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Terri is looking for her dad Ahmed Al Dossary

Terri has reached out to the website in hopes of locating her father. This is her story:

This is my Father, Ahmed Al Dossary. I was born April 14th 1978 at Lake Forest hospital in Lake Forest, Illinois. I was given up for adoption at at about a month old, and was born without a thyroid. My mother was only 17 years old and a runaway herself, he called her Malik (meaning Angel in Arabic.) Her name was Angela Martin.

I was born Terri Lee Martin, the man who signed my birth certificate was his best friend/ cousin. I think his name was Fahd. or something similar. Details of the man who signed it are, birthday June 1955, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My father gave my older “adopted” sister an arab barbie to be given to me when I knew the truth of my adoption. I didn’t know I was adopted until I was twelve, I didn’t know alot of truths until Christmas a few years ago.

The things I was told about Ahmed was that he liked horses, cowboys, Andy Kaufman. He could speak 7 languages, and that he did want me. However, he wanted to take me back to Saudi Arabia and raise me muslim.

My biological mother refused to marry him or leave her country. I was about a month old when she found out that I was born without a thyroid, and her guardian’s ex-wife and husband adopted me. She was originally hired to be a nanny to their two youngest boys nanny. My adopted brother Mikey was particularly close to him. I’ve been told he was part of the royal family of Saud. I’m telling this for the sake of identity and not because I want anything more to actually know who he is, besides a face in a picture. Honestly, I’ve lived almost 43 years without him and if he still chooses to not walk through a door I opened for him, it’s on him. but it is opened, and I want him to know he has 2 gorgeous grandsons age 17 and 14.

If anyone has any information about Ahmed Al Dossary, his daughter is trying to contact him. You can email the website at

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To Naif Ali Almasshi

This post is from Ashley who has reached out to us with her story. She has a 1 year old son named Ethan. The biological father’s name is Naif Ali Almasshi (pictured below) His family is originally from Jazan, but currently live in Khobar. Ashley first met Naif while he was here in the US attending school in Florida.

This is her story:

Hello my name is Ashley I am 23 years old. I met a guy from Saudi Arabia two years ago, by mutual friends.

Then several months passed and we started talking again and we started dating and from there a “relationship” was born, which was what I thought it was. Then he asked me to marry him and he came to my house to talk to my mother to get her permission and he gave me even a ring. His father accepted me but his mother did not like me because obviously I was not from his country and she wanted him to marry a woman from his country and even offered him money to leave me but according to him he never wanted. Well, several months passed and I got pregnant. At the beginning I was not sure what to do and obviously how to tell him. The point is that obviously he took it very badly that he did not want the baby and began to treat me very badly and kept telling me that if I have the baby he would go to a lawyer so that I could sign a paper saying that he has nothing to do with the baby. He also told me that he could not have children, that he had taken a test that was impossible when I confronted him and I told him to show me the test he told me that he did not know where was the test.

Since I didn’t know what to do, I told my mother that I was pregnant and I told her that the baby’s father was pressuring me not to have it and that I was afraid that he would do something. She talked to him and he told her that he was going to take care of the baby and that we were getting married. For the summer he went to his country on vacation and he wrote to me once a day, he never called me, at one point he stopped writing and I never heard from him again. He came back here to the United States and friends found out that I was pregnant and he denied the baby completely. That he wasn’t his son because he was out of the country. That it was impossible. I had a very bad pregnancy and they were afraid that I was going to give birth early and one day when I was 29 weeks old I had to run to the hospital because I was bleeding and they couldn’t explain why. I try to contact him and finally after several months he responds when I tell him that the baby would be born prematurely what he told me was “it’s not my problem” and he blocks me. I gave birth at 30 weeks, I sent her a photo on my friend’s phone because he had blocked me from all sides and I told him that the child was born. He unblocks me to tell me to do a DNA test on the child and I told him okay let’s do it but he never answer. I sent him another email and tell him why you are so afraid of taking the test and this bastard comes up with a rudeness and block me again. Until today he is on the street without worries and any type of responsibility.

As of today, Naif has still continued his deadbeat ways and absconded his responsibilities to his son.

Through all this Ashley has told us that Ethan is growing up to be very happy and healthy. We here at SCLB wish them both the very best.

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Lies Your Saudi Told You

This was a topic I recently addressed on social media. Lately there’s been a recurring trend from women and adult children I communicate with who are interested in coming forward with their stories but are afraid to because of a fraudulent misconception. This prevailing falsehood is just one out of many in a series of lies and deceptions used on the women by these Saudi students during the relationship to get what they wanted, so I feel the time has come to bring up some essential truth.

From those questionable “trips back to Saudi”, to fabrications about his real name, age, which country he’s ‘supposedly’ from, not to mention those fairy tales he spoon fed you about how he was going to put a ring on it, these fly by night Saudis have long since borrowed from the same playbook.

One major deception that has long been perpetuated I so often hear from women who want to come forward, but may be hesitant in doing so, is this:

“I want to find my child’s father but I don’t want to cause trouble for him and his family” This is something I hear from women who are interested in getting the rights due to their child (and rightfully so) but are apprehensive because of their fear of offending these pieces of human garbage who left them in the most selfish way, alone and destitute with a baby. With that said, since when should his or his family’s feelings be taken into consideration? I have news for you, the trouble already started long before you got pregnant. These guys were excited to come to your country and it wasn’t because of school. Secondly, who do you think molded this loser in the first place? Make no mistake..if his family did find out about you they’d no sooner rally around him like soldiers and some lowlife uncle of his would be the first to call you a slut or a whore before hanging up. So whether its going to cause trouble isn’t the issue. They could care less if you attempt to expose them or not, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so comfortable leaving in the first place. The only trouble lies with the fact that he left you high and dry without any financial support. When it comes to how the families of these deadbeats think, the golden rule goes like this..their sons are king, their sh** doesn’t smell, and no woman with a baby is going to change that.

This way of thinking is also deeply ingrained in how the Saudi government has handled this issue historically and as of late…(If you want proof of this, try calling a Saudi embassy and see how the condescending know-nothing on the other line responds). They don’t care about what the father did, you and your child’s welfare, or anything. It’s a secret club and you aren’t in it! Which leads back to the all time famous myth….

“If anyone finds out you’re pregnant I’ll get in trouble” LOL. Did he bother to mention this the whole time he was wooing you during the relationship? This is an emotional microchip they implant into your heads to insure they’ll get out of the situation without accountability. This was no more apparent than when I was growing up when I would tell my mom I wanted to find my Saudi dad, to which she would reply in hysterics “YOU’RE GONNA GET HIM KILLED!!”. A reality check: He’s doing great. He’s living the life back in Saudi, comfortably reveling in the false image he’s cultivated for society. He’s enjoying nice expensive vacations and the finest of leisure money can buy, and while you and your child starve he’s getting fatter by the minute from all the greasy Al-Baik and lamb he’s devouring. Not to mention the many women he’s dining and having affairs with while he’s away from his wife and kids.

In short, you’re doing your child no favors by keeping quiet about these mens transgressions. Being nice and considerate about their feelings isn’t going to help you to afford the diapers or formula for your newborn, or pay for the numerous doctor’s bills if your child is faced with lifelong health issues..or the never ceasing worry how this might be the month you and your kid end up on the streets because you can’t afford the rent. Remember, these guys operate in a singular way. They had a plan when they went abroad to target you for enjoyment, and they have a plan to cover up their deeds if they’re allowed to.

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Shamelya is looking for her father Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza

مرحباً بالجميع، هذا المنشور من شمليا والتي تقوم بالبحث عن والدها السعودي الذي لم تقابله قط واسمه عبد الرحمن عزيز الهزاع وهو من سكان الرياض. لقد كان هنا في الولايات المتحدة في العام 1977 في مينيابوليس ، مينيسوتا ، حيث التقى بأم شامليا ، واسمها هو ايرتينيس برانتت ، وأيضاً في  منطقة بحيرة الدب الأبيض حيث كان قد التحق بالمدرسة هناك

إذا كان لدى أي شخص معلومات بخصوص المدعو عبد الرحمن عزيز الهزاع، فإن ابنته انتظرت حياتها كلها للاتصال به.

Hello everyone, this post is for Shamelya who is looking for her father, whom she has never met. His name is Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza and he is from Riyadh. He was here in the US in 1977 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he met Shamelya’s mother, her name is Irtense Parent, and also in White Bear Lake, MN where he attended school.

If anyone has information in regards to Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza, his daughter has waited her whole life to contact him.

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A Message to Hazza Ayesh Al Rosan from your daughter

We received correspondence from Divine Domingo in regards to her father, Hazza Ayesh Al-Rosan from Riyadh. After numerous attempts over the years to get in contact with her father, he has yet to try to contact her at all or acknowledge her as his daughter. This is her story…


My name is Divine Domingo and like everyone here, I am also an illegitimate child of a Saudian guy. My father is a Shiek in Saudi Arabia and I just learned that he is also an ambassador of good will (Sounds good right?) .

To make my story short, my mother used to work for him as a maid. According to my mother, my father loved her. Fast forward, my mother got pregnant (it’s me). Once my father knew that my mother was pregnant, he asked my mother to go back to the Philippines (where she lives) and promised her that he will come visit her after 3 months. So many months has passed my father never showed up and when I brought out to the world, my mother keeps sending him my photos and update about me but never get a reply. When I was like 12-14 I can’t remember exactly but I started to have the interest to know my father so we started searching for him. We went to a Saudi embassy in the Philippines and what they did is they just took all the evidence my mom had like photos business cards and never responded to us. Few months ago I tried to find any resources that could link me to my father and o found email and phone number. I called the office and I never get to talk to him. Sent him emails but I never get a reply. Soon I realized and it actually sinked into my heart that my father really abandoned me purposely. He intended to leave me and never cared for me. I had a rough childhood and to think how rich my father is up till now, with all his richness and resources, he could live a good life knowing one of his own blood is out there struggling to make it to life. How could he accept the label “ambassador of goodwill” if can’t do a goodwill to your own blood? What kind of a human being is that?

Now I that I accepted that my father will never recognize me nor ever cared for me, I will stop all the drama and I want the world to know that this guy on the photo, is the worst father I have ever known in my life. I am so disgusted by him and I wish that this letter will get to him. I know he have received  all my emails but this time I want the world to know what kind of a person you are.

Mr. Hazza Ayesh Alrosan, This is for you.

Your Neglected Daughter,
Divine Domingo

*****UPDATE 2/20/21*****

So, this started when a man by the name of Talal started messaging me in October to help me reach my father. He also said I should get paid based on what happened to me with the condition of getting 10% of what is collected. He seemed to be a very nice and polite person but there are many things about him that I found really suspicious. He never wanted to identify himself and only communicated via text.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is first-one.jpg

He asked me to delete my story online until an agreement was reached so that he has evidence for his sincerity that he is in contact with me. I said I would like to keep my story up until this is done. He said he collected some information about my father and that his company and he said it suffered a huge loss 3 years ago and the court in Riyadh confirmed that the company has financial claims in the millions.

He also said my father told him that he would help me and pay a total amount of $100,000 to walk in the affairs of my life.

Let this sink in.

An important thing I wish to add is while all this was happening, I would occasionally be given information by Saudis who were familiar with my dad’s business and they were all telling me the same thing: that he was worth billions, and had a penchant for purchasing rare expensive camels.

Talal suggested to ACCEPT IMMEDIATELY because the system in Saudi Arabia is never going to help me according to someone he knows.

He said I only have 2 ways:

1. Acceptance of $100,000-$200,000 and this is a sure way.

2. To file a lawsuit against Mr.Hazza, but the judges will consider this a lost case.

I did not agree with the amount and I told him I will file an Alimony case but he said they wont care because Saudi Arabia does not hear such cases (Is that so?)

He said according to what he knows about Saudi companies is that his company suffered heavy losses and some of them have declared bankruptcy and according to what he heard; my father’s company will be among them. For these reasons, he said they are hesitant in the amount that we discussed. I was in doubt about every thing this guy was saying and even tried to get someone else’s help too, but it did not work. So, me and Talal continued the negotiations with my father.

Because of all these stories Talal told me, I ended up agreeing for the amount of $300,000 because they said that’s the best they could do BUT with the CONDITION OF SIGNING AN AGREEMENT. They said this agreement should be signed in the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the Philippines because of its legal nature. I told him there is a pandemic and I don’t want to travel anywhere. Then they said they would travel here to Canada and sign the agreement in the embassy in Ottawa. So I said ok. But I also told them that now that the technology is so good, why they can’t just send me the settlement through wire transfer and I could hire a lawyer to take care of paperwork or whatever that needs to be taken care of.

This is the draft of the agreement Talal sent me that I should sign before receiving the money. It stated that I should remove any “BADLY INTENDED STATEMENTS” that were uploaded by me “AS THEY ARE FALSE”. They also want me to declare that “I AM NOT HIS DAUGHTER” and “I SHALL NOT FILE A PATERNITY LAWSUIT AGAINST HIM”. Then, if I violate this contract, he will be entitled to take legal action against me, I would have to return the $300,000, AND ON TOP OF THAT, I HAVE TO PAY HIM EXTRA $2,000,000!!!! HAHAHA! This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is llll2.jpg

WOW Father! Oh My God! You have neglected me all my life, never provided me anything, no food, no shelter, no education and when you get your chance to finally reach me, you are going to do this to me??? Unbelievable!! He even uses the word “DISTURB” like I am a disturbance to his existence! First and foremost, father, or Mr. Hazza ayesh Alrosan , or هزاع بن عايش الروسان, whatever they call you, I wont be here if you did not made me in the first place! Do you think I wish to have a father like you? Think again.

Anyway, so I told this guy that I am not signing that contract because it is garbage. I told them that they have to modify the agreement. So Talal sends basically the same contract; it says I’m still going to be liable but not for 2 million, this time only 300,000 (so I would have to payback the amount of my settlement).

When I try to translate, there is something in arabic that states: “I will be liable for legal fees if my father tries to sue me” but it is not in the English version. And I asked him why there is a clause like this? And he said “Just in case you break the contract”.

Right then, I knew I don’t have a good feeling about this.

I told them, I will only sign an agreement in English only. I had endured months of them changing the plans at the last minute. After endless broken promises, and then this, I changed the amount to $500,000 and that they will only send my settlement through wire transfer. They offered $400,000 I said no.

Then they said, ok $500,000, English version but they said, they will not send me through wire transfer. They said they want to travel here to Canada and I have to sign the agreement inside the Saudi embassy to make sure of my identity. Hmmm… Knowing what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, I will not go in their Embassy if they could simply just finish this transaction through wire transfer, lawyer could take care of the identity validation. Why would they want me to go in their embassy?? This kind of agreement doesn’t need to be signed in their Embassy. Why? It doesn’t make sense to me. Do they have other plans? I’m sorry but I’m afraid for my safety and I will never meet them anywhere. They started this; they should finish this, but I will not fall for their plan to lure me into something I don’t know. Not at all!!!

And the big question..who is Talal? Why was he sent?

He has never shown himself, I have never talked to him on the phone, and we only communicated via WhatsApp texts. So, is he a good person who only wants to help me and get a 10% of what is collected or did my father send him to me to fix this mess???

The answer is: “I don’t know!!!”

And, lastly, for my father, Mr.Hazza Ayesh Aba Alrous, هزاع بن عايش الروسان Shame on you!!

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It seems, though, Mr. Hazza isn’t too poor for his collection of camels:

Additional Al-Rousan Company reference links:

UPDATE 4/16/21

Today Divine messaged the website and it seems mystery man “Talal” has been identified. Through a reputable source we have come to discover that the man’s name is Talal bin Mujez Allami AlEnzy. Apparently, Talal is a fan of the website and enjoys making threats against women who are looking for their father

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A Brief update from Jenniffer, SCLB creator. (May 2020)

 To all our visitors:

First of all…hi! It’s been a few years, and since the site is up and running again ( more on that in a minute ), I figured I would give you all an update on our situation. As of my last writing, my son Joseph was only 3 , and I was scouring everywhere trying to find any kind of medical info I could, from allergies to diseases that run in his lineage. Things looked and felt a little bleak, and I had serious doubts about the future.

     Fast forward 5 years, and things couldn’t be more different. Joey is now about to turn 11, and is as healthy as can be. He was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum upon entering kindergarten, but he has not suffered in the slightest. He is fascinated with temperatures, measurement scales , and all things scientific, as well as learning words in as many languages as possible. He doesn’t seem to care about a lot of the typical things 11 year old boys tend to, but that’s just part of what makes him unique. He is happy, healthy, and growing faster than I can stand.

     We moved from Ohio down to sunny Florida in the summer of 2016, and I can tell you with no hesitation, trading in snow for beach sand was the best decision we have ever made. We actually get blue skies down here! Joey misses the cold, but doesn’t complain when he can ride his bike 365 days of the year. You can’t put a price on that.

     Shortly after we became former Ohioans, Trump was elected. Not by me or my husband mind you, as neither of us can stand the Cheetoh in Chief, but after 8  years of relative normalcy, it seemed like every leader we had abandoned all pretense of humanity and decided a free for all money grab was what we elected them to do. 3 years into his reign, and all it seemed all Trump was capable of doing was careening between lies while dismantling every safety precaution Obama ever put into place. All that would have been disastrous enough without a plague-like virus descending on the entire human populace, but, alas, here we are. And that kind of brings me to my point. Why did I bring the site back?

     It was not an easy decision, to be sure. It was a strain on my time, my family life, and a drain of resources, both personal and financial. But after being cooped up in a state of quarantine / enforced social distancing, I realized how much I craved a return to normalcy. To being able to go outdoors, to parks, to beaches. To have real human interaction beyond my kids asking what time I was making dinner. And, after speaking to some old friends who decided to help me with content and administrative duties, I decided to reopen the site. Because I know the kind of relative discomfort I and others may feel by being isolated is nothing compared to the upheaval my life went through when Joey was born, and his biological father promptly disappeared. I know that kind of hurt, and I take a little comfort in knowing that I can provide A) a little help, B) a place to tell your story and vent if needed, and C) a sense of community, so that people in my situation know that they are not alone. Keep in mind, I started the site originally because of  how close to home this issue hit, but that is not the case any more. Joey is in a loving home, with a proud adoptive father, loving older sister, and a mother who would give the world to see him happy. He will never want for anything, nor most likely ever have any need to question what happened to his father. There are lots of children out there, however , who will not be as lucky, and when the time comes, they will deserve answers. If I can help in any way to provide those answers, then I will rest happy. I want to help others that are where I was, because I know not everyone will be as lucky as me, so maybe I can pay a little of my luck forward. I look forward to tomorrow much more than ever before, and will be talking to you again soon.

Joseph Age 10


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To Atef Mohomed Al Dinari

The man in the above picture is listed on my birth certificate as my father. His name is Atef Mohomed Al-Dinari. He is from Jeddah. The photo was taken when he was here in San Diego as a student in the late seventies, early eighties. My name is Atif Chavez..I was named after this man upon birth.

I’m telling my story because I want to give a realistic view of what happens when a Saudi student’s ignorant actions directly affect a child’s life.

My mother first met Atef at a function and from what she says, at first, she wasn’t interested in him at all, but, like many of these stories, he kept pursuing her (a common theme with these Saudi students). She eventually decided to give it a chance.

My mom has told me many things and details over the years about what happened while they were together. Many ridiculous people out there with no sense like to question the validity of the mothers claims about these relationships or to just label them whores, but that is far from the truth. The relationship between my mother and Atef lasted a long time.

The warning signs began when my mom heard through mutual acquaintances that Atef was seeing other women, one woman in particular who my mom found out he repeatedly visited even after he left back to Saudi. My mom eventually discovered she was pregnant and, as you can guess, the situation didn’t end well. He told her he couldn’t be with her and did something next that only someone with a lack of character would do….

He invited her over one day and said he needed to talk. He played a VHS videotape for her and my mom says she was confused because she didn’t know what she was watching. It looked like a wedding party. Then my mother saw a woman in a dress and Atef told her this was his wife. This had occurred during one of his trips back to Saudi. It was an arranged marriage, of course, with one of his cousins. This shocked my mother because she said that during their relationship he would say things to her like how he could see himself marrying her. He told her this is why he couldn’t be with her and even told her he didn’t want this for himself but his family was pressuring him. He told her he couldn’t have anything more to do with her or the pregnancy and encouraged her to have an abortion. When she said no, he ended the relationship. 

His Saudi friends whom my mother had previously been on good terms with, also turned on her and blamed her for everything and there were threats made. They told her to have an abortion. Funny how these “religious” men suddenly turn pro-choice when it has to do with their own selfish motives.

When the time came for questions about who the father was and potential DNA testing, Atef disappeared. My mom heard things about him going back to Saudi and coming back to San Diego secretly to finish his studies.

My mom tells me she initially wanted to give me a different name. She had planned on naming me Gabriel, but the only reason why she decided to name me after this ghost was on the behest of one of Atef’s cousins, my uncle Fahd. Fahd was the only person who sympathized with what my mother was going through and told my mother that Atef’s actions were horrible. He told my mom that she should name me after my father, because that’s how its done, so she did. He even visited my mother and held me as a newborn. (Advice to expectant mothers out there who are in this same situation: Despite what everyone or even your own beliefs tell you..please don’t name your child after these men. You’re doing your child no favors. My name, as beautiful as it is, represents something that is hurtful. I’m named after someone who deserted my mother and essentially left us for dead. If you insist on giving your child an arabic name, pick something else.)

I can tell you that, in no short of words, life has been mostly challenging. Not having a father around for my childhood, adolescence or adulthood was hell. My mom was mistreated by society and even her own family members when I was a kid because she was a single parent, alone, and I grew up watching this. Not having a stable, parental figure to teach me things or be there for me as a safety net was the definition of awfulness. 

I had the opportunity, when I first discovered Saudi Children Left Behind about 7 years ago, to make contact with some members of my alleged Saudi family. They had seen the story I posted and, for the first time, there was a part of me that thought I was actually going to finally be able to have the answers I had been seeking my whole life. Relatives I’ve never met who didn’t know about me would finally know I existed!

Things went well, at first, as they usually do. A DNA test was supposed to be done, and everything was moving along smoothly. But, in typical fashion, the warning signs returned. I started getting bad attitude from the family member I was communicating with, like the flip of a switch, he went from being pleasant to a complete jerk. I also started hearing that my dad was saying not so nice things. He claimed he couldn’t remember anything and accused my mom of false character traits. The final straw was when they cut off their cell phones and discontinued all contact with me. 

It had been done to my mom, then, now, to me. Lucky for me, we live in the age of the internet. Plus, they didn’t know who they were messing with. 

What happened to me is what happens to alot of others, women and children alike. But, let’s be clear. This did not define me. I am an intelligent individual and, as downright crappy as much of life has been, that has no bearing on who I am as a person. This is something not to be forgotten.

I want to take the opportunity to give a special shout out to Jenniffer, my friend and creator of Saudi Children for giving me and so many others a voice and an opportunity to share our stories. Thanks Jen, you rock!

لقصة : الرجل في الصورة أعلاه مدرج في شهادة ميلادي كأبي. اسمه عاطف الديناري. إنه من جدة. تم التقاط الصورة عندما كان هنا في سان دييغو كطالب في أواخر السبعينيات ، أوائل الثمانينيات. اسمي عاطف ، وقد سميت على اسم ابي عند الولادة. أنا أحكي قصتي لأنني أريد أن أقدم نظرة واقعية لما يحدث عندما تؤثر تصرفات الطالب السعودي الجاهل بشكل مباشر على حياة الطفل. قابلت والدتي عاطف لأول مرة في وظيفة ، في البداية ، لم تكن مهتمة به على الإطلاق ، ولكن ، مثل العديد من هذه القصص ، استمر في متابعتها (موضوع مشترك مع هؤلاء الطلاب السعوديين). قررت في نهاية المطاف أن تعطيها فرصة. أخبرتني أمي الكثير من الأشياء والتفاصيل على مر السنين حول ما حدث أثناء وجودهما معًا. كثير من الناس الاغبياء هناك الذين ليس لديهم عقول يرغبون في التشكيك في صحة ادعاءات الأمهات حول هذه العلاقات أو مجرد تصنيفها انها علاقه مع عاهرات ، ولكن هذا بعيد عن الحقيقة. استمرت العلاقة بين أمي وعاطف لفترة طويلة. بدأت علامات التحذير عندما سمعت أمي من خلال بعض المعارف أن عاطف كان يقابل نساء أخريات ، وهي امرأة على وجه الخصوص اكتشفتها أمي أنه زارها مرارًا وتكرارًا حتى بعد أن عاد إلى السعودية. اكتشفت أمي في النهاية أنها حامل ، وكما يمكنك أن تتخيل ، لم ينتهي الوضع بشكل جيد. أخبرها أنه لا يستطيع أن يكون معها وفعل شيئًا بعد ذلك يفعله معتوه فقط … دعاها على مدى يوم واحد وقال إنه بحاجة للتحدث. قام بتشغيل شريط فيديو لها وتقول أمي أنها كانت مشوشة لأنها لم تكن تعرف ما كانت تشاهده. بدا وكأنه حفل زفاف. ثم رأت أمي امرأة ترتدي ثياباً ، وأخبرها عاطف أن هذه هي زوجته. حدث ذلك خلال إحدى رحلاته إلى السعودية. كان زواجًا مرتبًا ، بالطبع ، مع أحد أقاربه. صدم هذا والدتي لأنها قالت أنه خلال علاقتهما كان سيقول لها أشياء مثل كيف يمكن أن يرى نفسه يتزوجها. أخبرها هذا هو السبب في أنه لا يستطيع أن يكون معها وحتى أخبرها أنه لا يريد هذا لنفسه ولكن عائلته كانت تضغط عليه. أخبرها أنه لا يمكن أن يكون لها أي علاقة بها أو بالحمل وأنهى العلاقة. أصدقاؤه السعوديون الذين كانت والدتي تربطهم علاقة جيدة معهم ، انقلبوا عليها أيضًا وألقوا باللوم عليها في كل شيء وكانت هناك تهديدات. قالوا لها أن تجهض. من المضحك أن هؤلاء الرجال “المتدينين” يتحولون فجأة إلى اشخاص لايريدون الخير لاحد عندما يتعلق الأمر بدوافعهم الأنانية. عندما حان وقت الأسئلة حول من هو الأب واختبار الحمض النووي المحتمل ، اختفى عاطف. سمعت أمي أشياء عن عودته إلى السعودية والعودة إلى سان دييغو سراً لإنهاء دراسته. أخبرتني أمي أنها أرادت في البداية إعطائي اسمًا مختلفًا. لقد خططت لتسميتي غابرييل ، ولكن السبب الوحيد الذي جعلها تسميني عاطف كان بناء على طلب من أحد أبناء عمومة عاطف عمي فهد . فهد هو الشخص الوحيد الذي تعاطف مع ما تمر به والدتي وأخبر والدتي أن أفعال عاطف كانت مروعة. قال لأمي أنها يجب أن تسميني باسم والدي ، لأن هذا ما فعلته ، لذلك فعلت. حتى أنه زار والدتي واحتجزني وأنا مولود جديد. (نصيحة للأمهات الحوامل في نفس الوضع: على الرغم مما يقوله الجميع أو حتى معتقداتك الخاصة .. من فضلك لا تذكر اسم طفلك بعد هؤلاء الرجال. أنت لا تقدم لطفلك أي خدمة. اسمي ، مثل جميل ، يمثل شيئًا مؤلمًا. لقد سميت على اسم شخص هجر والدتي وتركنا نعاني إذا كنت تصر على إعطاء طفلك اسمًا عربيًا ، فاختر اسم اخر.) لقد أتيحت لي الفرصة ، عندما اكتشفت أول أطفال سعوديين تركوا وراءهم منذ حوالي 7 سنوات ، للاتصال ببعض أفراد عائلتي السعودية المزعومة. لقد رأوا القصة التي نشرتها ، وللمرة الأولى ، لقد كنت اعتقد اني سأتمكن في النهاية من الحصول على الإجابات التي كنت أبحث عنها طوال حياتي. الأقارب الذين لم ألتق بهم أبدًا والذين لم يعرفوا عني يعرفون أخيراً أنني موجود! سارت الأمور على ما يرام في البداية ، كما تفعل عادة. كان من المفترض إجراء اختبار الحمض النووي ، وكان كل شيء يتحرك بسلاسة. ولكن ، بطريقة نموذجية ، عادت علامات التحذير. بدأت أتلقى سلوكًا سيئًا من أحد أفراد الأسرة الذي كنت أتواصل معه ، حيث تحول من كونه لطيفًا إلى نكد تمامًا. بدأت أسمع أيضًا أن والدي كان يقول أشياء غير لطيفة. ادعى أنه لا يستطيع تذكر أي شيء واتهم أمي بسمات شخصية كاذبة. القشة الأخيرة كانت عندما قطعوا هواتفهم المحمولة وأوقفوا كل اتصال معي. لقد تم ذلك لأمي ، الآن ، بالنسبة لي. محظوظ بالنسبة لي ، نحن نعيش في عصر الإنترنت. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، لم يعرفوا مع من كانوا يعبثون. ما حدث لي هو ما يحدث للكثير من النساء والأطفال على حد سواء. لكن ، لنكن واضحين. هذا لم يحددني. أنا فرد ذكي ، وبقدر ما هو مرعب تمامًا مثل معظم الحياة ، ليس له أي تأثير على من أنا كشخص. هذا شيء لا يجب نسيانه. أريد أن أغتنم هذه الفرصة لأعطي صرخة خاصة لجنيفر ، صديقي ومبتكر الأطفال السعوديين لمنحي فرصه ولغيرهم من الاشخاص صوتًا وفرصة لمشاركة قصصنا. شكرا جين .

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New content coming soon.

So its been a while. We are currently busy working on new site content. Check back soon.beaverfemale

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Makki Anwar Ibrahim Shareiah Makkah

We were recently contacted by Shaima a young single mother who originates from the Philippines. After a relationship with Makki she became pregnant. Here is her story.

Were both nurse in one hospital. Were together for about 11months before I get pregnant. After i confirm that i am pregnant i told him everything. and he get angry he told me that i need to abort my pregnancy or he will leave me. Then we start to fight and i didnt agree to abort my baby coz im afraid to god. I convince him to accept the reality that we will become parent soon but he never accept it after fighting with him for almost 2weeks i decided to go back to philippines and continue my pregnancy. Then i inform my family about my situation of course they are upset and angry with me because i did a big haram in my life were muslim as expected they are blaming me. But they accept everything. Before i leave saudi he talk to me and say he will help me for all i just need to inform him what i need. But later on everything change again but i dont mind it coz i need to prepare my self for my delivery. He never contact me for 2months. I deliver my baby via CS and i pay all my expenses and hospital bills. When the time come that i dont have enough money to support my baby i ask his help then he start to help me for 4months only then he never contact me again i try to contact him but he blocked all my numbers i dont know what happen then i decided to call his parent to inform everything but i failed coz his parent doesnt believe me. I was so upset and stress dont know where i can find money to support the needs of my daughter my family somehow help me for my daughter but still there is blaming part. This was very difficult part of my life. I dont know what i can do to support my daughter then i decided to go to saudi again to work and then i try to talk with him again and convince him to accept his daughter but he never accept. Then we never talk again its been 3yrs the last time i talk to him my daughter now turning 4yrs old and started to ask about her father but i dont know how to answer all of her question. Its hurt every time i saw her looking at other kids with there father it melt my heart coz i know what she feels. Now i decided to stay with her here in philippines coz i dont like her to feel that she dont have family. Im the only one who suffer more while her father doing nothing making his life better and not thinking about her daughter.

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He’s Looking for his dad Hamad Saud Alkhaldi

 Hamad saud Alkhaldi  and his son

Hamad saud Alkhaldi and his son

He left a week before the baby was born , now he’s 9 months and last time Hamad saud Alkhaldi contact me was on Valentines day 02-14-15 to say that he loves me but he didn’t even ask for he’s baby 😥

He got really mad on 6-30-15 because I send him a picture of he’s son having he’s first birthday and this is what he answers me .. I have no words I just feel so disappointed/ What a shame of man 😦




I just hope God take care of my baby and me I don’t really care anymore about a guy who lie saying that he loves me when he’s unable to love he’s own blood ..


Plus I don’t need to pray 5 times a day and lie the rest of the day or just been an double moral person who you think u are cheating ??

God knows who u are in real life a heartless person .. !

But I believe in God and I know he’s the one who’s going to ask you about this precious child who is a blessing for me and should be for u too , he was born the first day of Ramadan and not even for that reason you can have some fear in God he wanted to be that way .! I’m glad that he chose me to be the mother of this beautiful baby .. Al 💖hamdudillah !

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