back to the all time famous myth….

“If anyone finds out you’re pregnant I’ll get in trouble” LOL. Did he bother to mention this the whole time he was wooing you during the relationship? This is an emotional microchip they implant into your heads to insure they’ll get out of the situation without accountability. This was no more apparent than when I was growing up when I would tell my mom I wanted to find my Saudi dad, to which she would reply in hysterics “YOU’RE GONNA GET HIM KILLED!!”. A reality check: He’s doing great. He’s living the life back in Saudi, comfortably reveling in the false image he’s cultivated for society. He’s enjoying nice expensive vacations and the finest of leisure money can buy, and while you and your child starve he’s getting fatter by the minute from all the greasy Al-Baik and lamb he’s devouring. Not to mention the many women he’s dining and having affairs with while he’s away from his wife and kids.

In short, you’re doing your child no favors by keeping quiet about these mens transgressions. Being nice and considerate about their feelings isn’t going to help you to afford the diapers or formula for your newborn, or pay for the numerous doctor’s bills if your child is faced with lifelong health issues..or the never ceasing worry how this might be the month you and your kid end up on the streets because you can’t afford the rent. Remember, these guys operate in a singular way. They had a plan when they went abroad to target you for enjoyment, and they have a plan to cover up their deeds if they’re allowed to.

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7 thoughts on “Lies Your Saudi Told You

  1. manar

    I’am a Saudi girl
    My advice is the most important thing that you must confirm the lineage of the son to his father through the embassy and obtain a Saudi nationality for him

    Saudi citizenship has advantages that are not found in any other nationality, and obtaining it does not deprive him of his American of the advantages of Saudi nationality is endless health services
    so if he has a health problem or a disability, it is provided for him whenever he needs facilities and financial aid
    And if his family has financial problems, each child is given a small monthly salary
    And also educational services, where the Saudi student can study in many universities at the expense of Saudi Arabia, and he or she get a monthly salary for the length of his study period
    Moreover, the father is forced to take care of his child financially if it is proved that this is his son legally

  2. Nada Hasan

    hi there
    did you try to contact the embassy via lawyer??
    i mean the embassy is bad and condescending with the saudi themselves (fun fact 90% of embassy worker are not saudi) that why i advice anyone to take legal actions phone calls wouldn’t do anything and do a dna taste for. your kid and give it to the lawyer (btw if the dna test results shows that your kid have haplogroup gen J1 or J2 then this proves that your kid is arabic/Semitic descendants )

    anyway as i say things are starting to change in our legal system and women have more rights than before 5 years that why i encourage everyone to take the legal approach

    let’s them hear your voice

    one more suggestions lets do an Ad campaign on twitter targeted to every saudi home city the “father’s” from believe me twitter is huge in saudi Arabia

    i hope this situation will resolve soon

    good luck

    • Saudi Children Left Behind

      Hello, thanks for your reply. Yes, many of us by now are aware that the embassies are useless. Many people in this situation have actually attempted to provide DNA evidence through legal means to present it in Saudi court, however, what we have found is many lawyers in Saudi are hesitant in taking these cases. They offer help then back off so it makes it difficult, maybe they’re scared? Many of them are forced to find lawyers in their own countries but resources are limited because of this being an issue for the Saudi courts.

  3. ............

    This is his profile in twitter

  4. Rochelle Abbas


    My name is Rochelle. My mother is American and Father is from Saudi Arabia as well. I am from St.Paul. Feel free to reach out to me. I to am interested in finding my father. I was born in 1979.

  5. Johnny A. Franco Arboine

    I understand your plight. This situation will come to an end when least expected. A Father who does not his children is not a father.
    I worked in Dhahran for Saudi Aramco for many years. Please use DNA testing or something similar to help your cause, not so much with the Arabs but the your local authorities.

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