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A Brief update from Jenniffer, SCLB creator. (May 2020)

 To all our visitors:

First of all…hi! It’s been a few years, and since the site is up and running again ( more on that in a minute ), I figured I would give you all an update on our situation. As of my last writing, my son Joseph was only 3 , and I was scouring everywhere trying to find any kind of medical info I could, from allergies to diseases that run in his lineage. Things looked and felt a little bleak, and I had serious doubts about the future.

     Fast forward 5 years, and things couldn’t be more different. Joey is now about to turn 11, and is as healthy as can be. He was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum upon entering kindergarten, but he has not suffered in the slightest. He is fascinated with temperatures, measurement scales , and all things scientific, as well as learning words in as many languages as possible. He doesn’t seem to care about a lot of the typical things 11 year old boys tend to, but that’s just part of what makes him unique. He is happy, healthy, and growing faster than I can stand.

     We moved from Ohio down to sunny Florida in the summer of 2016, and I can tell you with no hesitation, trading in snow for beach sand was the best decision we have ever made. We actually get blue skies down here! Joey misses the cold, but doesn’t complain when he can ride his bike 365 days of the year. You can’t put a price on that.

     Shortly after we became former Ohioans, Trump was elected. Not by me or my husband mind you, as neither of us can stand the Cheetoh in Chief, but after 8  years of relative normalcy, it seemed like every leader we had abandoned all pretense of humanity and decided a free for all money grab was what we elected them to do. 3 years into his reign, and all it seemed all Trump was capable of doing was careening between lies while dismantling every safety precaution Obama ever put into place. All that would have been disastrous enough without a plague-like virus descending on the entire human populace, but, alas, here we are. And that kind of brings me to my point. Why did I bring the site back?

     It was not an easy decision, to be sure. It was a strain on my time, my family life, and a drain of resources, both personal and financial. But after being cooped up in a state of quarantine / enforced social distancing, I realized how much I craved a return to normalcy. To being able to go outdoors, to parks, to beaches. To have real human interaction beyond my kids asking what time I was making dinner. And, after speaking to some old friends who decided to help me with content and administrative duties, I decided to reopen the site. Because I know the kind of relative discomfort I and others may feel by being isolated is nothing compared to the upheaval my life went through when Joey was born, and his biological father promptly disappeared. I know that kind of hurt, and I take a little comfort in knowing that I can provide A) a little help, B) a place to tell your story and vent if needed, and C) a sense of community, so that people in my situation know that they are not alone. Keep in mind, I started the site originally because of  how close to home this issue hit, but that is not the case any more. Joey is in a loving home, with a proud adoptive father, loving older sister, and a mother who would give the world to see him happy. He will never want for anything, nor most likely ever have any need to question what happened to his father. There are lots of children out there, however , who will not be as lucky, and when the time comes, they will deserve answers. If I can help in any way to provide those answers, then I will rest happy. I want to help others that are where I was, because I know not everyone will be as lucky as me, so maybe I can pay a little of my luck forward. I look forward to tomorrow much more than ever before, and will be talking to you again soon.

Joseph Age 10


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New content coming soon.

So its been a while. We are currently busy working on new site content. Check back soon.beaverfemale

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Makki Anwar Ibrahim Shareiah Makkah

We were recently contacted by Shaima a young single mother who originates from the Philippines. After a relationship with Makki she became pregnant. Here is her story.

Were both nurse in one hospital. Were together for about 11months before I get pregnant. After i confirm that i am pregnant i told him everything. and he get angry he told me that i need to abort my pregnancy or he will leave me. Then we start to fight and i didnt agree to abort my baby coz im afraid to god. I convince him to accept the reality that we will become parent soon but he never accept it after fighting with him for almost 2weeks i decided to go back to philippines and continue my pregnancy. Then i inform my family about my situation of course they are upset and angry with me because i did a big haram in my life were muslim as expected they are blaming me. But they accept everything. Before i leave saudi he talk to me and say he will help me for all i just need to inform him what i need. But later on everything change again but i dont mind it coz i need to prepare my self for my delivery. He never contact me for 2months. I deliver my baby via CS and i pay all my expenses and hospital bills. When the time come that i dont have enough money to support my baby i ask his help then he start to help me for 4months only then he never contact me again i try to contact him but he blocked all my numbers i dont know what happen then i decided to call his parent to inform everything but i failed coz his parent doesnt believe me. I was so upset and stress dont know where i can find money to support the needs of my daughter my family somehow help me for my daughter but still there is blaming part. This was very difficult part of my life. I dont know what i can do to support my daughter then i decided to go to saudi again to work and then i try to talk with him again and convince him to accept his daughter but he never accept. Then we never talk again its been 3yrs the last time i talk to him my daughter now turning 4yrs old and started to ask about her father but i dont know how to answer all of her question. Its hurt every time i saw her looking at other kids with there father it melt my heart coz i know what she feels. Now i decided to stay with her here in philippines coz i dont like her to feel that she dont have family. Im the only one who suffer more while her father doing nothing making his life better and not thinking about her daughter.

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 130,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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What Happens When….


This subject has been in my mind lately, not only solely based on my own situation but that of those Saudi kids out there (and non-Saudi ones alike) that were deserted, things and situations which we all at some point or the next have been forced to endure.

Growing up abandoned, unwanted, sad, angry. Left alone in an unforgiving world to fend for ourselves. Ask many of these kids alike and our stories are all the same. Some of these other kids I grew up around would later go on to battle addiction with drugs, alcohol, bouts of severe depression, and homelessness along with other extreme habits and conditions, such as repeated run-ins with the law; issues which very commonly arise as the end-result when one has been left behind by the one person they might have needed the most.

Some of these kids I knew not only were left in very dire circumstances like me and my mom were, but were also left with a parent that was unfit to raise their child, by themselves or let alone, AT ALL. These children were subjected to various forms of abuse by the single parent adults left to care for them, as well as the parent’s dysfunctional associations. These same kids would eventually later on grow up with severe behavioral problems, along with many other unfortunate characteristics.

With no concrete set of values, beliefs, affection…or much of ANYTHING positive instilled in them during those early years when its most crucial to the formation of the child many kids that fit our category are left as sitting targets.

In my case my mother was very young when she had me and, thankfully, ruled with an iron will. She gave me the belief of God early on, but this didn’t mean it made our situation any easier. The damage had been done..first to her then to me. Because she was a mere teenager when she had me and had come from a background of cultural struggles herself, she was still attempting to find her own way. Now as a single parent things for her were tough, to say the least. Most of her problems became my problems..her stresses my stresses. During those crucial early years of formation I was afraid and stressed. Left alone with fear of even my own shadow, living day to day in a constant state of panic.

Stress that big at 4 years old is extreme. Worried about where we are going to live at 4 years old is extreme. How our rent is going to get paid or where my next meal is going to come from at 4 years old is extreme. What kid should be thinking about these matters at that age?? These extremes can and often do lead to later ones…extreme behavior. Destructive patterns during teen years and beyond, which was the case in my own life. To mask the pain and anger one begins to experiment with various forms of intoxicants to self medicate and this is where things can become really dangerous.

Today, with adulthood and renewed belief in myself, I continue to climb and combat the negatives and said extremes but the long lasting effects of the damage done from then til now can be very difficult to shake free of.

But, again, what happens when the child has been left with NOTHING to believe in. Never taught, never acknowledged, never cared for. No chance at self esteem or peace….

What becomes of them now and later on down the road?

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Angela’s letter to her father Abdulla Al-Carnie

My name is Angela Weeks and I am a 26 year old Arab-American from Ventura, CA. I was born in 1986, the same year my father left to go back to Saudi Arabia. I am now on a venture to find him. My dad’s name is Abdulla Al-Carnie. He lived in Camarillo, CA in the early 1980’s and left in 1986. My mother’s name is Sherry Weeks. They met while he was here and started a relationship together. My dad was very honest with my mom and told her that he had to go back to Saudi Arabia because of his military obligation. He shared with her certain consequences he would have to endure if he did not return. My mother and Abdulla tried to make an appointment with the DA in order to explore options for my father to stay in country. The day of their appointment, my mom showed up…but my dad never did. My mom thinks he was forced to return to the Kingdom without saying goodbye.
photo 1 (2)
My mother states, “After I was pregnant with you, we tried everything we could to stop him from getting taken. We had to make an appointment with the da so they would not contact his commander. However, he did not show up to the appointment;  then the da called his commander, although I tried to keep them from doing this. Since he did not show up, I went over to his apartment to look for him and he was gone. His things were gone. I asked the people at the apartment where he was and they said that some people came and took him away. The last time I heard from him was two weeks before you were born when he called and said that he loved me and wished me a happy life. I said you make it sound like I am never going to see you again and all he said was I would see him again and that he loved me.   I was now a women with a broken heart and an empty place without your dad.”
I am not sure what the exact circumstances were, but I know that my mother still to this day regards him as the kindest most honorable man she has ever met.
The only other thing I know about my dad was that he was going to school in Camarillo for Mechanical Engineering and that he was from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. My mom also says he was in the Saudi Arabian Army at the time he lived in Camarillo. Now, this might mean he was actually in the service already… or that he still owed time to the Army upon his return. I am unsure.
 photo 2 (5)
Sadly, my mom is very sick and I was their only child. Soon, I will be alone. That is why I have decided to reach out and try and find my father. I hope that I have brothers and sisters out there, and I hope they are open and willing to meet me. I am not in search of apologies, he owes me none. I am not in search of money, I have my own. I just want to know what happened, to fill a void, a burning question that has been left unanswered for 26 years. What happened to him?
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Did the Saudi Embassy lie?

In November 2012 the Saudi Embassy issued a statement that they were going force DNA testing on the men who were thought to have fathered a child while studding abroad. Saying that if these men refuse testing their scholarship will be revoked and they will be sent home to face possible jail time.  This appeared to be a step in the right direction and a small victory to the women and children who have been effected.——qq——.html


Six months later the news is disheartening to say the least.
The embassy knows about the men named on the blog they admitted this when they sent out the statement about forcing these men to take a DNA test.  To date none of the men have been tested.
In my case I have PROOF that the embassy not only knew about the father two years ago, they helped hide him so I couldn’t take him to court. I was lied to over and over by the embassy saying the father returned home for good therefore DNA testing would not be possible.  Imaging my surprise when Sultan Abdullah Asiri showed up on May 4 2013 to graduate.
I am angry that the embassy lied to me and helped Sultan get away with abandoning his child. Thank you for proving to the world exactly why this blog is needed.


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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 1,100,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 20 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

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To Abdulrahman Al-Omran

Looking For Her Father

Kimberly B., daughter of Abdulrahman Al-Omran 


Kimberly B.  is 46 years old and has never met her father. She has never felt the warmth and strength of her father’s arms hugging her. She’s never heard the sound of his voice. She doesn’t even know what her dad looks like, although she must resemble him because she looks nothing at all like her mother’s side of her family. Kimberly has gone through her entire life up to this point wondering and dreaming about her father, longing for a connection. She has scant information about him, but she is hoping it’s enough to help her find the father she has longed to meet all her life.

Abdulrahman Al-Omran (or El-Omran) is from Saudi Arabia. In the mid-1960s, he traveled to the United States to pursue his college education. At the time he was a young man in his mid-20s. Described as tall, dark and handsome, Abdulrahman enrolled at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. It was here that he met Kimberly’s mom, Diana Divine, a gorgeous 20-year-old part-time model with curly brown hair and brown eyes who was studying business. The attraction was immediate.

Diana quickly became infatuated with Abdulrahman – she loved his brown skin, his easy sense of humor, and the charming way he always teased her. They fell in love. When Diana became pregnant, Abdulrahman wanted to marry her and take his young family back to Saudi Arabia with him, but Diana was afraid of moving there. Kimberly was born in January of 1966. She was adopted at birth by Diana’s sister. Diana thought this would be the best thing for her baby.

Diana Divine (Kimberly's birth mother)Abdulrahman moved away to continue his schooling at UCLA, eventually graduating in 1970 from Santa Clara University in California. Kimberly believes he studied Physics, Math, and Science, and Diana recalls that Abdulrahman told her he wanted to become an engineer for ARAMCO. Diana (pictured left) and Abdulrahman eventually lost touch. She believes that Abdulrahman’s father was in the import-export business and the family was well-to-do. Diana also remembers that Abdulrahman had several brothers, one of whom was named Aziz. Aziz might have been one of Abdulrahman’s roommates in nearby Portland when he attended Clark College.

Kimberly has always had a fascination with Middle Eastern culture, art, customs, and history for as long as she can remember. The only possession and reminder that she has from her father is a prayer rug that he left for her. She longs to know more about her Saudi father and his family and wants her own three children to know about their Saudi ancestry. She has tried for many years to locate him, but to no avail. Her interest in locating him is natural and honorable and would satisfy her lifelong dream of meeting her father. She also feels that knowing her father’s medical history would be useful.

Diana Divine (Kimberly's birth mother)Says Kimberly, “My father probably has a wife and many children. I would just like to meet him and have him meet his grandchildren. I have always wanted to know more about where I come from. I have had an identity crisis being raised in a Western ‘Caucasian’ family that I don’t always fit into. I was told I look just like him – I do not look like my American family at all. And I sense that I am a lot like him. I naturally relate more to the Arabian side than to my mother’s Irish- English side. I love my family but I feel something is missing that is a big part of who I am. I sometimes feel lost because I was not raised in my real culture. I was told his family is wealthy, but material things do not matter to me. Making a personal connection to him is much more important to me. I am ok with the fact that he may not want to know me or acknowledge me. I would be happy just seeing a picture of him. If we find each other and he doesn’t want to be a part of my life, I am prepared for that. I just have this feeling that he would want me to find him. I can’t explain why I feel drawn to him as though he wants to be found. “

Today Abdulrahman Al-Omran would be about 66-70 years old. He probably lives in Saudi Arabia somewhere. He might spell his last name as El-Omran. It is not known what area of Saudi Arabia he is from. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Abdulrahman Al-Omran, please email me at:

Many thanks to a reader, who was kind enough to translate this post for the Arabic speaking readers out there.

تبحث عن والدها

كيمبرلي (في الصورة أعلاه) تبلغ من العمر 44 عاماً و التي لم تجتمع قط بوالدها السعودي الجنسية عبدالرحمن العمران. كيمبرلي لم تشعر بالدفء والقوة التي تمنحها إياها معانقة والدها لها. انها لم تسمع صوته بل لا تعرف حتى ماهو شكل والدها ومن يشبه، على الرغم من أنها يجب أن تشبهه لانها تبدو مختلفة تماماً بل على الإطلاق مقارنة بوالدتها وعائلتها التي قامت بتربيتها. قضت كيمبرلي حياتها حتى هذه اللحظة تتساءل وتحلم بوالدها ، والشوق للقاءه يأسرها. لكنها لا تملك معلومات عنه الا القليل و لكنها تأمل انها كافية لمساعدتها في العثور على والدها الذي تتوق لرؤيته طيلة أيام حياتها.

عبد الرحمن عمران (أو العمران) من المملكة العربية السعودية. سافر إلى الولايات المتحدة لمتابعة دراسته الجامعية في منتصف الستينات 1960، في ذلك الوقت كان شاب في منتصف العشرينات. يوصف عبدالرحمن بأنه رجل وسيم طويل القامة ، أسمر البشرة إنضم إلى كلية كلارك Clark College في مدينة فانكوفر بولاية واشنطن. ومن هناك التقى بوالدة كيمبرلي ديانا ديفاين بـشعرها الأجعد البني وعيناها البنية و كانت تعمل كعارضة أزياء لجزء من الوقت و تدرس تجارة في الوقت ذاته كـ طالبة منتظمة بالكلية. عندها كان الإنجذاب بين عبدالرحمن و ديانا مباشراً.

و سرعان ما فتنت ديانا بـ عبد الرحمن فقد احبت بشرته السمراء ، و خفة ظله ، و الطريقة الساحرة التي كان يغازلها بها. و وقعا في الحب ! وعندما إكتشفت ديانا أمر حملها أراد عبد الرحمن أن يتزوجها و يصطحب عائلته الصغيرة مرة أخرى إلى المملكة العربية السعودية، لكن ديانا كانت تخاف من الذهاب إلى هناك. ولدت كيمبرلي في كانون الثاني لعام 1966 وعند ولادتها طلبت أمها من أختها أن تتبناها حين ولادتها لتضمن لها مستقبلاً أفضل.

انتقل عبد الرحمن بعيدا لمواصلة تعليمه في جامعة كاليفورنيا ، وتخرج في نهاية المطاف في عام 1970 من جامعة سانتا كلارا Santa Clara University في كاليفورنيا و تعتقد كيمبرلي انه درس الفيزياء و الرياضيات ، والعلوم. و تتذكر ديانا أن عبد الرحمن قال لها انه يريد ان يصبح مهندسا لشركة أرامكو السعودية. ولكن في نهاية المطاف فقدت ديانا أي وسيلة إتصال بـ عبد الرحمن و ذكرت إنها تعتقد أن والد عبد الرحمن كان يعمل في مجال الأعمال التجارية، الإستيراد و التصدير. ديانا تتذكر أيضا أن عبد الرحمن كان له إخوة عدة ، واحد منهم كان اسمه عزيز أو عبدالعزيز و ربما كان واحدا من شركاءه في السكن في بورتلاند Portland قريباً من كلية كلارك.

كيمبرلي كانت دائما مبهورة بـ ثقافة الشرق الأوسط ، و الفن ، و العادات العربية ، والتاريخ بشكل كبير. الشيء الوحيد الذي تملكه كيمبرلي من والدها للذكرى هي سجادة الصلاة التي تركها لها. و قالت إنها تتوق لمعرفة المزيد عن والدها السعودي وعائلته وتريد أن يعرف أطفالها الثلاثة أصولهم السعودية. و قد حاولت لسنوات عديدة تحديد مكان إقامة والدها ، ولكن دون جدوى. تقول كيمبرلي أنه من المهم تحديد مكانه وهذا شيء طبيعي بل مشرف أيضاً لـ ترضي حلمها مدى الحياة من لقائها بوالدها. وقالت إنها تشعر أيضا أن معرفة تاريخ والدها الطبي سيكون مفيدا لها.

وتقول كيمبرلي “ربما والدي لديه زوجة وربما كثير من الأطفال. أود فقط الاجتماع معه وحمله على لقاء أحفاده. اردت دائما معرفة المزيد عن أصلي. لقد كان لدي أزمة هوية عنيفة حيث نشأت في أسرة أميركية لا تصلح لي. و كانو دائماً يخبرونني أني أشبه أبي لأني لا أبدو كـ عائلتي الأميركية على الإطلاق. و انا اشعر أيضاً بأنني أحمل الكثير من الشبه بأبي. أنا أميل بطبيعة الحال أكثر إلى الجانب العربي من ميلي لجانب أمي الايرلندية الإنجليزية. أنا أحب عائلتي لكني أشعر أن هناك شيء مفقود هو جزء كبير من هويتي. أشعر أحيانا بالضياع لأنني لم أنشأ في ثقافتي الحقيقية (ثقافة والدي). قيل لي أن عائلته ثرية، ولكن الأمور المادية لا تهم بالنسبة لي. إجراء اتصال شخصي بوالدي هو أهم بكثير بالنسبة لي. أنا مدركة للحقيقة أنه قد لا يريد أن يتعرف إلي أو يعترف بي. و سأكون سعيدة لمجرد رؤية صورته. و إذا وجدنا بعضنا البعض ، وإذا كان لا يريد ان يكون جزءا من حياتي ، فأنا على استعداد لذلك. أنا فقط يتملكني شعور انه يريدني أن أعثر عليه. و أنا ليس بمقدوري تفسير شعوري المندفع بأنه يريدني أن أجده.”

اليوم من المتوقع أن عبد الرحمن العمران يبلغ من العمر حوالي 66-70 سنة ومن الأرجح أنه يعيش في مكان ما في المملكة العربية السعودية. و من الممكن أن يكون إسم العائلة يكتب على هذا النحو El-omran و ليس لدى كيمبرلي او ديانا معلومات عن مكان معيشته تحديداً.

إذا كان لديكم اي معلومات عن مكان وجود عبد الرحمن العمران ، يرجى الكتابة على العنوان التالي

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شهادات أمريكيات يشهرون بمبتعثين سعوديين @yahalashow

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