To Ahmed Yousef Alshayeb

This post is on behalf of Guadalupe. This is to remind you, Ahmed Yousef Alshayeb, from Al Hofuf KSA, that you fathered a daughter during your 2 year relationship with Guadalupe while you were here in the US for school (remember the ring you bought her?). Your daughter’s name is Alondra.

Apparently, after your daughter was born, you decided to cut off contact with Guadalupe and when she tried to reach out to your family, they blocked her on social media.

This is no way to treat the mother of your child. So to you, and the Alshayeb family..shame on you

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7 thoughts on “To Ahmed Yousef Alshayeb

  1. nada

    Hi. I know this person, He is one of my acquaintances. I swear to you that I will take the right of you and your child. I will not let him live in peace. By the way, his father had a stroke a while ago, apparently because of the news he knew. I’ll expose him, don’t worry.

  2. Mohammed

    It is really story !!!!? My area is so closing to Al Hofuf if you want my help this is shame on us really if this is tory true

    • Guadalupe Q

      This story is very true, its my story and the story about my daughter. This is true.

  3. Jumplool

    I know one acquaintance from the same family in Hofuf. Shame on him.

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