Isabella's Interview
Interview With Isabella

Would you please state your age, race & religion.

I am 23 years old, hispanic/latina and christian.

Where/how did you met your Saudi. How long did the relationship last?

I met my Saudi through a friend that introduce us both it was his roomate at their house, we were together for 7 months.

What was your Saudi’s reaction to the pregnancy?

He was scared and the only words that came out of him was ‘HOW COME”. After that he said you must have an abortion because he was not ready to be a father, this will be a cursed to his life and, he wont be able to live in peace because he will be thinking about it constantly so lets get rid of this.!

Were your family members accepting of the relationship? How do they currently view the situation?

My family knew and accept it because they though he was well educated nice and a gentleman. Now they know they were wrong and he lie to us and disrespect and make fun of our family, home and honor.

Describe your current situation.(your life, your child’s life, current situation with Saudi, etc.)

My life is amazing now, I think and i am sure that I am blessed even though I committed a sin by being with my saudi but, I had two amazing fraternal twins and they are perfect and healthy. They are my joy and pride, I was able to have them for 9 months and I think that’s very hard to do when you have twins. My current situation with my Saudi guys is very clear he wanted an abortion, and since I didn’t do it he fled and went back to Saudi Arabia and states to anyone that ask him this are not my children, and he wants to be left alone and in peace.

Will the father be involved in any way in raising your child?

No, he doesnt want to be part of anything. He doesnt care about the kids and he tried to pay me 15, 000 dollars for the kids if he was left alone.

How are you dealing with the lack of support? (financial, emotional)

When I was pregnant, it was very hard for me go throw it alone and knowing that the father of my kids, couldn’t realizes what a blessing he had. Financially thanks to many programs in my town I was able to get the help I need but, it was not enough, especially when I have twins.

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to finish my degree and be able to provide my children with the best that I can,and show them the other side of the culture they belong to. Also being able to raise intelligent, educated, children that love God,show them many things I was not able to complete.

What advice would you give to another woman in your current situation?

I know it is hard and I know you are very confused right now and don’t know what to do, who to belive and, trust but your not alone and, your not the only one in this situation and there is always hope. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger!.

Is there anything that you would you like to say to your Saudi?

Yes, the only thing I will tell him is Fear Allah!.


32 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Lee

    Dearest ladies

    I lived in Saudi for many years and was immersed in their society, very few western women have successful lives in Saudi, and being an only wife, they always look for another one younger when they hit their 30.s. Now in Saudi family their mothers want them to marry who they choose, and trust me the mothers rule supreme. If you have never been to Saudi and met their families then be assured they do not know about you or your children and the man will do anything to keep you secret.
    Saudi men very very few can marry western women and successfully live with them in Saudi, a Saudi man does what ever his family tell him. I married one in my 20s , and after marriage he changed and I got away from him, thankfully no kids involved.
    To be honest just be careful as they are a very deceptive race of people, be careful who you contact at the Embassey, and what you say. Sometimes, men will marry in their mid teens and go abroad to study, their wives may or may not want to go with them. My suggestion is to keep well away from them, and stay very safe.

    • I like u & ur mother

      “deceptive race of people” ???!!!!

      Lee i think u r a very racist race of people.

      if u chose the wrong man whatever his nationality is u will get divorced and suffer the outcome of ur choices.

      if u had a relationship with any man as boyfriend or husband from any country u could be not the one for him and he may leave u or maybe the women would be not the one for him and he may leave u ( simple as that ) so grow up and don’t be racist u piece of …..

      shame on u Lee

    • talal

      not all saudi guys are the same. i strongly dislike that comment, even though its describing a personal experience but i strongly disagree with it.



  2. bigstick1

    Hey, haven’t heard from you lately. Just checking on you.

    • Hello I am so sorry it has taken me forever to get back to everyone. Ohio was hit hard with storms that took out power in half of the state for about a week(during a heat wave non the less). We just got our Internet problem fixed. What a mess! I still have a huge tree in my yard that I am waiting for them to come and take. UGHH Ohio weather sucks 😦

    • Hello I am so sorry it has taken me forever to get back to everyone. Ohio was hit hard with storms that took out power in half of the state for about a week(during a heat wave non the less). We just got our Internet problem fixed. What a mess! I still have a huge tree in my yard that I am waiting for them to come and take. UGHH Ohio weather sucks

  3. Awad


    I am Saudi citizen and feel very very sad and sorry for what happened to you and your kid.

    I read your blog and all stories and feel very very upset from those who just left their own children and wifes. Those wifes who trusted them and fell in love with them.

    The good news is that, YOUR voices is heard, here in Saudi Arabia and some newspapers wrote about it and I am one of those who read it and search through the internet and find this blog.

    I feel a great sympathy for you and the others just like you who are going through the same crisis.

    I want to tell you that, it is not acceptable in the Qur’an and Islam to do such things. As a Muslim, I can confirm that, it is not acceptable to do as such as those liars. You can find out more about that if you read the Qur’an and its translation.

    Allah and people will appreciate what you’ve done.

    On behalf of the Saudi people, Please accept our apologies for this irresponsible and reckless behaviors.

    I do really appreciate your efforts and want to offer you anything I can do.
    Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

    May Allah bless you with happiness and protect you and your child.


    • Thank you for your very nice words. Hopefully some good can come out of the blog and someone will recognize the men named here and convince them to do right by their children.

    • مانشستراوية

      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
      بارك الله فيك اخوي علي كلامك
      عجبني ردك انك من نفس ديرة زوجالاخت وحسن اختيارك للكلام ومساواة للاخت اللي زوجها تركها هي وعيالها ومايبي يعترف فيهم ..

      ياريت الانسان قبل لا يسوي شي يحط ربي قدام عيونه ويتقيه …

      • Gentlman

        I like what you said at the end of your comment ,

        ” All should fear Allah , before they do anything.”

  4. Dalila

    your son is so handsome masha’allah , i wish publishing this by you and the other mums serves the purpose … and i also wish if the American women out there to think a billion time before accepting a relationship with men from this part of the world , we Arabs are different and when guys like Sultan and the rest go to America they forgot it all and get overwhelmed with the way of life and want to try it all … and adventure brings victims like baby Joseph and other beautiful innocent children …. i hope by publishing this you get what you aim , and i hope any American or any girl in this world learn from your experience and think logically before making any step into relationship with men from outside her country , someone you can’t track or reach …. we shouldn’t be selfish and only live the moment .. if this moment will get bring up babies to this world for dads so careless like that …. May Allah help you all , and please publishing this is a great idea but let’s not generalize the situation here … we have many Arabic men in general and even Saudis who married foreigners and stayed with them and lived normally …. Sultan , Bahi and the rest guilty fathers are representing them self’s not the Saudi nation nor Arabs or Muslims please don’t make this sound like we Muslim Arabs are so ignorant like those men ……. I am an Arabic Muslim woman from the Arabian gulf … and your stories really touched my heart …. but I don’t want this to effect the reputation negatively on my religion Islam or origin (ARAB) …..
    و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

  5. Mohammed

    I swear you’re doing the right thing. That’s the right way to be honest wey!! keep the good work up

  6. Abdullah

    “ the only thing I will tell him is Fear Allah! ”
    Powerful word!

    First i’m so sorry for this story, and those stories like it! it’s big shame to treat a woman like this.

    But I want to advice all women in the world, especially western and American women ” DON’T start any relationship with Saudi or even any Muslim guy except if you’ll sure 100% that guy will marry you, AND DON’T accept any kind of intimacy = Sexual relationship before marriage with him ”
    Because in general ” a Muslim or an Arabic guy won’t respect any woman give him her body without marriage’s border ” even if he was Muslim or Arabic ” By the way i’m a Muslim and Arabic guy ” but I’m telling the shocking truth “for some of you” of our society, it’s not good to look to women in general by this way, and even if you call yourself as a Muslim this not means you’re angle or you won’t do any sin or fault in your life, even if those women are liberals or openable in their society or culture!

    So be careful in this point, and if you fell in love with that or this guy so ask him the marriage and it should be formal = mean it should be on the papers and documented to save your rights and to make this relationship clear and save”

    In fact, Saudis citizens can’t marry non-Saudis women easily, the Saudi government don’t give an approval easily to this kind of marriage, it’s hard complicated story to get an approval of the government, and most of Saudis citizens can’t get the approval, so remember this well!

    A Muslim can marry of Muslim woman or Christian woman or Jewish woman, so he can’t marry any woman out of these three religions, so remember this well!

    However just I want to note that rare of Saudis or Arabic or Muslims guys can accept western women, especially those students in abroad, especially those young students be careful of them, a lot of them are poor and they didn’t see any women in their societies, so then when they go abroad they shock!

    Also by the way I should say that ” In Islam ” any child out of marriage will be to his or her mother not to his or her father! so this important thing and you ” All ” should know it!

    Ultimately, those bad guys they aren’t really Muslims, they aren’t really men, they’re shame, but don’t worry because we are now in the Internet age, and Allah = God will help the oppressed in the end.

    Thank you.

  7. Voice of truth

    Get these stories published in your media, go to Oprah Winfrey herself and make it a huge mass case in your country. Otherwise, more saudi guys will be doing it to other girls like you. Hurry up girls!! It’s your right!

  8. Abou Abraheem

    i feel very sorry for you dear if you can tel me were he passiple live i might help you to contact you.

  9. Meccan Lady

    To All American Mothers Of Saudi Children,

    I am Saudi woman and it really saddened me what those deadbeat dads did to you. I am very so sorry for what you have been thought. I am very sorry for what your children have been through. I want you know that you have my support and there are many Saudis men and women who are very supportive of you. Thank you for being strong and standing up for your rights and your child rights. It takes alot of courage & bravery to confront those men and go public with your struggle.I hope the fathers finally will bring enough shame to their families that they are forced to pay child support. It is not that child fault that his father is irresponsible and it is not your fault that you trusted someone who betrayed your trust. We can not choose who we fall in love with so I can only imagine how you feel. I really don’t know how do you do it, how to be strong and move on and be able to raise your child without the dad but I respect you for it because I am a mom and I can not imagine how I would have been able to raise my child without my husband continues love and support, Thanks for posting this story. It works like magic and people now are talking and something good will come out of this at least families realize that their kids are not angels and it is time to teach them to respect women and be men. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and send all my positive energy your way.

    God Bless!

  10. SAMI

    I am a Saudi who lived in the US in the eighties and befriended with many Americans but never lied to anyone. I feel sad for the children more than the women because they have to suffer for other’s mistake. My son now in the US and I have sent him this website to warn him not to be like those deadbeat fathers.
    TO Lee; your racist remark about Saudis is unfair and unacceptable, so please dont generalize.

  11. Maha

    ( ولا تقربوا الزنا إنه كان فاحشة وساء سبيلا) سورة الإسراء. آية: ( 32)

    32. And come not near to unlawful sex. Verily, it is a Fâhishah (i.e. anything that transgresses its limits: a great sin), and an evil way (that leads one to Hell unless Allâh forgives him). ((Quran : 17 : 32))

  12. Asiri

    he is half a man maybe less
    I feel sorry for you , I ask Allah to help u
    shocking very shocking how can he leave his children their and simply goes home
    the most disgusting thing that he clam to be a musllim
    for those ho don’t know this is the farthest thing from Islam and Arab traditions
    and this kind of man are less than 1%

  13. hana

    this is what you get from a relationship with a Saudi ..They only want sex he’ll cheat on you the way bahi did … They are careless .In the saudi society a man is always forgiven no matter what he does even if he made a girl pregnant he is forgiven unlike girls , if you were a Saudi girl and you got pregnant you will be abandoned not from raji only you will be abandoned even by your family or they will never forgive you for not being a virgin .. Thats probably one of the many reasons Saudi men dont take anything seriously and not being responsible for what they do to Nonsaudi girls..As us Saudi girls we never have affairs because we represent the family reputation and if a Saudi girl does something like that it will be held not against her but against her family’s last or even the tribe she belongs to and everyone will punish her real bad ..No matter what DO NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH A SAUDI GUY unless he’s family knows about you in his life

  14. I regret Mansama and double of those stories and Nha spoke of the sons of the Arab Saudi and I apologized to each mother suffered and are suffering from a pair abandoned his wife and son is not deserve to be a father of Nhu is unable to be responsible Anao coward and traitor may be more of the piece Mother blow to Manti wheretrouble and unhappiness and we are with you and I hope to join you and provide assistance in the search and giving information and have not been found by Alaúmal even gave my phone number and western assistance Arabia Abu Abdullah
    Wishing you adjust

  15. Mutab

    I totally regret for the children an wife
    I hope that children and mothers will get better life

  16. bob white

    It is sad to hear such stories. The best thing is to avoid meeting Saudi men.

  17. Dear Isabella,

    I was moved so much by ur words i am writing this now with tears i couldn’t help but crying! Ur an angel and much more noble human than him. Contact the Saudi embassy or the famous non-profit organization designated for such cases i guess its called “أواصر” Awa9ir in Arabic. All i can say to the father is “SHAME ON U!! Be a real man and take resposbility for ur kids!! FEAR ALLAH!! Fear Allah!! I am crying wallah i can’t say anything more u said it all. Fear Allah! Plz dear Isabella send me his full correct name i will do my best to help i promise. I am Saudi man and i live here i want to help ur story and words r tearing my heart. God bless you God bless your beautiful kids. We are all with you!! Be strong my sister ur great mother!

  18. ions

    You know what I don’t understand is this behavior would not be acceptable in Saudi so why do they come the West & disrespect our women? The men would not even speak to a non mahram woman. Allah sees everywhere. These men want to seem good in their country, don’t they realize Allah sees them in the West too! These men are what these non Muslims see and may take them as examples of Muslims. The Saudi culture is not Islam. May Allah guide these children & their families.

    • Chlea

      Salam!! I am very happy to see this site..anyway I just wanted to share my story.. About loving your habibi(saudi) you see this is the first time I came here in Saudi Arabia(jeddah) I really believe in the saying that you cant choose someone whom you love..I have a saudi boyfriend were almost together for a year..we have our ups and downs but most of the time we fixed I met him? He’s the one who called me up first I don’t even know how he got my number but the rest is the history. Honestly the first time I’ve met him,I don’t even feel anything.. Just a casual friend may I say..I’m not saying that he’s not handsome.. But because that time I’m not thinking about having a relationship with the locals here..I’m not judging all of them..but some of the men here are like wolves waiting someone to Devour!! I am staying in jeddah and he’s living in albaha 5hours drive I guess..most of the time he do visit me here in Jeddah.. I love him so much.. That’s why I don’t entertain any man from jeddah not because of anything simply because I love fairness to him he is such a loving and a caring boyfriend to me..I wanted to cry now 😉 last october 22,I found out I was pregnant and at first I was in denial.. Maybe the pregnancy test is Karban or expired..but when my period didn’t come this month I was sure that I am 100% preggy..I told him that I’m pregnant and he’s not really shocked because he told me he had a feeling that I’m gonna get pregnant.. But I know that he’s not ready to be a Father..and it’s really hurts me a lot that few days later he visited me here and bought for me some mangoes and avocado..because I’m craving for this fruits..he even gave me a money to buy my needs..but now 4days had passed he don’t even bother to call or message me;( it really hurts to see that this man who you offer your love and time will just ignore you just because I’m pregnant ;( I don’t have a family here..he’s like my everything.. My boyfriend came in a well known and big family here..I don’t have plans to give any mushkila or problems with him.his 2brothers and some bestfriend of him knows me.and one of his bestfriend now know I’m pregnant.. I really don’t know what to do I am 5weeks pregnant and he wants me to abort our baby.. I am afraid to do that..please I need your advice..Shukran keteer.

  19. Sara

    The fact that these men are getting away with this is infuriating. Is there no justice for these women and children? What is their government doing about this?

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