I created Saudi Children Left Behind in hopes of uniting women in need who have children with Saudi men who have chosen not to be involved with their children


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  1. Saudi Father

    But why did you choose “Saudi” among all other fathers? Cause that thing can happen anywhere in the world.

    • Because I fell in love with the man who said he fell in love with me also. You are correct in this can happen anywhere in the world, the difference here is the Saudi men tend to run away when they get a foreign woman pregnant with their child. They lie their way into our hearts and into our beds. They take advantage of foreign women. When we get pregnant with their seed they say we are whores when the day before they promised to love us forever. If this is the way Saudi men behave in foreign country’s I don’t believe they should be aloud out of their own little bubble. Bottom line is these men CANNOT be trusted!!! My son is 3 1\2 and his father left my country only 3 weeks ago and he still pretended he was a virgin …and I was a liar. Men like this bring shame to the religion of Islam and bring shame to the word father.

      • Saudi Father

        Jennifer, trust me I don’t know what he was thinking by leaving his son and go back home without any connections. And I don’t know why he called you a lair if you were together for years. But the thing I don’t get it from you, what you want from the Government to do in these cases?

        If the case was raping, the Saudi gov. will act and help you. But since you were in love and decided to have a child, it’s not the government responsibility to force anyone of you to take care of the child. If both of you can’t, the Saudi will try to find a good foster family for him (Since he is a half Saudi).

        Sultan is an adult, and the gov. can’t do nothing to change his mind. If he decide to leave his son, that’s up to him, ethically wrong but unfortunately, legally ok 😦

        I really feel sorry for you and Joseph. Sultan was a bad choice from you, and Joseph have to take the consequences.

        And, I support you to let his family know about Joseph. So later, he can contact them and know his other half family.

      • Mahdi

        I`m sorry to read about how you have been lied to. Dear, find your lesson in your own tragic story, and never ever sell your heart, soul, and beauty to just anyone. I lived in your country for about 5 years, and I know that many Saudis, in particular, have shown this inhuman behavior. Nowadays, many people declare commitment (Marriage), but they never fulfill their promises. So, it would not be much of a surprise that what comes easily would go easily. I`m not judging you here, and I don`t know how much time it took you to form your relationship with this man that lied to you, yes he did! However, I would put some of the blame on you, dear. You should have been more careful by making your self a commodity whose only price is COMMITMENT. Two things hurt me the most in your story; 1- the kid that has been left with unknown father. 2- The hypocritical behavior of your partner who would consider what he did adultery in KSA but normal in the U.S. Anyways, Hope your situation will be resolved soon. I read you story, and you and your 3 and 1/2 year old kid are in thoughts.


      • Thank you for your comment. You are correct in I should have been more careful, but in my heart I believed him. Hopefully this will help other women involved with a Saudi man be more vigilant than I was. I thank you for keeping my sweet little boy in your thoughts.

      • Eva

        Saudi Father: it may be legally ok, but that should change. If a majority of Saudi men and women feel it is morally wrong, then I would say there is a huge gap between society and jurisdiction.
        The society should protect these women and children and therefore make it illegal for men to shirk their responsabilities. If society makes clear that to mistreat women like this is unacceptable, morally and legally, the fathers will have to pay up to their duties.
        To say there’s no legal problem is really a lame excuse.



        I am a Saudi man, in Mid 30s. I was a student in the U.S as well. I was not involved in any relationship. But I did have a one-night stand with a girl that I suspect that she got pregnant and did not inform me about it. Because I saw her profile on Facebook about 2 years later and in the profile picture, she had a kid with her that seemed to be a year 1 old.

        Now, this has been keeping me up at night. I don’t know if the kid is mine or not but there is a chance the kid could be mine based on how our one-night stand activities were executed and finished.

        I am back home right now. But I am preparing to be financially able to travel again and search for that gal and the kid.

        I only know her first name. Roughly her age, and in which state.

        But I am determined to look. And I won’t rest till I make sure. And if the kid turns out to be mine. I am not like the fathers you have wrote about. Don’t anyone ever try to put their anger of those fathers towards me. Don’t you dare.

        What I care about is if the kid is mine, I will NEVER allow them to think I did not want them or they were a mistake or that they are nothing to me. Even if they were not planned, they are still wanted, they are still going to be loved and appreciated and accepted! I don’t care whatever is thought of me or what social consequences may come my way. I will do what is right by my kid if they turn out to be my kid.

        SO PLEASE.. if you could point me in the right direction or give me some pointers on how to begin my search.

        Please if you are reading this…. and you got something useful to share…. CONTACT ME AT ACKER6990@OUTLOOK.COM

      • Deborah Cox

        If you saw her on Facebook, why don’t you just ask her? My situation is quite different, my son’s father Mosa’ad Al-Abdulmunem knows and has known for 28 years about his son with me and has completely ignored his obligation. He will not even spend Zakat on his son. Good luck to you and All the Best in your efforts to follow the Quran and help women, children, the elderly, the ill, the disabled and orphans. I have read the Quran and am really jaded about it now after getting the shaft from Mosa’ad Al-Abdulmunem.

      • Shareefa

        That’s exactly what I was saying it in a different way. The men have to still act as if they are virgins because that’s what the women they have promised marriage to expects. That’s what their parents expect, and that’s what their country expects basically. They can’t go home and say they have a child back in another country and they are not married to the mother of the child, the mother of the child isn’t Muslim, or in their country. Just look at it as going home telling your parents everything they always told you not to do and in our country around the age of 18. All the crap you would have to hear and deal with every single day of your life, but for these young men, it’s deeper than that. Religion is the center and most important thing in their lives whether they want it to be o not. You just can’t stop being a Muslim in some countries. That’s the death penalty. You can’t have sex in the Arab countries unless you are married to the man or women, so once they are out of the watchful eyes of their families and government, guess what? Your hormones don’t stop raging because of your religion. The problem is, no one told our young ladies that it’s a new day. You have to set standards and stop letting these men tell you they you and get you in bed. You have all the power and just because someone tells you they love you, you are under no obligation to have sex with them. If they want sex, tell them I have to be legally married first and it documented at the local courts. I have to meet your family. I have to have support set up through a lawyer and see if they really love you then. It’s like the old saying, why buy the cow if you are getting the milk for free? You are worth every thing I suggested as a woman. When you don’t set standards, any man will run over you and sleep with you because they are assuming you have no respect for yourself. So screw them, if they can’t respect your standards. See, a lot of these women look at these men as a gravy train and if they don’t hop on it, their dream has passed them by. It’s all in their minds that they have the only body part these men could ever want, and they are going to land this super wealthy man. A man or most men don’t want a woman with no standards or respect for themselves. Sure back in the day women wasn’t taught a lot of this but most men had respect for women too. It’s not the same now and it has been this way since the late 70’s.
        You are as precious as any diamond on this planet and you set your standards to that level. If they love you, they will marry you first and marry you the legal way. They will introduce you to their family and sign an agreement at a lawyers office. See how far their words go then.

      • Sorry..but I find your comment odd and a little condescending. Why do the women have to “set standards”? Sure, no woman should put themselves in a compromising situation, especially at the risk of getting pregnant but alot of these women actually thought they were in a real relationship. Some of these relationships were years and the guy didn’t bother to say anything about Saudi social norms or the fact that marriage wasn’t a question. This stigma you guys have that women were just throwing themselves at these men is laughable

    • Because we fall in love , it’s as simple as that when we started dating doesn’t cross to ur mind to say this man will be my baby’s father it just happens for love , ignorance, and all with good intentions..
      But if they don’t know how to appreciate our feelings is not our fault is just their beliefs and fears to their religion.. How we can change that if they think that’s right and is the only way because that’s all they know from the first day ..
      They don’t have options , they are not free to express if they don’t agree .. I feel sad for them they are little robots of their king .. Living in fear of been punished in public of even worse to get killed for something so natural and human like be in love .. Poor people !

      At least I know my son will be free a person he will have the freedom to express what he doesn’t like and he will live the life as he plan taking his own decisions and responsibilities..

      • Shareefa

        You will do just great as a single mother until you find a man that will appreciate you and love your son as his own. You are better off not trying to reach out to someone who has not bothered to make one attempt to try and locate you or just want to know if his child is dead or alive.

  2. yoyo

    What I read blog something very sad
    And I have a simple suggestion for you .. Do you accept it?

    These young Saudis do not represent youth Saudi Arabia
    Unfortunately in any country in the world or religion does not accept this thing .. Leaving the child and flee

    It is shameful
    I can guide you to the sites that are special in every tribe and father a child runaway
    And writing comes your turn inside until the image is complete complaint with
    And I’m sure they Aaradwn I’m their son to live so

    Wait Wardak to provide you with information

  3. Hello A Thank you for visiting our blog. It seems like you are having the same problems as we are getting any help from the Saudi government….or anyone for that matter 😦 I am sorry you have had to go through so much only to still have no answers. If you are interested I would love to post your story with any pictures you may have, you can also include a letter to your father. Someone may recognize him and be able to give you some information on him. I want to give you my email so we can communicate further if you would like. saudi_children_left_behind@hotmail.com. Best wishes & I hope to hear from you.

  4. A

    @Saudi Father
    Yes you are correct on your points however doing a little research yields that this can and DOES happen anywhere in the world but in Saudi its an epidemic of grand proportions!
    For some reason many Saudis act like Saudis first, muslims second when they should be abiding by teaching of the Prophet (PBUH).
    They do the deed and then turn around and pretend like everyone else should clean up the mess..they have no conscience of the consequence of their actions and simply do not care. Thats not to say ALL Saudis are like this, no quite the opposite, i have Saudi relatives myself who are very good respectable people. But when theres an environment that assists in implementation of this form of behavior then its a problem because it has long lasting effects for the World at large. Yes the gov’t cant force them to do the right thing but if theres enough of awareness or dialogue, maybe it can change what society allows and maybe people will think twice about their actions.

  5. Saudi Father

    A, I agree with you that Saudis more than other nationalities to do that. But, what do you mean by “awareness”? The Gov. already said no marriage to non-saudi women without a permission from the Saudi internal ministry. And in Sultan’s case, he already signed a paper (for a scholarship) that he cannot marry a non-saudi woman.

    And trust me, while I’m writing this comment, there are more than 80,000 saudi students in the US. And more than 300,000 for the last 25 years. So, those cases are less than 0.0001%.

    My advice is, before you decide to have a child from a man (Saudi or non-Saudi), you have to meet, or at least know his family.

    For me, as a male adult, I cannot have a child with a mystery woman, that I haven’t met her parents, siblings, grandmothers, grandfathers.

    • Shushanna

      I think your calculations of 0.0001% is mearly the women who have spoken out about their situation. There are many more women out there who are left behind with a Saudi child to rais on their own. And yes, these women are lied to, I am one of them. In my case my ex-husband lied that he would take me with him, he intentionally persuaded me to get pregnant, using Islam and when I did get pregnant, he disappeared off the face of the earth.

      Many times, most often than not, these man use religion to establish trust. My ex was the first man in my life. I grew up in a sheltered upbringing, he was the first person in my life. I could care less to marry a Saudi, I had many people who would come to my family for my hand in marriage. I didn’t want to get married or have children. He convinced me that I could go to school while I was married to him. I wanted to educate myself and go to law school. But all my dreams shattered when this man left me pregnant at 3 months. He left me and my family in shame. Left to clean up after his mess. So what does the Saudi government do, when a girl’s honor has been stolen from her and her family?!
      I truly regret, I have waited 11 years to speak of this publicly. Because this is an on going problem, that’s must be addressed. If they don’t want to be a father, that’s no problem. But the government should hold these men financial accountable.
      Yes, many people get divorced, many people have children together but they work it out. They behave like normal human beings.. Not like this, disappearing, no communication, nothing. I absolutely believe that it is their government that permits it’s people to act in such a matter. If the Saudi government at least held these man accountable for what they do, this would not be happening, like its normal.

      • Saudi Embassy or institutions in the USA won’t do nothing to help, even if they have all the proof in their face. Also they will treat you so bad, like if they were superior. I hope one day these man or someone in Saudi take this issue seriously!

      • K

        Hi everyone ,I watched the video on YouTube and now reading the blog , this is very disgusting , as a Muslim women I don’t have any words to describe this hypocracy , how dare you call these women whore and slut , you men are the male whore and slut , taking advantage of these women knowing there culture is more relaxed , man up and think of the times you had sex freely with these women without any issues and take responsibility for your actions and offspring . And give these women and your children money yes (oil money) you tricked these women , you had the upper hand these women do not know your culture , that it’s honor and tribal based . Ladies keep your head up high . And best of luck to the kids

  6. Dear A,
    I am Saudi guy whot got really shocked from such stories I knew about it only from this blog, all I can do is to be helpful in those cases, if you can just let me know more about your story and the information you have to use it correctly in my search. this is my email : mzhrlim@gmail.com and FYI, just today I reach one of those runaway fathers I knew him thru this blog and you can read the full story of him and his child here http://saudichildrenleftbehind.com/2012/05/05/lisis-story/ , since I am living in KSA, I might can do something for you.


  7. saudi girl

    i will help you to send this website 2 everyone here
    cuz we are so shamed from what they did

    broadcast it pllllllllz

    • Anonymous

      ستحملين ذنوب كل من نشر الموضوع ان كان احدهم مظلوم

      • مافي دخان من غير نار والناس ماتتبلى بعصر التقنيه كل شي بالدم يبين كان انكر وبنعرف الحقيقه على قوله المثل الي بالقدر يطلعه الملاس

  8. I think it will be better if you put all the names and pictures in Arabic and English (with link to every story). so, people can reached them easy and also the media (Saudi media).

    maybe the only way to find them( since the child came without marriage ) is those information reached to their family.
    maybe social network and Saudi media

    try to contact this news website it’s very popular in SA

    God Help you all


  9. Anonymous

    good luck friend 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    good luck ? maybe 🙂

  11. Aziz

    I just received a prod-cast regarding your runaway father. The web site was attached.
    It is really a shameful thing to be done specially from a Muslim man.

    Whatever the adultery sin he did back there in US, he must not leave his child like that. That happened because of unrealistic and unreasonable teenager sent by the government to educate him. Unfortunately we were focusing in materialism and we forgot about moralities.

    Those young Saudis did not re-contact you and want to forget and take you out of there awful part of their life because of the shame which will hunt them here in KSA and scared to be known among their families. And if there were men enough, they can simply marry officially to you and bring you to KSA (since the love still there) and of course as respectful women in our country, and heel the pain, shame and the sin they did in US.

    I also do not want to forget about you shared the sin with our “Runaway fathers”. You also did not think about the consequences of the unmarried relationship. This is exactly why we as a Muslims, do not share our bed other than our wife’s. (Yes we have adultery sin makers shamefully) but they do it secretly or away from their families as in your case now.

    Anyhow, what happen…Had happened. And I feel really helpless to what I can do to our country sons in US. I also have no idea about how to help this issue.

    As a conclusion all I can say to you all that I am so sorry about what happened to you. and want to assist you in any way I can (if it is applicable).
    I am a Saudi living in Riyadh. This is my email if you need assistance here in Riyadh.

  12. استغفر الله بسس

    كل رجال بالعالم ممكن يقع بنفس الشي سواء سعودي او امريكي , مو بس السعودي اللي تجيه شهوه وباقي الرجال ماتجيهم , الغلط اللي ارتكبوه انهم هربوا وتركوا المسؤوليه ونفس الشي اي رجال عربي راح يخاف من مواجهة اهله كونه مسلم لانه بلحضة ضعف وطيش ماقدر يمنع نفسه عن الحرمه .. اكيد هو حياته سوده ومو مرتاح فيها ماتعرفون ظروفهم لااتدعون عليهم وتتفلسفون ادعولهم بالهدايه وانه يروح ويتزوجها ويعترف فيها غير كذا قولوا الحمدلله الذي عافانا والله لا تبلانا ولا تبلى عيالنا (من عاب ابتلى) الله يصلح الجميع

  13. Naif

    هذه مشكلة الأب وليست مشكلة الام !!
    لأن الأب مسلم ويجب أن يعلم أنه لايجوز له أن يقرب أي فتاة مالم تكن زوجته سواء كانت مسلمة أو نصرانية أو يهودية أو غيرها من أهل الكتاب .
    وأنه لايجوز له هجرها دون إخبارها بسبب هجره لها وأن يطلقها الطلاق الشرعي إذا كان قد عقد عليها عقد النكاح الشرعي.

    وأما الشباب الذين يلعبون بالبنات باسم الحب ويأخذها خدينة له Girlfriend فهذه لا تعتبر زوجة حقيقية ولا يجوز له أن يقربها وما جاء منها من أبناء بسببه فله أحكامه الشرعية التي ينبغي عليه سؤال أهل العلم عنها .

    اللهم اهد شباب المسلمين وفتياته .

  14. Wise man

    look for a new husband form Saudi Arabia…

  15. Hello everyone. I would like to thank you all for taking the time to view the blog and make comments. Those who posted in Arabic I am working on getting them translated to I can reply properly so if you don’t see your comment listed it will be approved as soon as I can get it translated.

    First off I want to thank all those who have been supportive and sent messages offering help. Words can not express how grateful I am for all of your kind words. You have shown the world that there are wonderful people in Saudi Arabia. and you all are proof that not all Saudi’s hateful.

    Now for all that have chose to be cruel and leave comments saying that we are whores and are blackmailing the men for money…..Well in what world do you live in where when a woman tries to find the father of her child it is blackmail? I do understand why some in your culture consider us whores, but thankfully I live in a free society where we don’t treat others in that manner.
    Any woman who is currently in a relationship with a Saudi man please know what you are up against. You will find wonderful people who will be supportive but on the flip side many will not approve and if you find yourself pregnant with a baby by a Saudi you might find yourself on the receiving end of these malicious comments.

    I created the blog so other women would never feel alone or have to stand up alone. Your cruel comments only make me stronger and show me and the world why it is so important for us to stand up together against all those that would curse us.

    Ladies be strong and don’t let the distastefull comments bother you use them as the fuel that keeps you going. Remember we are doing this for our children and in the end it will be worth all the pain we have endured.

    • Sat

      I might not have time to visit this blog in a regular basis. So, if you need any help regarding the translation, please send me email.

      I guess you can see my email, so, i did not write here.

      Good luck

    • Grace

      I stumbled upon this blog a few weeks before my baby was born. I was horrified by what I read, what all these loving mothers and innocent little children have been through. There was something so familiar about the stories I read, but I silenced my concerns and reminded myself to be confident that I had found a good life partner in my Saudi husband. Slowly, slowly, I am seeing the reality of my situation unfold in these blog posts.

      I had such a romantic dream. The whole ‘night in shining armor’ thing – that’s exactly how it was. I still don’t want to let go of the dream I have, can’t accept the reality, even though all the evidence (aside from his endless promises) suggests that I am going to end up a single mum. When I try to talk to my husband, he bamboozles me with declarations of love and commitment but I never see the actions. He left for KSA when our daughter was one month old claiming that he was going to look for work to support us, but in reality it coincided with Ramadan and I can’t shake the impression he was just having an extended holiday there while I stayed up caring for a newborn. It’s been five months and no support, no sense of urgency to come back to my country, talk of a ticket but no materialisation, he hasn’t even told his family which infuriates me, our daughter is a beautiful girl and her place in the world should be known and public, a celebration, not a secrecy. All of these admirable sentiments-“Paradise is at the mother’s feet”-are made a mockery of in these (certain) men’s actions. He has no idea what it is like to be on your own with a baby, he just wants us to be this sweet little family in his iphone that he talks to from time to time but towards whom he doesn’t have any responsibilities.

      More than anything, I am devastated by what this means for my daughter. She already has the beautiful big eyes and dark hair of her father. She deserves a dad who loves her, holds her, protects her, does all the things Dads do. I want to cry each time I pass a man proudly carrying his baby, or helping his partner, or just being involved with the family. I hate myself for bringing a baby into this world whose father has abandoned her. I am blaming myself, and people will say ‘no you should blame him” but I should have known he was incapable of living in my country. If I hadn’t been so blinded by romance, I would have seen him for who he really is.

      I am in limbo. Waiting for him to come back but some sick feeling tells me he just won’t. The odds are against me.

      Just had to get it off my chest. I really thank the woman who founded this site and all the people who have contributed to it.

  16. NADINE

    i’m orginally from saudbut who cares are men are always there for us bitches and hoes and bastard it for u white people and other.

  17. Faroug

    I really feel sorry for the poor children who are the real victims of all this. However I felt that the tone of this blog had some racist flavor since it was aimed at saudis only. is it only saudis who abandon their children?
    I assure you that I don’t accept what these bastards did to thier children but bare in mind that they started wrong so the result of their actions were wrong. they do not represent the real socity of saudi arabia. In fact these individuals are the scum of saudis.
    lets go back to the point I sarted with which is that it is not only the saudis who do that. I will refer to the USA statistics from the main source in USA; the census bureau and I qute:

    Who is the “Average” or “Typical” Single Parent?:
    Every story is different, but when you examine the figures, actual single parent statistics may surprise you. According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2007, released by the U.S. Census Bureau in November, 2009, there are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 21.8 million children (approximately 26% of children under 21 in the U.S. today).

    However, the majority of individuals raising children alone started out in committed relationships and never expected to be single parents. According to the U.S. Census Bureau…

    The Typical Single Parent is a Mother:
    •Approximately 84% of custodial parents are mothers, and
    •16% of custodial parents are fathers
    She is Divorced or Separated:
    Of the mothers who are custodial parents:
    •45% are currently divorced or separated
    •34.2% have never been married
    •19% are married (In most cases, these numbers represent women who have remarried.)
    •1.7% were widowed
    Of the fathers who are custodial parents:
    •57.8% are divorced or separated
    •20.9% have never married
    •20% are currently married (In most cases, these numbers represent men who have remarried.)
    •Fewer than 1% were widowed
    She is Employed:
    •79.5% of custodial single mothers are gainfully employed
    49.8% work full time, year round
    29.7% work part-time or part-year
    •90% of custodial single fathers are gainfully employed
    71.7% work full time, year round
    18.4% work part-time or part-year
    She and Her Children Do Not Live in Poverty:
    •27% of custodial single mothers and their children live in poverty
    •12.9% of custodial single fathers and their children live in poverty
    She Does Not Receive Public Assistance:
    Among custodial single mothers:
    •22% receive Medicaid
    •23.5% receive food stamps
    •12% receive some form of public housing or rent subsidy
    •5% receive receive TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
    She is 40 Years Old or Older:
    •39.1% of custodial single mothers are 40 years old or older
    She is Raising One Child:
    •54% of custodial mothers are raising one child from the absent parent
    •46% have two or more children living with them



  19. hala

    Dear Mothers and Saudi children left behind…
    I’m a 30 somthing year old saudi female, born, raised and educated in saudi to both saudi parents…from the moment i somehow ended up on your site you all are part of my family. i feel protective as if you and your kids are my own and the blood boils within me because i want to get out there and find those shameless men but i find my self helpless. there are many wonderful saudi men that i wish and pray to God the world will see and focus on instead of these self serving individuals who chose to ignore their culture, forget their faith, abandon common decency, decieve and use those who care about them and neglect their own flesh and blood.
    i admire you all for being brave enough to expose them to the world and think it’s probably th greatest and fastest way to reach their families. the website could use a little more organizing and a search tool that could enable visitors to search a cases database by year and state. i also call for women around the world in similar situation ( not only with saudi men but the arab world in general) to create similar websites and have them all connected to create a worldwide database for kids and their families to get closer and get justice.
    in regards to saudi, i’m not sure what i can do to help but i did hear a few years back about a charity called “Awaser” created by the government specifically to deal with saudi kids abroad. i’ll aska round for more details and contact numbers to post. i’ll spread this website link as much as i can because nothing will be worse to these men than to have their names, pictures and detailed story of how they behaved and what they did when they thought no one was looking and thought they can get away with whatever, have all of that spread not only for them to see but for their families, friends and coworkers….in our society that could be worse than a death sentence. he will walk in shame, eat in shame, work in shame, sleep in shame…if he has a wife and kids in saudi, oh boy….
    my sisters, you and your children (legitimate or not) are in my heart and my prayers till i face Allah on judgement day. May God bless you and guide you to peace and content.
    p.s. i beg you don’t hate us all saudis for what those jerks did.

    • Mimi

      Do you think Saudi women would be interested in a list of the names of Saudi men who have been in serious relationships while abroad? That way, Saudi women KNOW the history of the SAUDI PERSON they are about to marry. They are many more cases of abandoned Saudi children, only few courageous women have posted their cases.


      Saudi women, please vote by giving thumbs up on this if you would like for women to share names of guys they have been in a relationship with.

      I am sure nobody would ever want to find out 20 or 30 years after their marriage with a Saudi man that he has a son or daughter he abandoned while studying abroad like the case of Gabriel or Atif.

      • Iashah

        Good idea, but sadly in some cases its not their choice who they marry.For god sake some of their husbands have multiple wifes.

      • Um Ayman

        We should post even their pictures so as to warn women like us..

    • Mandre

      Salam Hala,

      Jazakallah khair… you kind words are special for us… We don’t hate Saudis, we knows and understand that not all the Saudi nor Muslims are like these guys. We all respect Saudi Arabia even if these guys abandoned our kids.

  20. A

    As a Saudi child left behind I thank you for your kind words and support! Much appreciated effort for assisting with information that is useful for shining a light on this behavior

  21. Nemer

    Salam to all

    Here is some solutions that could be useful:

    For women who got married from a Saudi muslim:

    There is some thing called المحكمة الشرعية “Sharia Court” …. this court is responsible of marriage cases (divorce, children custody, children’s raising expenses ) ….. you can go to a Muslim Sharia Lawyer , taking all paper required to prove the marriage …… and this lawyer should tell you what to do …… but the embassy have nothing to do with these cases….

    For women who did not get married from a Saudi muslim (girlfriends):

    Having a sexual relationship without marriage is a crime in the Saudi Law and in Islam…..if this sexual relationship was proved in the court …. it may cause the judge to send this man to be killed , and they consider that the child belongs to the woman ( I’m not sure about this about … ask).

    wish you all luck

  22. What's the difference?

    I think having girlfriends and getting pregnant is pretty much normal in the US.. a lot of girls are single mom’s because of lots of jerks who r from the US or outside the US…

    I don’t understand why this blog was created only for saudi guys.. they were jerks and its obvious, but its kind of normal in the US isnt it? I mean if you look at the building where you are living at, you will find ladies who are single moms because of US guys as well who never admit their kids..

    so what’s the issue? is it the “saudi” or the “single mom”..
    if its money issue, i assure you many saudi guys have average to poor salaries… you ain’t getting much
    if its about single mom, you probably should thought of this before, just like any other girl who gets pregnant from their boyfriends no matter what is his nationality, they just live with it ect

    as for people calling you whores , as you said; in your society its free and pretty much opened up.. so having different relationships/getting pregnant is normal there.. but in the arab world its not ok, and you wont be looked at like an “angel” who got fooled because of love.. keep that in mind when you see people replying to your posts, they don’t mean to insult you.. it’s just the different societies view and how each person was raised.

    if it’s not a rape, there’s no case.. its pretty much your responsibility now until he feels bad and decide to show up. proving the kid is the saudi’s by DNA won’t get you far, in fact you might have to go to court in KSA and get punished for that.. also kids who are born because of a relationship that isn’t married, will NOT carry the father’s name, even if they got married afterwards..

    i hope this was like alarm to you and to the people near you, that in every relationship you need to set boundaries that you can never cross them.. who cares if he is your boyfriend? i don’t think you should get physically attached to anyone who isnt your husband.

    As for those who are MARRIED to those guys, just contact a court in KSA and you’ll be entitled to get your rights from those saudi fathers (if your marriage was correct and you have the right papers to support it..)

  23. jaguar

    I would advise you don’t open a relationship with Arabs

  24. Rawyah

    Your blog is on local Saudi news papers.
    Hope this will help you and the children.

  25. emmy

    Hi! I have a Saudi son who is now 12 years old. I was 17, almost 18 when he was born. I think my story is a little different. My son’s father left before he was born, but he was in the KSA Royal Airforce, so he really didn’t have a choice in it. He did maintain contact with me over the years, but failed to pay child support. At one point he questioned the paternity of my son but said it only once. To this day if i text or call him, he calls right back and he talks to my son. However, there has been no significant contact. So he may as well have just never called i guess. It’s cool knowing there are so many others out there. Great site, needs to be made into a networking site! 🙂

    • Dominic Espitia

      Hello, do you still speak with the father? I am a son of a Saudi gentleman who was in training during the 1981/1982 purchase F15 Fighter Jets. The Royal Saudi Airforce was involved in training at Luke Airforce Base. I been searching for my father the last 3 years. I believe I might know who he is but a I do not want to realease his name considering he is a high profile person and I do not want to shame him. I would just love confirmation and maybe a conversation one day. I know you posted your story in 2012 and now we are 2019, if you get this let me know if you speak with your sons father. I would love to see if I can possibly get a connection with someone who might be able to confirm the person i believe is my father.

      • Matthew

        I am also the son of a Saudi, he was her in 86, either for college or soccer in Arizona. My mother ended up giving me up, but she found me 3 years ago (I am 33). I just think it is interesting to connect with others who have been affected by similar situations. Yes, I would like to know who my biological father is, but my ability to ID him is limited. All these situations are dynamic and sometimes even controversial; I try to approach them with sensitivity and caution.

      • Emily

        No, I no longer speak to him. He was one of the Al-Qahtani’s. He may have possibly known your father though. A lot of those airforce guys are related.

  26. nawal

    Saudi man has different background from any race but he always pretend he has open mind especially when he going out the country , ,, but in fact when he wanna marriage and childrren he will choice virgin girl ,,,,,,,, sorry he dose not consider the love in these matter

  27. Turkish Master

    this site is focusing in only saudis..WHY? Big WHYYYY.

    I have lived in a complex in Ohio, where 90% of them are single moms with no fathers !!!!

    Infact, there are lots of cases where an American man knock and leave ( as if nothing happens ), and no body question that. simply because most of these men are broke, and moms want to live in goverment support by haveing a child.

    isn’t that right? anyone can disagree ?

    let us say there are 10 cases where saudi father left their kids. Then I am very sure there are millions of American who left their kids.

    There are lots of Arab kids in the states without their father, and I never seen a website searching for them. why?

    I can see lots of hate going here against saudi here. this is not going to help anybody. I say this and I am not even arab.

    all those disparate women who slept with a guy outside the marriage, this is the outcome of it. Knock and Leave.



    • Jerk.

    • Shushanna

      The answer of your question is simple! These woman are not lied too and promised the moon and the starts, first of all! Secondly, these woman can get these man to co-operate when need be by state law.

    • AC

      • MP


      • Shushanna

        The difference is that those man who leave their children behind in the states are held accountable, wether through court of law of blocking their drivers license or have their wages garnished or have criminal charges imposed upon them but Saudi’s are faced with NO implications. That is the big difference! And they can just turn around and say go do whatever, if I don’t want to take responsibility, I won’t do it and no one can do wajat about it.. my ex husbands words but this attitude goes against everything the religion teaches and all human moral.. so, please.. you save your why this and why that to yourself and maybe one day when you have a sister in this situation, you will understand!!!! But the biggest problem, are the children being penalized!! Personally, I have been fortunate enough to be able to give my son a good life but it has not been easy. I will be attending a doctorate program by fall and I will be successful but I will be honest with my self and how much my ex husband has stolen from me.

      • MP

        Good point

      • MP

        If true injustice occurs, people have a write to advocate. Some would say we might all have a moral obligation, as it makes this world a better place for us all, and generations to come.

        Know how that advocacy is done is important. Is it done in a way that is effective? Does it bring justice? And is it done in a way that doesn’t have other secondary effects, such as create injustice, oppression, or discrimination for others? This last one is important; because surely not every person of Saudi decent is bad. In fact the issues that go into SCLB are much more complex that we often acknowledge.

        Then there is the our God given right to pursue personal healing. Everyone’s journey of healing and sometimes forgiveness is different. For someone to prescribe what that should be and how long that should take is indeed cold, offensive, & nonsensical.

        I say this as a SCLB.

      • Shushanna

        You can forgive, no problem but that doesn’t take away that someone is not doing their God given duty to be a parent! We all have the ability to forgive, in fact you want to forgive for yourself because hating someone is like taking poison but wishing for someone else to die but that doesn’t take away from people taking the responsibility they are supposed to take.. a responsibility that is a duty!!!! There is no choice but to be the best parent you can be once a child is conceived!!! It should not just be the responsibility of the mother alone just because she was baring the child during birth… Let’s please STOP making excuses and do what is our own job, it’s for a child, it’s for the future, it’s for the world and making the world a better place… No one should fight to ask for the other person to be a parent. It’s a shame
        Personally coming from a different culture other than the American culture, it’s a shame to leave your children behind. Let’s be honest about Saudi’s, if the woman is not Saudi, she is not considered a human being and there for her child is not considered worthy enough to be considered. Let’s not ask, why we went for a Soudi guy but ask why did they go for us and left like a coward? And we have other cowards defending.. why does this site exist only towards Saudi man? asking that question should be ashamed to even ask that question, just go an hide you have no pride. Go and hide for supporting to forget about your own blood, these kids are Saudi blood. Someone that understands culture, it’s a shame and disgrace. That’s the big difference between the Jews band the Muslims.. the Jews will do anything for the their blood and Saudis just make excuses for a few pennies. If Saudi Arabia was honorable, the government wouldn’t make it so difficult to make sure their children to be taken care of but they are so cheap and so low with moral as long as you don’t touch their penny. But guess what, children are expensive and it costs money to raise a child with proper education. Every Jewish family invests in their children but Saudi’s would rather save money and spend it on their toys than children of their own blood and future and forget about their kids abroad. All of these kids are their kids they are too cheap to accept. Shame

      • MP

        I very much agree with your point about it being the responsibility for both male and females to support the children they created. This is a law in the U.S. if either tried to duck this responsibility, the other parent or acting guardian can take the non-supportive parent to court and have their wages garnered, among other things, unless the child was legally given up for adoption. Also, sometimes other family members buffer full responsible, maybe the mother is not ready to become a mother, and the grandmother or aunt takes more or a parenting role. This also occurs with the father.

        It would be extremely convoluted but has any mother of SCLB talked to a lawyer; there are Pro Bono services, and I am sure some lawyers have insight into international situations

        “if the woman is not Saudi, she is not considered a human being and therefor her child is not considered worthy enough to be considered”

        This is simply inaccurate. It’s like saying an Italian does not view black women as human or Irish do not consider Italian women as human, and so on. It’s an overgeneralization, the same type of bias that fuels racism. You have to understand the culture, something I had to educate myself on to deepen my understanding, less I believe ignorance people like yourself spew. It is legal and acceptable to marry a Caucasian woman from the US, and it should be viewed the same as a Saudi woman. Yes, there are some tribal beliefs and some Saudi’s who might now see Caucasian American woman as equal, but this is only some people, those who genuinely follow the Islam in a healthy and loving way will view the American woman as a child of God, just like they are. They will also consider me as a child of God, but those who don’t, that are more influenced tribal culture will view me as a child of the devil. Not because my mother is Caucasian but because I was born out of wedlock. See if SCLB were conceived in Saudi, both parents would have committed a criminal offense and, if found guilty in court (would need 3 or 4 witnesses) would both be sentenced to death. Since SCLB was conceived in the US, I am not sure if when a Saudi returned, they could still be tried. I do know Saudi is different; in America, social status is sometimes influenced by how attractive someone is, the size of their muscles, the car they drive, etc. In Saudi, a lot of it is based on how good of Muslim they are, how generous they are, how caring they are, etc. So family and friends finding out in Saudi about them having a child out of wedlock could mean they would be disowned, their reputation would be forever damaged, they might be treated as a pariah.

        I am not a Muslim, and I am not saying I agree with their culture, but because people believe and live a way that is different than American culture doesn’t mean their bad people. There are some potential merits to their culture, and some aspects of their culture vehemently disagree with. But who I am to judge what a group of people believe or how they want to live. And I should certainly not take the couple aspects I am against, ignore or not be aware of the rest, and judge the whole group based on the unfavorable aspects. Also, there are cultures within cultures, some fight against the negative aspects of their culture, demonstrating a level of courage we will never, as they sometimes jeopardize their lives doing so.

        Now the part I am incredibly offended by and every SCLB should be offended by –

        “That’s the big difference between the Jews band the Muslims.. the Jews will do anything for the their blood and Saudis just make excuses for a few pennies…. they are so cheap and so low with moral as long as you don’t touch their penny…… Every Jewish family invests in their children but Saudi’s would rather save money and spend it on their toys than children.”

        Summary –
        All Saudi’s
        -make excuses
        -don’t do anything for their blood
        -are very cheap & frugal
        -have low morals
        -don’t invest in their children
        -they only spend money on their toys

        All Jews (basically the opposite of above)
        -will do anything for their blood
        -are not cheap
        -have high moral

        Are you serious? You do realize SCLB is Saudi? I really should end this message here because this is not worth responding to, but just to point out some ignorance in these statements –
        -it is an actual law that the male bloodline of a Saudi inherits all his wealth. One of the reasons I would love to know who my father is, lol
        -Toys, games, music, etc. – have literally been outlawed at times throughout the history of Saudi. It is a very strict culture, they try to limit distractions to Islam, and focus their energy on achieving high moral conduct, even in ways I don’t agree with. Although there has been a very recent move to secularize it some. And yes, for the top royal family who is rich and in power, there is sometimes some hypocrisy. This is common in Arab nations, hence the Arab springs, but this didn’t happen in Saudi because the people embrace the ideal Saudi lifestyle, and there is not as much poverty. Anyways, sound like your thinking of Dubai in regards to buying toys

        Look, your comments are not just ignorant; they are blatantly racist, full of prejudice, and harmful. Talk about seeing someone as not human; you’re a hypocrite. A couple more degrees of hatred and you would sound like the anti-arabism version of a Hitler follower.

        One of my favorite quotes is – “darkness can not drive out darkness only light can do that” MLK. So I hope your wounds heal and you find happiness.

        To the moderator – if this type of ignorant, uneducated, & hurtful messaging is going to be allowed, please remove me from the site. I don’t appreciate hearing it, and I don’t have the time to entertain it. I see this site as having great value as a safe place for people with similar experiences to connect, make sense of there situations, and even pursue restitution. But to judge a whole race on a couple people’s misdeeds is not right.

        I literally found a Saudi going to school near me, he was here for education, not to knock up a white woman, we went out to eat, I even took him to a hockey game. I would have hung with him more, but it triggered my feelings of alienation from my father and his culture.

        It all depends what you want from the site. Some of this anger can be channeled into constructive action; each big college probably has a Saudi club, people can go and speak with them, learn about them, and share your story; as a means to prevent situations like this from continuing and to also learn about the culture as a means to navigate restitution. People can see a lawyer, go to the embassy, do research, and share about these things. Some of this might be better in a private group. Media outlets might even cover this. But it’s not an issue of race, it’s a complicated issue of culture (not just their culture, ours too), as well as immaturity, failing to educate and encourage alternative or preventative behavior, etc. Each person’s situation is different. I am not letting anyone off the hook, just hoping energy is channeled constructively, not destructively. There have to be ways to improve an individual’s personal situation and improve the greater good of the world we live in, as these 2 things often relate to each other, even tho people sometimes fail to see it. We are all human, we all have made mistakes, we all live in this world together, we have all been hurt and have hurt others, we are all capable of doing horrible things, and doing really great things.

      • Shushanna

        Sweetheart, I’m almost 40 years old, I have been studying the Saudi culture since I met my ex husband at the age of 19. I speak 5 different languages and believe it or not my opinion is not out of anger. My son was NOT born out of wedlock. Matter of fact my marriage was through Islam and legally. I am just speaking about my experience of what I have observed in my 40 years of living and being exposed to different cultures. I love humanity and even the Saudi’s. The truth is the truth. It doesn’t matter what you are, if you are not Saudi they don’t consider you worthy enough to help.

  28. j


    I have a family member whom is Saudi looking for his daughter taken from him. She is older now, but i will not disclose to much info so i dont bring attention to my family. The wife is American, and it has been many years of separation on her part. The Saudi father wants to reunite with his daughter. I am not wanting to give a name, but if you are a half Saudi/American female, leave a msg. here. I will know who you are just give me a first initial of your name, or your mothers first name. please don’t use full name.

  29. Well if he is looking for my daughter he can forget it. He already caused her a nervous breakdown and we have tried to help her get better. I always worry that he might try to take her children since he abandoned her and I am going to talk to her husband. He doesn’t understand why her father just doesn’t come around like a normal person would. I need to talk to her husband and get him to see that he might be dangerous. Have any of you women ever seriously thought about that? Don’t you watch the News? Get real! My daughter has a good husband and great kids. If only she could see that she doesn’t need him. “That ship has sailed, buddy!”

  30. Melissa

    I am also a mother of a 16 year old daughter who, her father is in Saudi. She wants to find her father and see him. The last time he saw her she was 2 years old. She knows of Islam. She just needs some help to find her father. I do know of some places he may be in Saudi. Please help my daughter Find her father.

  31. john

    Just ask the US government to stop them from coming to your country

  32. Hadi

    I am Hadi Ask about Mana Hanish al-Yami almost 32-year-old from a Saudi father and American mother, if anyone knows about anything tells me via email..

  33. j

    so far no one is matching the girl im looking for. to marge, this girl is not married to a saudi, that i know of. and her mothers name is not marge. and hadi, your age is closer to the girl im looking for. this child lived with her father for a good time, yet before puberty age she was taken away. she did know her dad. im not sure if the mother changed her name, because there is no names of this girl or mother on the internet. strange. i guess it will take the girl who wants to connect with her father to stumble on this blog.

    • That’s right. She is married to an American now. She is about the age of Mana Hanish al-Yami but she never lived with her father. Her father is an Al-Harbi. I think it is best if they leave us alone for the sake of my descendants that I want to stay here in America and be Christians. Have a nice life. Have a nice life. Have a nice life.

  34. mKb

    I’m so surprised to read such stories, those people should have being studying in U.S , not making love, having children and left them behind …

    What a heart a man would have if he left his child behind and if he broke his promise to marry a women who he had achild with

  35. Ficl

    كنت اظن ان اولادنا ياتون محملين باخبار اسلام اصداقئهم على ايديهم وانقاذ اكبر عدد ممكن من عذاب المسيحية المحرفة الى الاسلا م فاذا بالامور
    تاتي بالهدم والخراب والاسائة
    اتمنى من السعوديات التعلم من هذا الدرس القاسي جدا جدا
    ما يمنع الرجل يتزوج وتسلم البنت ويعيش معها بالتفاهم ان اسلمت على ايدك فهذا خير لك من الدنيا ومافيهااتمنى ان نمعن النظر وفي معنى ان الله سبحانه من اسمائه “الستار”
    For moms here please you should cotact with http://www.awasser.org.sa/en/index.php?page=vmo

    • Kim Mercer

      Has anyone had any luck with Awasser? I was married to a Saudi for 10 years, we’re now mid-divorce & he’s back in Riyadh so I contacted them re: our 2-year-old daughter, Awasser has basically said they can’t do anything for me until the child has a Saudi passport and ID (which I am working on, but the consulate insists she has to have a Muslim name, so I’m changing that). Just wondering if anyone has gotten them to help or if I’m doing all this running around for nothing. My ex is in touch with us and helpful, he has no money of his own to send though & is living off his father (long story short, he’s an alcoholic & has mental issues, after the baby came it wasn’t safe for him to be around).

      • Hi Kim,

        I’ve tried to contact Awasser many times but they are helpless. They will always give you an excuse to do nothing for our kids. However, i wish you all the best and will pray to receive the help your daughter needs 🙂

      • Probably about 99% of us on this blog and beyond whom have reached out to Awasser for help in locating our Saudi families have either been turned down or we never heard anything after contacting them. My personal situation I emailed and no response Ever. Others have left messages to their offices but they never received any reply either.

      • What you have said it’s the pure true… I wrote to them several times without reply. Then i found out someone with a connection in there and they just replied once. And just a month ago i went to the Saudi Arabian Embassy and they were HELPLESS and very HEARTLESS. May Allah bless them and forgive them.

  36. Glitterysky

    I need your help. How can I tell my story? I was engaged with a man from Saudi Arabia and we have a daughter. It’s a long story, but I still would like it listed here along with his photos and with his daughters photos.

  37. Um Ayman

    I’m also in the same situation.. I have a son from a saudi guy, Ahmed bin Nisha bin Helal Alshaibani Alotaibi.. Nothing’s different, exactly the same story, falling in love, promises, getting me pregnant and running away like a girl.. But at the end I just realized this man doesn’t deserve even a single drop of tear since he is a user and thinks like a teen.. My son is with me and he is healthy and that’s the most important thing for me. I know someday my son will ask about his father and that would be the most difficult question i have to answer in my entire existence.. It’s the saddest part of my life but i’m hoping my son, Ayman will be wiser than his idiot Saudi father.. To all the Saudi children abandoned by their fathers i pray for you and may Allah bless us all!

  38. Um Ayman

    I’m also in the same situation.. I have a son from a Saudi guy, Ahmed bin Nasha bin Helal Alshaibani Alotaibi.. Nothing’s different, exactly the same story, falling in love, promises, getting me pregnant and running away like a girl.. But in the end, I just realized that irresponsible man doesn’t deserve even a single drop of tear since he is a user and thinks like a teen.. My son is with me and he is healthy and that’s the most important thing for me. I know someday my son will ask about his father and that would be the most difficult question i have to answer in my entire existence.. It’s the saddest part of my life but i’m hoping my son, Ayman will be wiser than his idiot Saudi father.. To all the Saudi children abandoned by their fathers i pray for you and may Allah bless us all!

    • Umm Ayman,

      My duas are with your and your son. May Allah guide and forgive these heartless fathers to abandoned their children. If you ever need help or what to publish your story don’t hesitate in contact us.


      Um Sami Alrajhi

  39. Iashah

    To the comments saying o it happens all of the time in the USA. Yea it does, and it needs to stop especially from people who are simply a guest in our home.
    My son is now 3months old, and after the abuse I went threw good ridden.
    Saudi needs to keep that hada, and thanks be to God my son doesn’t have to be raised with a man that justifys that behavior with God.
    Even better thanks be to God my son is not a Saudi.

  40. Z

    My name is Zarah Ajmi , Looking for my father Saad Mohammed Al Ajmi. I was Born Dec 29th 1985. I believe his father is Mohammed Al Ajmi and mother was Sarah Al Ajmi. He was From Riydah Saudi Arabia last known to be in Kuwait in 1992. He attended ASU and UNM in the years of 1980-1985. Any information will be so helpful. I also Have pictures, I have lost the address I had from letters he had sent and have know way of getting in contact with him. Thank you


    • Hello Zarah..so sorry for the late reply. We’d love to help in any way we can, I’ve notified one of the site’s administrators about your wishes to locate your father and someone will be in contact soon to help.
      Thank You and take care!

      • Zarah

        Thank you , I have someone that may have found him he gave me an ID number not sure what to do with it

      • sharriffa al-qahtani nightingale

        Hello, I’ve been reading through and it’s so sad to read all these upsetting stories 😦 I have one quite similar, I’m a 22 year old female half Saudi and my father left just after I was born. He was in the Saudi navy sent over to HMS in portsmouth around 1990. My mother said I was his first child and that he had become very very religious after my birth and just disappeared. I haven’t let my emotions about never knowing my father get to me before where as now I’m all over the place, I would love to meet or even just see the person who half created me with my mother. It’s horrible telling people that I Don’t even know my own father I hate it. I would really love to meet this man and exchange thoughts and feelings. I would at least like to know if he’s still alive. I hate wondering. Thank you for your time

    • Hi Zarah,

      Sorry for my late reply. I will e-mail you right now.

    • Zarah

      His identification number may be 1069226460

  41. abdurazaq

    Most heartless.. cruel.. cheaters..liears… in theceorld.. the way they talks smiling. Looks good. But inside …. very bad. I am living in saudi. I know some women prostitute becoz their husband leave them. I am myself cheated by my sposor and his brother in law very badly.

  42. abdurazaq

    There is law and everything.. they calls it sharia( actually its kingdom not islamic countrt) . But what happens now. The laws are for foreigners not for civilians.

  43. Debbie

    Yes to the nice lady who started this blog there is a simple solution. Saudi Arabia has CHOSEN not to be a member of the Hague Commission. If they were members of the Hague Commission then the United States could extract child support from these men. Yes, this same thing happened to me and I could get no help either. My son is now 20 years old. But my son’s father’s family lives here in America. Don’t believe the rations from these Moslems who leave boo hoo comments and their nice Al hamdellah words because there is a simple solution but Saudi Arabia chooses not to accept the responsibility by not being a member of the Hague Commission. If you read the Hague Commission you will see that the solution exhists and is designed to help vulnerable people like you and your child. Sorry to you Saudis but it is the truth. Do your research and blame your own country because the United States of America has a child support system in place and will indeed extract child support if at all possible.

  44. Omar

    Hi Mam
    God bless U and bless your child.
    I am a saudi and I will be very frank and honest about my people .
    Sexual relation outside marriage is totally forbidden and the punishment is more than 40 lashes for single if four witnesses witness the affair or they confess and death penalty for married people if they committed adultery if they confess or if four witnesses witness the affair. So saudi youth most of them do not make love till they get married or the sad story they may make love with another boy not because they are gay or homo but religious police or their families will not doubt they are doing such a thing. It goes for the girls too however in a very very low percentage specially in rich families or ignorant families and broken marriage. Since the early eighties 40 to 70 percent of the saudi families start to have housemaid and drivers. The boys start to have relations with those poor ladies; the housemaids. The housemaids are doing it for money and pleasure. Girls are doing the same things with the drivers. Both driver and housemaid live with the family in the same house. No body can question such behavior since it is happening home. Saudi Islamic approach to Islam has a total segregation between men and women; ladies can only sit and talk with their father, brother, sun, husband or first uncle. It goes for men,however men have double standard.
    I am giving this Breifing about my people so people can understand why we have a weird attitude .
    Now having a baby outside marriage is the most shameful thing that can happen to any Muslim especially Arab from Arabian peninsula . So , any lady got pregnant with a saudi she should expect him to force her to have an abortion or he may push her in the stairs. No saudi can bring home a baby outside marriage even if he got married to his girl after pregnancy.
    All saudi should talk and teach their kids about sexual relation and most important protection.
    American girls should know that Arab and Muslim boys and guys are so desperate for sex that he will swear on his mam life that you
    are the love of his life and he may not know what love is.
    Take my word for granted; GO TO SAUDI EMBESSAY IN WASHINGTON DC OR CONSULATES IN NY, LA OR HUSTON AND FILE YOUR CASE. WE HAVE A GREAT KING AND HE IS THE PRESIDENT AND PRIME MINSTER AND HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR CASE. We have a big Saudi Kids Agency to handle such case. Saudi court will force him to accept and owner his child.
    Wishing U and your baby the best in life.

  45. Um Ayman

    I read the all the comments and all i can say is pls. don’t think that we are only blaming Saudi guys.. It so happened that this website have one thing in common.. From the title itself “Saudi children left behind” –specifically for “Saudis”. Maybe there are some other websites also for other nationalities. Guys, please don’t blame women alone. We were inloved with a wrong person and yes we are taking the full responsibility for the consequences but who is the main victim here? It’s not us anymore coz somehow we can move on buy our kids? They will always feel they are abandoned and neglected.. That’s why we are helping each other and letting know the public regarding these issues to prevent and warn other women. That’s all guys! Pls. Don’t hate women who fell in love with a wrong person. We believed these liars (goes out to other nationalities too) and it won’t happen again! Ever! Especially if they will have the chance to read all our blogs.. Thank you..

  46. The problem you Americans do not know anything about the Arabs,
    U.S. media shows you a surface picture .
    Desert, Camel,terrorists, oil ,The bad Arabs,. blah blah ….
    things are not real.
    In the Arab-Islamic culture, if a person loves you,
    he will go With his family to your family , and ask them your hand ..
    do not Sleeps with you outside of marriage like animals.
    Son From outside of marriage, is a shame for Arabs..
    you should know this before you have sex with him and become pregnant.

    • sk

      If it’s a shame for him, he should keep it in his pants.

    • lex

      Your ignorance is bliss. I’m a american, friends with many Saudis in Saudi Arabia and united states. Your sweet Arab girls have sex out of wedlock just as much or more than americans. Your sheltered so you arnt awear of that.

  47. ashley

    hi I would like to say a few words about these posts that I have read first of all I was involved with a guy from Saudi Arabia he’s the one who pushed me into having a relationship with him when I told him I did not want to he continually asked me to be his girlfriend and told me he loved me he told me during his first Christmas break to Saudi Arabia that he told his family about me he talked to me about getting married and me converting to Islam I had no intention on getting pregnant and didn’t even think I could but I did and when I told him he went ballistic I thought that he loved me but insisted that I have an abortion which I did not I I have tried to contact him and he wants nothing to do with me or the kid and if he does answer me only thing he wants as sexual pictures of me and acts like our son doesn’t even exist I don’t know what to do I do have his family’s address in Saudi Arabia I had thought about contacting his school or the embassy and it’s not we are stereotyping Saudi students for I know that many cultures and religions have children outside of marriages but from the things that he has told me that a lot of the Saudi students that come over here are not allowed to have girlfriends or sex outside of marriage and therefore come to the United States and look for a girlfriend to help them study English and help them with their school work I do want to point out that there are some sexual things that do question that they may be engaging in relations with other men over there because of the fact that women are forbidden outside of marriagefor I am NOT trying to say that it Saudi people but I do feel as if anybody over here on a scholarship knows the rules of the program and needs to abide by them plus if they know that their family has an arranged marriage like my ex’s family want him do or they are not supposed to be having relations with girls over here then they should be honest

  48. maria

    Hmmm how can u say that arab saudi man.is serious about the pregnancy, a child..

  49. American Arab woman

    Does this blog still exist?

    I’m currently in this situation. I met my Saudi lover in university. We dated for a year and then I found out I was pregnant by him. We were really in love and put relationship was great. We considered ourselves perfect match and other halves. We are both 24 years old, and when I told him I was pregnant, and that I couldn’t live with myself if I had an abortion, he broke up with me. Now I’m trying to seek help and do whatever I can because it’s not right for him to flee back to KSA and pretend nothing ever happened. I know a lot of information about him and supposedly his family name is well-known. I’m grateful for any help or advice.

  50. American Arab woman

    I just received it and replied 🙂

  51. Renee

    What are my options ?
    Hi I’m the mother of a beutiful baby boy 8 months now , who’s son from a Saudi guy that I date for over 3 years and he leave me as soonest he know I was pregnant he started to disapear..
    I just thinking if there’s any risk of he may come back and claim my baby as he’s to take it away from me or what can happen.. Plz I need help..

    • sharriffa al-qahtani nightingale

      Yes he can come back and claim that you both have a child together but he cannot take your child off of you. He could try, the only way would be by taking you to court but against all odds there’s no doubt you would still get full custody. Do not worry yourself, enjoy your beautiful baby. Time is too precious 🙂

  52. colleen smith

    My sons father is from saudi arabia he lived in oregon as a business owner here. We had two paternity tests proving he is the father of our son jamal. He supported him for the first 2 years and soon after returned to saudi arabia. He is friends with the royal family and is well off but fails to acknowledge our son. These men should be held accountable for abandoning our children

  53. I try to post my story but I can’t Plz help me ..

  54. Faris

    So sorry to hear that.. I am a Saudi and I am surprised of what happened. Anyway, there are some bad Saudis guys as in every country in the world and had done was a huge mistake. There is an organization in Saudi Arabia to help those women and children when their father just not admit his wife and children. They will do DNA test on all of you to prove that he has a kid from you and they helped many women who have the same problem as you. No religion accepts this nor Saudi’s ethical and moral do! I don’t want to talk about past but just a feeling is not enough to make decision as much as this. Hope to hear that somebody in this organization helps you.

    • Hi Faris,

      Do you mean AWASSER?? If you does, then this organization was not help us for the women who contacted them asking for help. They just ignored the mails that we have send 😦 We know that there are “bad” guys all over the world and we don’t believe that all Saudis are the same as the fathers of our kids.

  55. anon

    I am only 3 weeks pregnant! I am trying to get a head start on all of this! Anyone have any advice for me? (I don’t believe in abortion under any circumstance, not even rape)

    And as I read through these stories I am beginning to see that my future doesn’t look good. I would like to prevent as much of this mess as possible.

    Also I’m reading and seeing that my situation is kind of different than most. Yes I am American in love with a Saudi on a scholarship… But unfortunately my pregnancy didn’t result from exactly the same circumstances as most of these did. It’s much more complicated

    Is there a group formed for women like us? So we can talk together? Work together? Help each other? Share resources?

    Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi Anon,

      I am here to support you in any way you need. Please e-mail me so we can speak privately. Hugs!

      • Shushanna

        Hi, I would also like to post my story. Please let me know how I may do that.


      • Sorry for my late reply!!! i just sent you and e-mail to let you know how can we help you 🙂 Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    • Shushanna

      Please make sure your child carries your last name, if your not sure you will be able to have normal contact with the father. And make sure you list the father as the father on the birth certificate.

      My Saudi husband disappeared on me while I was 3 months pregnant. Now my son is 10 and one thing I am grateful for is that my son has my last name. If he didn’t, I could have so many problems but I got by until I was finally able to get a divorce from this missing individual and established full legal custody of my child. Also make sure to list him as the father on the birth certificate.

      I’m sure if this will help you but it helped and saved me a lot of headache.

      P.s my ex- husband used religion as an excuse to get me to want to get pregnant. “A planed pregnancy by him” and he still disappeared and thinks it’s an option to be held responsible for his actions. I’m still trying to get him to be responsible.

  56. Saudi concerned man

    I am wonder if any of you ladies out there found your kids fathers. I feel disgraced to see my fellow Saudi men act in such a childish inhumane way. Please tell me if any of you had any success.

    • Salam Saudi concerned man,

      Some of us have found our kids fathers but they have done anything to help them in any way. Our point here is not to judge all the Saudi men with the same scissors but it is to get the help our kids need. For some of us is important to have medical records, for some others is to let the family of these guys know about our kids, and in my case is to get a signature to get the freedom of my son (I have not succeed in that).

  57. Melissa

    No Sulaiman al-Mowaled has not been located, but that is ok, I am sure he visits this site often. It is Sulaimans loss to find Hakeemah. Hakeemah is now Married and will soon be a mother of her own! So anyone who knows Sulaiman or if Sulaiman himself sees this (Sulaiman your a grandfather) I am sure you will not care for your grandchild as you didn’t care for your daughter. Hakeemah married a white man as she said ” mommy I won’t ever marry a man of a different race as I want my baby to have a dad, because I know how it feels not to have my father.” Sad but true Hakeemah has gave up on her father and will soon be a mother in December of 2015. Thanks for posting information on your website for my daughter.

  58. Pingback: About | iloveramzi's Blog

  59. help me to publish my blog please.

    • We sent you an e-mail some days ago, and we also sent a mail today. Please check up your mail because we are waiting for your answer 😉

  60. Did the father knows that u are pregnant? How did he reacted bc usually the fist thing they said is that u have to had an abortion and that if u really love him u should do it , bla bla bla so if u already told him that u will have the baby is better for u to stay away from him some times he may try to hurt u to get rid of the baby well at least that’s what my ex told me so , I lie saying that wasn’t he’s kid so he can leave me alone

  61. Because the system help them to find them and child support services take care of those Americans fathers that’s why you don’t hear anything about it..
    Sadly for Saudis there’s not an institution or agency who can help us to make them responsible for their kids ..
    This is why we use this page to publish our situation..

  62. Zarah

    Stay strong , your daughter Hs a very special purpose here , never feel bad for bringing her into this world no matter how it unfolds . Just love her enough for the both of you 💞💞😘 my mother had me and my father left us , I have never even met or spoken to him and I am still thankful to my mother for having me 🌟 my prayers are with you stay strong . Here if you need a person to listen


    • Jenny

      Dating a Saudi man brought me to this page. And i’m so thankful for you all, going through all your comments made me to cut off all communications with this Saudi man I have been dating for a year…He did introduce me to his family, saying proudly that I am muslim. And never wanted to have sex with me cuz it was haram. Over controlling, super jealous, telling me what to wear, no male friends, just family and him, speaking to me about marriage and living in Saudi Arabia. I think he just wanted me as a slave so he could abuse. Thank god there is internet nowadays and people make blogs like this.

      • ShockedMan

        Run for your life. Unfortunately, some of my fellow Saudi guys do that professionally. My advice to all girls who are planning to date or be serious with a Saudi man or any other nationality is to go out on dates and listen carefully (if you happen to like him) as you can and will spot some peculiar behavior such as being controlling, trying to get into your pants ASAP, and other bad behaviors. If you refrain from giving him what he wants for 4 months (give or take), he will move on if he is lying. I would also ask him about his thoughts about his religion. If he is too religious, I would run away as well.

  63. K D

    My baby’s father is from Saudi Arabia he is a full time student here in America. His family does not know about my little one. I cut off all mutual friends we had because he didn’t want anyone knowing about my baby. I refrained from talking about the baby most of the pregnancy because he didn’t want to talk about it. He wanted me to get an abortion but I refused I told him he could walk away & not come back. He said he didn’t want to leave because he loves me. He said he would help me out with whatever we needed but it’s been hard getting anything from him. Something always comes up, he’s always going on vacations w/his friends. When the baby was born he came for 20 minutes then left he promised to visit but instead went to the Dominican Republic with his buddies! My baby was in the NICU & he still chose to leave with his friends.
    Every time I get the courage to tell him that he needs to be here for us & that I have done alot for him he always somehow makes me feel bad for him! I’m writing this post because I’m still worried about HIM I hate that I still worry about him! I only have the support of my sister because our parents died. I’m working 2 jobs, I have medical issues I have to see specialists for. In order to get medical insurance I have to give the state his name and he’ll need to submit a paternity test. The state will go after him for child support or he’ll have to come up with an agreement with me for child support. My question is If his government, schooling or whatever finds out he has a baby will that ruin his schooling here? Will that be a violation for his student visa? Anyone with any information on this please comment. Thanks

    • Hi! If his government find out that he has a baby without being married then he will lose his scholarship and will be sent back immediately. My advice is think about your son and you before him, because they will always try to make you feel sympathy for them to do not mess up their plans. I am not saying that all saudi guys are bad, there are still good people out there and also they need to be responsible for their actions.

      • K D

        Thank you for the information.

      • K D

        I should of punched him right in his dumb effin face when I had the chance! If I ever see him again I am going to do it. Even though I had numerous people telling me he’s not going to change and be with you, I still cared for him! In the end when his Visa was over he left and slowly cut off contact. I know he got accepted in Florida for his masters degree, at least that’s what he said before he left. My daughter is 5 now and we don’t talk about him. I hope she forgets him completely one day. If anyone knows of a Zeyad Saleh H Al-erfan, DOB: 11/25 let him know not to come back. He shows his face he’s going to get decked, I’m knocking teeth out. We don’t need him, we never needed him.

  64. Ali m

    That’s lame to see these losers leaving their kids and wife’s for no absolute reason. Don’t think Saudi or middle eastern women are they only once that have feeling other people too . Love means commitment , loyalty ,honesty and giving your all to the other person. I’m sorry for you people that thing happen to you I wish I can do something about . Finally I’m Saudi in love with western culture.
    Prayers go to all of y’all single moms out there . Stay positive and be smart

  65. Juhainah

    My name is juhainah. I live in Saudi Arabia. I will tell you an important thing you american mothers of saudi kids should know. Firstly, those saudi guys and what they did is forbidden in our religion “Islam”, and we can’t have sex before marriage how about having a baby! One of the Islamic laws said ” if any body neither male or female have sex out of marriage circle he or she must have punishment”. So if they did that in Saudi Arabia the situation will be different. Secondly, another Islamic law said “if you have an illegitimate child you must to leave him and not to take him with you” because if he takes the child with him it will be so many problems between him and the family. Our society is way different from yours. Muslims are Committed to their religion, but there is some reckless guys who don’t have the right raise from their families need some punishment from Allah to stay straight. If you stay like this way it will never be any results because of our religion first then our society. I told you the reasons and you have to decide.
    May Allah bless you

    • lexx

      Your religion forbids you from taking care of a child you conceived, because of family problems. I as an American completely understand the culture is different and I understand there would be problems and issues but for that to be the only solution is really really sad. I would be ashamed to call myself a Muslim, with rules like this. basically that’s saying.. “I’m a adult but I will get in trouble from my family so I should kill a innocent child, or leave it without a second parent.” I don’t think Allah peace be with him, would be happy with killing the innocent.. no matter what is said.

      • Faris

        Religion (Islam ) should play the role before having a child! Now, after all of this, religion should be out! In all monotheistic religions, people must stand up for their decisions and afford the consequeses. Unfortunately, what happened here is the complete opposite. Disregarding the religion, that’s at least a human being.
        I am a Saudi and study in the USA! I don’t have a girlfriend and I will not have such a relationship out of marriage. It’s really disappointing to read about those “fathers”!
        I believe that it is more about family and society. As the majority of people don’t believe in getting married outside the tribe or at least the country. Also, there is too long process to get the permission of getting married with non Saudi. When I have time to visit Riyadh, I will take these stories with me to Awaser, and I will hear from them in person. At least, you don’t waste time. May Allah bless you all and your children.

  66. Hello, How can I contact you to help ? Translation, directing ……etc by the way, I’m near from OH!

  67. North

    i’m glad someone like you stood up for this issue. i have a 2 year old son with a saudi. i’m just very lucky and thankful to Allah that he still supports our child secretly. we ended our 4 year relationship just 5 months ago and he is still trying to be responsible for our walad. i hope you’ll find the Father and may God give him what he deserves in this life. and i pray may your son be blessed all his life.

  68. Megan

    I cried while reading this, I feel like these will be the exact words from my sons mouth 😦 I feel like he would be disappointed that I couldn’t give him a father.

  69. Sandra

    I also have the same problem as you girls have i will like to share my story also.
    My name is sandra moreno im 9 months at the moment the father of my unborn child left me when i was 5 months he said he was going to saudi for a few weeks apparently he was going to go ask for permission to get married to me i believe because he never lie to me. When i give him the new he was very happy and exited to be a father he told me to move in with him so i did, after moving with him he we spents the 5 months very happy he was telling me he wanted to stay in the us with the baby and me he charm me with hes words and told me there was nothing more important then me and his kid. After those 5 months like i was saying he left back home to ask permission from his parents and tell them everything was going on I agree with him it was time for him to tell his family that hes was going to be a daddy and that he need it to be responsable.after he left everything was fine for the few weeks he will call me and ask me how where things going with the pregnancy and i said everything is fine,the last time i hear his voice he was telling how much he missed rubing my belly and he couldnt wait to be back to the country and i said i miss you to darling he told me so many wonderful and beautiful things about are lifes together that he made me cry the last thing he told was dont cry darling we are fine my beautiful bride he said go to sleep its late a you need to rest for you and our baby. I hang up on him and sleep and the soon as i wake up my first reaction was calling him i did but hes line wasnt ringing it would directly send me to mail box and think hes problably sleep so i went to the kitchen fix so breakfast for me and turn the tv on after a few hours i decided to check my facebook and see what where his post but apparently i didnt have him as my friend so my next reaction was to call him again the same thing over and over every hour i was very worried thinking on my mind what could happen to him so call my friend amber and told her to check hes Facebook for so she did the.account was the same as he left it no signs or nothing i also ask her to call him and the same thing since that day and on i start doing the same thing every day every day and i was like this all the month till the rent bill was due i pack all my stuff and his and move back to my parents the welcome me with joy and protected me and take care.when i turn 7 months i give up my hopes for him to show up but. But i thank god for everything i got and the worderful parents i have. And i just wish for abdulmajeed abdullah to have a good life and if he ever want to come and meet hes lil girl hes more then welcome

  70. My mom said his name was Bali Ali Badi. I have a police record wroth him and her in it. I’m 32 years old and an engineer. My birthday is 4-16-83. I was born in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Can you help?

  71. Elayan Kris Allafi

    My name is Elayan Kris Allafi, 31 years old, i am a philippines’ citizen, i have a problem to share that i wish and hopping you (Goodheart), can help. Regards my father, who left us during my mother’s pregnant with me. After that he never come back till now, i never see him, i am very keen to meet him. I am raised by christians and i am now rebirth to Islam since 2005 in Malaysia. The only evidence i have is my father “love letter” to my mother his full name is ELAYAN FAHAD ALLAFI, from RIYADH, he is a Saudi Arabia National. I am willing to go for DNA testing if i have to.
    You can contact me for more informations.Here is my mobile number, +60193083360(malaysia no.)
    I am currently staying in malaysia but not permanent. Thanks a lot! GOD BLESSED US ALL!!

  72. Gemma

    Is there a U.K. Version of this? I am the child of a Saudi man who was a student in Sheffield in the 1980s, had a 2 year relationship with my mother and left when she became pregnant. It’s been really interesting for me reading about how poor the Saudi embassy has been in responding as I have experienced the same issues. I’ve tried searching social media but no joy. I’m not sure I want to know him but I do want to know about my heritage.

    • Gemma

      Ps my fathers last name was al- butiri. Would someone be able to tell me if this is common in Saudi and if so what it means/the origin? It would mean so much. Thanks

      • Ok, the family region is central region ( Najd & Alqassim city) you must have the full name if you want to look for him. I might help you in that based on the provided information you want me to know.
        Best wishes

    • I am not sure if there is a UK versión of this blog, but you can always post it here to try to find your father.

  73. Safiyyah Martinez

    My case is similar, yet different. I married the man. He went back home to visit and was not allowed to come back. He was on a student visa. Now I need a divorce and he won’t sign the papers. I need to serve him and don’t have an address for him. I have a old passport of him. Can you lead me to the right direction?

  74. RA

    I too am a woman of a Saudi Father who I’ve never met. My mother is a beautiful and smart Africa American woman. My father is from Riyadh and is an Al-Otaibi.

    I would love to meet him, but if I don’t I have peace about it . Because I know who my Heavenly Father is, he’s Jesus Christ and he never rejects anyone.

    I didn’t realize so many other women have experienced what my mother experienced. I am praying for us all.

    God bless!

    • Matthew Petitte

      With both the pride and humility of being forced to survive, grow, and transend less than ideal circumstances – I stand in solidarity with the others and say “I too am one of the children you speak of”.

      In attempts to view this matter from a subjective perspective – there are various parties directly involved and/or impacted in these situations within a dynamic religious, political, national, tribal, racial, economic, and emotional charged context. This coupled with the personal significants of this issue makes it an incredibly complicated matter for me.

      It would be good to connect.

  75. Jenny

    I have a beautiful 7yr old granddaughter who has never met her daddy. He was deported as he went over on his visa as he was studying for a number of years here. He also lived with us for a year. He dated our daughter for 3 + years.After deportation my daughter found out she was pregnant. I was the one that attended anti natal plus the birth & our whole family have clothed & fed her & continue to support her. He kept in touch on & off for under a year after she was born but started to lose the understanding of English. She is a sad little girl as she feels angry he’s not in her life. We’ve tried several routes of trying to get contact for her but going round in circles. He was a lovely man aswell when he was here. We all had a tight bond. Feeling sad for her as she feels rejected & angry with her mum because we can’t contact him for her.

  76. Abdul

    I’m Abdul from Saudi Arabia, I would like to help you if you need information about someone in Saudi.

  77. Matt

    Is anyone need help in Saudi emil me at

  78. Adeeb jhaimi

    I am a 58 year old Saudi man , from Riyadh ..
    I graduated from MSU 1986 (Michigan)
    I sympathize with all those children left behind ..
    I will be glad to help any way I can ..
    Maybe , I can welcome any one seeking to find his biological roots here in Riyadh .. Show them around , try to help anyway I can. I don’t hold any authoritative position or influence , so , please don’t expect much.
    My e mail is yadottwo@gmail.com

  79. To have a proper results, you need to have this website in Arabic as well. Please contact me and let’s see what we can do

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