Sulaiman Abdulaziz Alrajhi: The Constant Ghost

Sami 2022

It’s been a while since I decided to be away, even though I got a lot of sympathy as well as negativity from the readers. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and all the information that I received though all these years. If I decided to be away is because I needed a time to breathe and think on the next steps that we will take to continuing with the ghost search to get the signatures we need in order for Sami to move freely and to have a “normal” life but most importantly to be able to answer all of his questions regarding his roots.

First of all, I want to clarify something so important which is I AM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY. My intention to publish all this information have never been and will never be to be the liar witch who just wants Alrajhi’s money, the one that Sulaiman created to protect himself to be punished for being a liar. The only thing I am asking for is to get my son’s freedom which have been taken away for his father selfish mind and behave, and whose Saudi’s agencies (AWASEER, MOFA, SACM, SAUDI EMBASSY, and SAUDI SOCIETY OF HUMAN RIGHTS) are refusing to get involved.

Since the documentary was published, I think it is appropriate to provide to the audience with a little bit of background about my son story, to seek to get Sulaiman providing answers to Sami and complete all his paperwork. If you know Sulaiman please let him know that his 10 year old son is looking after him. His dream is to be able to meet him and have the chance to know why he left him 10 years ago.

Sulaiman Abdulaziz Alrajhi 2011

Sulaiman Abdulaziz Saleh Abdullah Alrajhi was born on April 16th. 1985 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Since Alrajhi family is a big family, I realized that many people might have the same name and even some of them might have his full name.

I start searching for him because I really needed the full custody of my son to be able to move freely and to make his life easier, Sami has a lot of dreams to travel abroad and play squash professionally. I am still paying a fine for everyday he is illegal here; I am still fighting to get the full custody of Sami but most importantly I have been leading with the ghost and with the fact that Sami want to talk with his father and get some answers of where he belongs ….

Though all these years I have been trying my best to get Sami’s full custody, but I haven´t succeed yet. I went to the Saudi Embassy in Washington in 2013, I contacted the Saudi Embassy in Los Angeles, New York, and Mexico without success. I have keep contacting AWASEER, MOFA, SACM, and SAUDI SOCIETY OF HUMAN RIGHTS without success. And even though I have not gotten a real answer and sometimes any answer I will never give up until Sami is able to be completely be free. Even if is so tiring I won´t never give up!

On mid-2019 we needed to renew Sami’s passport. We attended to fill the documentation of missing parent but we couldn´t get his passport because they want to talk with Sulaiman or have a proof of full custody which I don´t have it because since Sami was born Sulaiman refuses to sign it. So, I decided to look for Sulaiman phone number and I called him through Skype because I knew he wouldn´t answer if I call from my phone. He replied, I asked if he was Sulaiman (I knew he was because of his voice, I will never forget that voice) and he said yes, when I said “hi, this is Mandre I need to talk about your son”, he said that I got the wrong number and end up the phone call. I sent him a WhatsApp message but he never replies.   I contacted again the Islamic Center in Guatemala and again we tried to spoke with Sulaiman father (Abdulaziz) who said that we were blackmailing him even though we stated clearly that we just need a signature to get Sami’s full custody. He asked for proofs that Sami is Sulaiman’s son, we provided all the supportive documents, and he was stubborn that we wanted money which is not the case since from all these years I have been working very hard to support Sami’s needs. This was a conversation between a member of the Islamic Center and Mr. Abdulaziz that “supposedly” fears Allah. I can understand Mr. Abdulaziz behavior probably he believed on Sulaiman lies about his son Sami and me.  

 Prophet’s (peace be upon him) saying: “Children have three rights over their father: that he gives them a good name, teach them how to read and write, and marry them off when they mature.” And in another Hadith, he said, “Love your children, and be kind and merciful to them. Fulfill your promises made to them since children consider their father to be the one who provides for their sustenance.” Once he said that Sami will know who his father is and will have a relationship with him even if we were not together, so far, he hasn´t fulfill his promise. I want to state clearly that Sulaiman has always have the doors open whenever he wants to be close to Sami, he doesn´t need to have any relationship with me since now Sami is old enough to talk to him with some privacy.

Sami is 10-year-old now, by time passed by, he has been having many questions about his dad. Sometimes he is stable and some others he starts to feel very anxious because he knows that his dad is alive but is not having a relationship with him. As I mentioned before his dream is to get to know his father and to be able to talk to him. He has always dream on the day he finally gets to know him. He has been asking question like: Is my father taking care of other kids in Saudi and that is the reason he is not communicating with me? Who is my father? What were you doing in this picture? When I would be able to meet my father? Do you think one day I would be able to go to Saudi Arabia to meet my father and his family? Does my dad loved you and you loved him? And so on…

I am worried about his mental health and emotional stability. As we all might know abandoned child would suffer if he knew that his father is alive and has willfully run away after abandoning him. These children will suffer from depression and anxiety most of their lives and will feel insecure and unwanted.

I can be called gold digger, bi***, liar, or whatever you want me to be, because I know who I am and what happened. But what I won´t never accept my son to be mistreated. I feel so guilty of not giving my son the “right father”, for not knowing that something like this will happen, for falling in love and believe on Sulaiman but most of all for not being able to do something to answer all his questions and complete the missing piece.

If you know Sulaiman Abdulaziz Alrajhi, please let him know that this is what we need that he has so far refused to provide :

  1. Sami needs to be free; he needs his paperwork done and this can only be done by getting his full custody.

If you have any information about Sulaiman, please contact us at and if you want to know more about Sami’s and Jared’s story go to these links and

Here are some articles about Sami’s story and what was on the previous posts.

My best wishes to all of you!

Um Sami / Mandre Chang

Eid Mubarak 2022
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9 thoughts on “Sulaiman Abdulaziz Alrajhi: The Constant Ghost

  1. Meshal Alotaibi

    I think his name was fake

  2. Jen

    So sorry to see that you are going through this. Hopefully this gets resolved soon so that Sami can be situated with his paper work and not have these barriers. That man is shameful. I hope this ABC report will spark something since it is international….

  3. ibrahim

    as a Saudi guy i feel really really bad I’m sick to my stomach that child deserves a loving father
    my name is Ibrahim please if you need any support or help teaching sami Arabic or about his culture feell free to contact me at :

  4. Michelle

    Asalamu Alaikum & Eid Mubarak!
    Dear Sister, I watched the documentary that featured your son. it saddens me the hardship that you and your son are going through. I hope and pray your son will reunite with his father soon. Soy mitad Pakistani mitad Salvadorena y vivi en Riyadh, Arabia Saudita por 5 anos (2005-2010). Los que le puedo avisar es que el apellido de su hijo es bien famoso en la Arabia Saudita tienen un banco ‘AlRajhi Bank’.Por favor mandame un email. Conozco de una hermana Hondurena que fue la principal de una escuela arabe en Riyadh. Estan estan en Facebook quisas ella le puede ayudar con sus contactos.

  5. Y

    If who I found was the guy 23 kids is a lot! Found his Twitter handle

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