Deadbeat Dad

You are no man,
you are what we call a deadbeat dad.

You won’t take care of your children you had,
You act like you have no past,
that is really very sad.

You move on from state to state,
and from woman to woman,
thinking you are something great.

One day you will come to realize,
that you can not leave your past behind.

The babies that you left me to care for on my own,
know now that you are gone

They can make their own decisions on their thoughts about you,
they can decide if they wants to meet you, or just be through.

You missing out on all the fun,
because you just had the urge to always run.

You missing their smiles and the way they talked,
you even missed seeing them begin to walk.

Birthday’s were not something you chose to share,
but that’s OK they knew you would not be there.

So when you wake up one day with all your regret,
please don’t ever forget,
you are the one that caused all your problems to manifest,
because you forgot about the one thing that would have made you the best,


You were never there
When I needed care
You took off
When things got rough
And moved on
The day you decided I was an unwanted son

I hear news about you here and there
To myself, I whisper in despair
How life is not fair
I sometimes breakdown and cry
And wish to die
Because deep inside
Where my feelings hide
I long for a fatherly hug
Like a recovering addict to his drug

I looked for your face during my graduation
I missed your smile after my promotion
A face I never had the chance to see
A smile I only imagine to feel free

How can I celebrate your special day
When your name is synonym of betray?

For everything that I went through
The cheers I never heard coming from you
The love you chose not to give
The sorry cards I never received
The mental anguish
And all the things I missed
Toward you, I still won’t recriminate
Though, I choose to dedicate your special day
To the one who’s been there for me all along
The one who helped me distinguish right from wrong
My Mom, my hero

Do you know what you’ve done
To the children you shun
Their sweet hearts you have broken
With the words you have spoken

Though liar and cheat
The rap you won’t beat
Is the way you have treated
The children you cheated

When you’re an old dying man
There’ll be nary a fan
At your grave, at your end
Not a single real friend

Justice is karma
The cost of your drama
You’re worth none of my time
Nor one more rhyme


13 thoughts on “Poems

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  2. abdullaziz

    go ahead I’M Sure you will gonna Find the bad mens i’m so shy to call them mens

  3. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    الظلم ظلمات يوم القيامه
    وهذه ضريبة السفر بلا وازع ديني
    وجريمة في حق الطفوله
    كيف للعين ان تقر بالنوم وهناك فلذة كبدٍ بعيدة عن النظر والاهتمام
    طفل يعيش مهمش وابوه حيٍ
    حسبهم الله
    وكان لابد للحق ان ينكشف وتعلن فضائحهم على الملا

  4. من هلثور الي لازق كلام ويقول قصايد اي راحو الطيبين الله يرحم خلف بن هذال

    • سعد خالد

      يقول المتنبي

      فَمَن يَـكُ ذا فَـمٍ مُـرٍّ مَرِيضٍ **** يَجِد مُرّاً به المَـاءَ الـزُّلالا

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    i have met saudi and american couples and some are happy with each other and with their families, but really sad to read about some of the fresh high school graduates who are funded by the government to go there and get into a relationship or even a family not knowing OR ignoring the fact that they should stick with their family and live together.

  6. ayedh

    i am realy so sorry for your story i can help you to find your father if you just go and visit this webside i am sure you will find help from KSA goverment to get your father

  7. الله يكون بعونكم

  8. حسبي الله عليكم من شباب صايع مانعندكم نخوه ولا شرف سودوتوا وجوهنا
    اتمنى ان يتم اجرائات صارمه من الحكومه السعوديه بحق هالشباب

  9. Natalie

    I can relate to these except I am a daughter that has been left behind there is no trace of my dad when I try to look for him…I need him but I can not find him.

  10. john

    Just ask the US government to stop them from coming to your country

  11. Honey your fortunate to have a wonderful mother to guide you. I also have a beautiful daughter from a Saudi father by the name of Turki Al Angari. He is also a deadbeat. I met him in Olympia Wa in 1976. He was a liar like they all are. I have a 38 year old daughter named Sara Latifa. I would never want him in her life. She turned into a beautiful successful young woman without any help from this liar that I believed in. He is so disgraceful he even called me during his honeymoon in Florida and he called to let me know when his wife had their first two children, both girls. I know it hurts to have a father that doesn’t care but believe me you are too good to waste one more minute of your time on your so called father. God bless you and know there really is such a thing as Karma and if it doesn’t happen during his lifetime it WILL happen when he is called home by (Allah) God.

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