To Abdullah Mohamed Kalfout Al-Harithi Al-Sharif

This post is on behalf of Candy Hixson:

My name is Miriam (“Candy”) and I was born in 1970 in St. Louis Missouri, USA. My mother’s name was Virginia (“Ginny”) Hixson. I am searching for my father. His name is Abdullah Mohamed Kalfout Al harithi Al-sharif. He was born in 1938 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

He studied Political Science at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. His Masters Thesis, GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE, AND THE CIVIL SERVICE IN SAUDI ARABIA, was written in 1971 and is still available on the internet.

My Arabic name is Nada Al-harithi Kalfout. Please share my story and contact me if you have any information.

Abdullah Al-Sharif, Candy and her grandmother

Candy mentions that during their time together Abdullah and her mother had a religious marriage ceremony. Abdullah told her he had to go back to Saudi once he graduated and that he would return one day but never did.

Sadly Virginia passed away in 1998. Candy says she felt like an orphan and, after going through the hardship her whole life with this big missing piece of her life unknown, decided to contact the Saudi embassy for assistance. Since her parents weren’t legally married the Embassy refused (a common occurrence with this agency when it pertains to this issue, but that’s a whole other post). She’s hoping by coming forward and sharing her story to maybe get some long deserved answers as to where she comes from

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16 thoughts on “To Abdullah Mohamed Kalfout Al-Harithi Al-Sharif

  1. Hanan Del Rosario

    Hi, how do I share my story please? I am also a daughter of a Saudi national and all my life iv longed to be connected with my Arab family.

  2. Nada Samy

    Hello, how are you . I think I can help you. Sorry, I can’t write English well. I’m using a translator.. ok I’ll leave my email. The Al-Harthy family is a large and rich family. I have acquaintances from the Al-Harithi family… My name is also Nada. I hope you are completely reassured on me (my part). I will do my best to help you … I feel that the similarity of our names is a message (or a sign) for me to help you … I hope you receive this reply I hope to be a reason to bring you together with your Saudi Arabian family..and never be afraid of the routine of life for Arabs, times have changed and Arab life has become very open to American life

  3. Danah

    As a Saudi woman my heart aches for what the men did.
    There are laws now that can make these men admit their kids.
    You can sue them for the psychological damage and get back all the money that you have spent on them.

    It needs a lot of work but it can be done.

  4. mohammed

    Relatives and uncles should know about the child
    He will recognize the child
    There are customs and traditions ,that must be reported to the child’s grandfather or uncle

  5. Y

    Did some digging found an article dated 2012 stating he was the ambassador for the Saudi embassy in Sudan and I have also found your cousin on Instagram

  6. HYUNA

    I think I know a little bit of information, please Contact me on mail
    Sorry my eng is not good

  7. Shahad alharthy

    Hello I know Alharthy clan because I’m one of them I’m Saudi too . We came from taif originally . Specifically from (Maysan) or (Qia)
    I’ll write it in Arabic ميسان و قيا
    If you ask someone there they will answer you because it’s a small village and everyone know each other I’ll ask my family if they know him for you . I hope you find him

  8. ro212ra

    I am a member of Al-Harithi tribe , please chick your email , I sent you information about your father via e-mail. Watch it. We love you and we are so sorry for what you have gone through

  9. Hi

    Hi nada, her information is not correct, she is mixing two different families (tribes) coz they are having a similar names – alharthy-. You are not from alharthy that she is talking about. You are from Alharthi ALSHARIF, you are originally from mecca and you are belong to the Qurush tribe. Its the same tribe that mohamed (prophet mohmed) came from, your family (Alsharif) well known here in the west of Saudi Arabia, it’s a historical family and your ancestry came from ALI ABUTALEB (first cousin of prophet Mohamed) and FATIMA MOHAMED (daughter of prophet Mohamed), your blood line has so much history.. we are talking about 1400 years, so sorry for my broken english

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