Jedwin’s search for his father

I am Jedwin Asia, a Filipino who has been living in Manila since the time that my biological mother took me here from Saudi Arabia.

I was told that I was born in Riyadh in 1988. I don’t have a Saudi birth certificate because my Mother did not declare that I am a son of a Saudi national. Several days after I was born, I was told that she flew back to Manila and brought me along with her. As soon as we landed, she contacted one of her friends and decided to give me away for good. That friend became my Family and they have adopted me ever since. My foster Mom explained to me that the reason why my biological mom took me here is because she was trying not to get in trouble with the law for having a child out of wedlock.

My biological mother’s name is Yolanda “Yolly” Roldan but it could have also been Yolanda “Yolly” when she was in Saudi Arabia. From what I was told, she either used to work for my Father or my Father’s family. My foster Mom also shared that my biological mom told them that my Father, a Saudi from Riyadh, did his best to find me but eventually gave up perhaps when he realized that my biological mom will not let him see me and was only contacting him for money.

I was told that my Father is a good man which is also why I want to meet him. I am already 34 years old but I always feel like an outsider, with no real identity. I love my foster Family and they mean the world to me but I always yearn to be a part of something that connects me to where I came from. I am not looking for my Father to demand the missed child support, I am financially stable and have a wife now. I don’t need to depend on anyone for anything. 

I was told that his name is Gaib (or could be Kaif) with a last name that sounds like Al Koweydi though I am not sure if that is how it is spelled or not. I was also told that he owned a PO Box in the 80’s or 90’s, PO Box 3701 in Riyadh. This was how my biological mother got in contact with him, at least I think so. I also learned that my Father, at the time that my biological mother knew him, was either an Immigration Officer/Police or an Airport Police officer or something similar and that he and his family lived near where the National Guards were. I am just not sure if “National Guards” is an outpost or a government office.

At this point, these are all the information that I can share. I don’t think my biological mother will still be able to remember other information that she missed to share with me but I will still try to ask her from time to time. I really hope to be reunited with my Father.

Jedwin Asia

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10 thoughts on “Jedwin’s search for his father

  1. I am sorry you’re going through this, it is so difficult and sad.
    After quick search in the internet, I found the following information, I hope it can help you
    – Al- Kuweydi or Al-Ghuweydi family is a well known family in Al-Ahsaa now in Saudi Arabia and also in Kuwait.
    – I use the OP box Number you mentioned, I found it is related to



    Misfah Dist., Riyadh, P.O.Box: 3701, Riyadh Misfah Dist.,

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


    00966 1 4985594

    The last name is Al-Khalidi, but if someone doesn’t speak Arabic maybe he could pronounce Al-Kuweydi like Al-Khalidi.

    حظ سعيد



      Thanks for this information and for taking the time to look for it. God knows how I appreciate what you did.

      I will surely give this number a call, I just don’t have the courage to do it as of yet. I am constantly praying to God for guidance and I hope He will bless me with the courage that I need to pick up the phone and dial this number.

      Thank you again. I will update you as soon as I have talk to whoever is on the receiving end of that phone number.

  2. Yessica Dempsey

    Welcome to our family!! Saudi Children Left Behind.

  3. F.

    I have an idea that might work, you should put your biological mother’s name in Arabic and if you have a picture of her when she was young so that your father can recognize her, and you should use TikTok because most people in saudi use it, especially the elderly.

  4. Ahned Buaishah

    Dear my friend Jedwin

    I hope you can find your father soon

    I am in Alhasa(Hofuf in Google map) in case you need help, do not hesitate to contact me at my email address

    National Guard is basically an army facility or army building or punch of army buildings in Riyadh.

    The best way for you to find your father is by gathering all the information from your biological mother.

    1-The company name your mother used to come to KSA (try to locate them and get all information about them , things like address, contact information, employee’name who work on that office) any information to locate your mother to your father.
    2- A copy of your mother password. If you cannot get it, ask your mom to request a copy from the government local office in Manila

    3- Now it is easy to get a tourism visa to KSA, get one and come look at him personally.


      Hi! First off, thank you for taking the time to read my story.

      I am trying to get hold of my biological Mother but it seems like her contact information are no longer active and working.

      Also, the last time that I got to talk to her, she said that she has already forgotten most information that she knew about my Father.

      The last information that she shared is that my Father is the son of Mohammad and Moneera and his siblings are Mona, Juda, Metheb and Hammad/Ahmad.

      I am not sure if I spelled all the names correctly or if she even remembered their names right.

      Last week my brother from my foster Family forwarded me a link for a Company that uses the same PO Box number that I mentioned in my story. The details of which have startling similarities to that of my Father’s Father’s name, here they are:


      ADDRESS – P.O. Box: 3701, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

      PHONE NUMBER – 966+966(1)4985594

      FAX – +966(1)4911072

      I am still trying to muster the courage to contact that phone number. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it soon.

  5. wandah hay

    what a handsome man you are and such a beautiful child. I hope that you can connect with your father.


      Thank you for your kind comment. Hope that God continues to bless you.

  6. Sarah Schultz

    God bless you.
    Never give up.
    Continue to search for your father.
    I will for sure pray for you.

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