To Mohamed Algandi Al-Azari

My name is Yessica Dempsey, I am 44 years old. I was born and raised in Tijuana Mexico in August 1978.

My biological father is from Saudi Arabia. He was transferred to the USA to San Diego ca for military training. In one of those days he and his friends decided to cross the border and go to a club in Tijuana that where he meet my mother..her name is Maria De la Cruz Loya. They dated for a little while and she moved with him to San Diego.

When she found out she’s pregnant with me I believe he got scared when she told him about me. He told my mother that he needed to go back to his country so he left. My mom went back to Tijuana Mexico where I was born. I don’t want money nor destroy a family, all I want is to meet you. You are always in the back of my head. Now I live in San Diego California. I know your name is Mohamed algandi al Azari.

*The city Mohamed is from is unknown but the DNA results mention the Al Baha province. If anyone has any info that would help feel free to leave a comment

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2 thoughts on “To Mohamed Algandi Al-Azari

  1. Mrs. Jesica, are you sure that your father’s name is Azari?, because I am from the Al-Bahah and have never heard such a title If you have a picture of him, it would be helpful. Or share any information related to him, such as the name of the grandfather, because I asked about his name, nothing appeared to me, as usual, names linking him to the family will
    appear.I hope that his heart will be tender and meet you. I wish strength for you

  2. Yessica Dempsey

    Hello, thank you for the information
    I probably spelled the last name wrong, all I know is the last name is Alghandi Azari

    Thank for your good wishes

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