Qatari & Kuwaiti Children Left Behind

Since the launch of Saudi Children Left Behind I have been fortunate in meeting many wonderful women that are dealing with deadbeat dad’s from around the world. One of these women has started her own blog to deal with men from Qatar & Kuwaiti. I want to thank her for letting me share her blog and hope we can help her in her struggle.


A new blog, a voice for those left behind

Qatari Children Left Behind

This blog is in it’s infancy and changes will be made once I learn how to use wordpress 100%. As word spreads I hope it will be filled with stories of those left behind. I know Qatar is a small gulf state but I’m sure I’m not the only one out there going through this. I’ve already read one story of a lady whose Qatari husband was forced into marrying his cousin once he went back home to announce his wife and kids to his family. Fortunately Sheikh Hamad heard her story and helped her children receive their documents. I personally have nothing but good things to say about the ruler of Qatar and his wife Sheikha Moza. Sheikha Moza is educated cares about education and making the country a better place for the people. I would think they need all of the Qatari citizens they can find considering the citizens are few and expats crowd Qatar. I visited Qatar a few years back, it was such a clean and crisp place. I will take my daughter there one day Inshallah and show her what her country looks like. I’m lucky I live in Kuwait which is a short flight away. The mall there was beautiful and the corniche was a great place to walk. I saw many heritage sites I can show my daughter one day. I never spoke ill of her father, maybe I shouldn’t have mean so nice about him as she has abdanonment issues now. She just turned 13 and wishes she knew her father, she looks at her baby pictures and wonders why he left her which in turn makes her act out. I hope Qatar will follow in the steps of UAE and KSA in claiming the lost children.










Kuwaiti Children Left Behind

(This is one of the posts from the page)

This blog is for my sister whose father left her behind many years ago. My mother met her father in Pensacola, Florida back in the late 70′s. The small town was flooded by GCC pilots studying with the U.S. military. The new brownies with lots of money had a lot of the girls talking. The black hair and dark skin is what caught my mother’s eye when she met A. Al-Roudhan, a Kuwaiti pilot. I was a young child when they got together and was raised by him for several years. In 1981 my mother gave birth to my sister N, she was named after his grandmother. My sister was visited by her father, his brother and some of their friends. We moved and finally settled down in California but when it was time for his family to come and visit my mother, sister and I would have to vacate and stay in an apartment somewhere else. With little money my mother had to scrape together change and we would walk a mile to the gas station so she could call him and buy me my Archie comic book. We had no tv and really nothing in the apartment which was really lonely. I look back now and know how strong my mom was to take care of us pretty much alone. When my sister was 2 he left to Kuwait and never came back leaving my mom alone with 2 children. She took a job at a pet store and left us with babysitters one of which pysically abused my sister. My mom eventually re-married a Palestinian man and he raised us for almost 20 years until they divorced. She now lives in Kuwait with her Kuwaiti husband. Upon graduating high school my sister and my mom came to Kuwait so she could find her father. All was good in the beginning in which he gave my sister some money and gold so she would go back to California but when my sister moved to Kuwait her father wasn’t so nice. My sister married a Kuwaiti and received her nationality through the marriage but she isn’t considered a first class Kuwaiti even though her father’s family is one of the biggest in Kuwait. When I came to Kuwait we went to the gold shop he owned in Mubarakiya and there I saw him, this tired old looking man whom I feared as a child. He told me I was his first child and blah blah. He has since disappeared out of sight as his father died leaving him as head of the family and he has a certain image to maintain. We know where he lives and what house he lives in which happens to be the house beside where my mom works, talk about irony. My sister even went to his house once and met her younger brothers. We also found out when his wife had a daughter she wanted to name her the same as my sister’s name but he told her no. Guilt perhaps? It’s time for the lost children to come out into the light.

Not many pictures of her dad are left after my mom burned them but she regrets doing that now.



I hope everyone will take some time to view her blog.




40 thoughts on “Qatari & Kuwaiti Children Left Behind

  1. rotana

    Why go after these gulf men but than yet when you are in your country the men there don’t care. Gulf men will never care. He has a huge family of his own.

    • I agree they do not care but they should never forget the familys they start in other countrys. The children they leave feel the pain forever and these coward men deserve to be punished for hurting the women and children they abandon.

      • rotana

        You know men from those countries go travel to have fun. But on the other hand why these women are having sex when they aren’t married.

      • amjad

        how come there is no black children left Chinese children? Hispanic children? get the picture? not that i agree with these cowards but you are clearly discriminating, i think no one takes this site seriously because it is full of hate on a specific ethnicity (discrimination), just saying. I know i will probably get lots of hate comments but i just tell it like it is.

      • No hateful comments are necessary. I think their should be pages about all of the children that have been abandoned by their fathers. I can not make such pages because I dont know what it is like to be in love with a Chinese man and have his child and then have him turn around and abandon us. I do know what it is like to have a child with a saudi man who ran away and the more I researched and reached out I found that this is common practice amongst saudi males who travel to study. So that is why I have a blog!!

        As to discriminating against saudi men well as the old adage goes ” If the shoe fits” You must remember we are mothers to half saudi children we dont hate that part of them quite the opposite in fact. What we discriminate against is men who come to a foreign country and run a muck treating the women there like garbage when they decide to have the child instead of murdering our child during an abortion.
        My son is a beautiful half saudi little prince in my books and he will grow up being a better man than his father ever was and that has nothing to do with race or religion that has to do with my husband choosing to raise a child that is not his and loving him like a father should. In that my son is very lucky and Sultan will always know that he had no part in making his son into a real man.

      • Aijiren

        True and I Agree if i was rich i would have taken care of all these children

    • Atef

      Rotana youre outlook is very misguided astafurgAllah..I hope you dont think this is the way of Islam because if youre a muslim yourself you need to go back and re-read some versus. This behavior is irreprehensible and these men need to know that

  2. I live in Kuwait and am 30 minutes from Qatar, I’m living in their world. If we don’t get recognition no problem but if I can prevent one of these future students from having a family and leaving them behind then this is all worth it.

    • Muneerah

      I wish someone would go talk to the government in Kuwait and tell them that they should take care of these children, and confront the fathers. I dont have his passport are they kidding? I own have his name, I do not even know how old he is now. I was 24 when I had Nourah, now I am 65. What can I do?

  3. I hope someone in the Arab world answer your calls! what I really can not understand is how can these (fathers) can be so heartless??! leaving their own families and children behind! how can they be so ignorant in this century regardless of their ethnic backgrounds! I Support You! and I pray to Allah SWT to grant you all your legal, marital and obvious rights! my heart is with you ladies!

    • Muneerah

      Abdulah Alasiri Thanks for your comments. I am a mother of a Kuwaiti daughter Nourah who was born in 1980. Nourah has never met her father and she blames me for that. I never intended to get pregnant and I was using birth control and I had not had a child for five years so that lowered my chance to less then 1 percent. I got pregnant and her father Salah Alknaimish refused to acknowledge that he was her father. He went back to Kuwait probably thinking that he will never have to deal with this but he is wrong. Allah knows everything and Allah knows that he has not taken care of his daughter. He made a huge mistake since Nourah looks exactly like him, she does not look like me. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and very white skin and Nourah has olive skin and very dark brown hair and eyes. Nourah is beautiful not just because I am her mother. I found this website by accident and I just wanted to put this out there.
      All of these children should have contact with their fathers regardless.

  4. Left

    Why do Arab guys get involved and promise the world to these girls knowing that they have no intention of staying. They know they are there to study and leave. You wanna ask why the girls are having relationships with these guys? Why are “muslim” guys who KNOW BETTER having relationships with these girls? Guys get away with it because they are guys, They get a pat on the back for being a “rayal” and the girl gets shunned. It’s equally wrong for both sides in most major religions so don’t blame one more than the other. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s what you learn and how you fix that mistake that matters.
    I dont think the point of this site is to judge the womens’ stories. It’s not a movie and we are not looking for two thumbs up. Put yourself in their shoes. What if it happened to you? If you think that you are to perfect to even imagine it than your heart is a rock and you are as cold hearted and cruel as the men that left their babies behind.

    • AC

      I had a question about the process you went through in attempting to obtain your rights as I might be going through the same process..if you have email or I can leave you an email to communicate Thanks and look forward to speaking

      • Sara

        I would also like to know the process that you went through to obtain your rights.
        I have registered for Kuwait Nationality now because I am living here but I have just found out that Kuwait require my fathers details and a copy of his passport/ death certificate. This is going to be extremely hard for me as my father isn’t on my birth certificate and I don’t have my fathers surname. I am sick of being a “Nobody” not belonging anywhere.
        I don’t think my father realizes how much he’s ruined my life. I had such a bad childhood. Evil stepfather (abuse) and my mother who didn’t care. I have finally found happiness in my life. (Wonderful husband who understands my situation as he went through similar and I have 2 beautiful children)
        I want to feel like I belong. I would really like to obtain my rights but I wouldn’t know where to start and I don’t even know what I should do.

    • Lisa Guenther

      I believe some men all around the world no matter what race, culture, religion etc… leave their children abandoned…the major problem is in countries such as qatar, kuwait , saudi Arabia etc.. they have no laws that protect American born children or other countries why? because they base their laws from sharia law… in which fathers do not have to pay international child support. somewhere down the line someone made a huge mistake by refusing to sign the international child support treaty because they think it is islam but it’s not Islamic to abandon your children or pay for their basic needs. so what is wrong with the government in these countries?? they can’t sign a piece of paper supporting the needs and duties that are owed to innocent children around the world??!!

      • You are wrong, in sharia,the man must fully take care of the expenses of his sons and daughters, and he is responsible and accountable for their upbringing and their morals religiously and legally, and he has no right to force their mother to take care of them financially unless she is satisfied

      • Muneerah

        understandable since I am one of those mothers of a Kuwaiti daughter. But I only wish he would just recognize his daughter and put his name on her birth certificate.

  5. john

    Just ask the US government to stop them from coming to your country

  6. Sara

    My name is Sara. I am married with 2 children. My husband is half Kuwaiti half British (my husband was raised in the UK) he was taken by his mother when he was 8 yrs old. I currently live in Kuwait with my husband and 2 children.
    My biological father is from Qatar. He is from the Al-Kubaisi family. He left me when I was just 1 years old. My mother didn’t allow contact. I heard but I don’t know if it is true, that my father tried to steal me and take me to Qatar but his plan failed. When I was 21 I met my father for the first time. He came to the UK for a week to visit me. It was an emotional time. From then on he helped me financially and stayed in contact.
    However when I was 24 yrs old and I got married my father became distant and became bad at keeping in contact with me. Until now it is me always sending him whatsapp msg’s etc. He is cold and distant. I tell him all the time that I want to meet him again and I want him to meet his grandchildren but he avoids the subject.
    I don’t think his wife knows about me and maybe he feels worried that I am now living close to him. (I am in Kuwait) flights to Qatar are cheap and I could go and visit Qatar anytime.
    I feel very hurt and I would love to meet my dad again. I would love to know about my brothers and sisters and family in Qatar. I feel isolated and excluded. I don’t have Qatari nationality, I don’t even have my dads surname 😦
    I don’t want anything from my dad I just want him to recognize me.
    I had such a terrible childhood. My mother didn’t take care of me and my stepdad was very mean to me. I just want to belong somewhere. I know I don’t know my dad well but I love him and want him to recognize me as his daughter. I don’t want to go to qatar and make problems for him. I know he has a wife and children. I don’t want to destroy his life. I just want to be part of his life somehow.
    I have written to you because I read your blog and I know you would understand my feelings. Thank you for reading.
    Sara (should be: Al-Kubaisi) now living in Kuwait.

    • Hello Sara I sent you a message 🙂 I also contacted my friend who runs the Qatari & Kuwaiti blog. Hugs

      • Muneerah

        the more mothers who get help the better. Can you email me and let me know if there is anything that can be done. I only know this guys name, my daughter was born in 1980 in Portland Oregon.

  7. Semiha from Bosnia

    Hi to you all who were left behind. Ive red your storyes and it hurt my heart to know that this kind of things i happening. I just want you to know that rich people in general ar idiots wether they call themselves muslims or christians, they are so ignorant anc conceit

    that they think they rule the world. A real muslim would never do such a horrible thing a real muslim knows that islam forbids sex before marriage and it is forbidden becouse of these things. If they r not married to the girl they can do whatever they want and leave but when they r married they are ” chained”. Our religion is rihteous for both male and female. Allah the Merciful is Just. Dont searc after these idiot you r better of without them, they r not men they r twofaced people.

  8. Masha'er

    I totally understand your feelings and situation and I’m sorry about what happened to you.
    But as a middle eastern I just can recommend that before getting in a relationship with someone other than your culture and religion first try and study about them that don’t blame yourself.
    Our culture really different with western.
    Having a child without religious ceremony and without family knowledge something unacceptable at all for us.
    I know our men are handsome, caring, charming, generous but what they think about having a family is really different.
    I just pray for you and hope it doesn’t happen for anyone else.

    • Lisa Guenther

      this is a government ISSUE it has nothing to do with culture. men who have children no matter who they are or where they live should pay and take care of their children end of story…

    • Muneerah

      First you make comments about things you have no knowledge of. How do you know what the mother’s religion is and who made you God to tell any women about what they should do. God gives us these children by the way. You better start reading your Holy Qur’an

  9. Will R

    I have no empathy for the women or the men involved…if you weren’t ready to have kids, THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE USED PROTECTION. completely disgusted on both sides

    • I think you mean you have no sympathy for the men and women involved. Having no empathy would make you a sociopath. You are also making assumptions that birth control was not used in any of the cases. I used birth control, and it failed! Should married couples use birth control? What about the married couples where the men involved still abandon their children? Still no sympathy? Or were you correct in your original statement that you just lack empathy?

    • Muneerah

      excuse me but I did use protection. I was going to college and I was not planning to get pregnant. I am human but I should not have had to raise my daughter alone with no help but I did. I put her through college also.

  10. anayat parvez

    basically middle estren people are rich they thik they rule the world they abuse women across the world on of sudai diplomat rape the maids in india due to diplomatic emenity he left india noting have been done by indian govt but all is big one day these people gets lesson they destroy the life of hundreds of women

  11. shadia

    someone should do a movie about this stories.

  12. Saeed

    I cannot imagine fathers like those heartless ones. I am a father and I can feel the pain that you sisters having. All I can say is don’t stop and give up working on your problems, God ( Allah) will not leave you alone. He will help you. I felt really sad for such stories, my heart is with you all.

  13. Lisa Guenther

    my ex husband is from qatar and has also abandon his 2 daughter’s. I would like to share a blog story with the world! where do I begin?

  14. Laura Gentry

    I am a product of a Kuwaiti man coming to Toledo Ohio to study..Got my young mother pregnant and left for us to figure it out..She was only 15 years old..He then traveled to Grand Rapids,Mi and met another young woman got her pregnant I left her..By this time he travels back to Ohio yet again getting another woman pregnant then traveling back Kuwait..

  15. Ashley

    All these stories are soo heartbreaking ! I also dated a qatari man for 4 years n he told me he loves me so much and I am his everything. Eventually after he graduated school, he left without saying anything . I just cant understand these men , dont they have heart !!

  16. Ashley

    I dated a guy from Qatar for 4 years , we met while studying in University . He promised me the world , begged me not to leave him . Right after he graduated, left without saying anything . I didnt get a chance to tell him that I was pregnant . I just had my daughter two months ago . After reading these heartbreaking stories, I know that theres no hope ! I am trying to be strong for my daughter, but Its just so hard . I cry myself to sleep every night . I cant understand how anyone can lead someone on for years n just throw them away like a piece of garbage . If anyone knows Naif bin Saeed Alqahtani from Qatar , please let him what he did is horrible and what goes around , comes around !

  17. Evasion of responsibility does not know a race, but to be frank, relations outside marriage are a disgusting and dishonorable thing for society, but he can say that he was previously married and everything will be normal and welcome but the other thing wives are jealous and it’s normal that she may leave her husband if she knows that he has child or a relationships before he marry her also here families care a lot about the morals and reputation of the young man who wants to propose to their daughter, and some fear that he will not be able to marry if they know about his previous relationships

    • Tricia Henneman

      he should be marrying the woman he got pregnant not worrying about saudi girls and their families. he should stay in the usa and marry her or support his child. period

  18. Abdulla aldark

    The point is not children left behind, the point is the suffering of both
    Children, and mothers…and the most painful point is the identity of the children, which are ignored by the father.

  19. Muneerah

    People get married and then divorce with children. People have children out of wedlock. This is no excuse to try to blame women who have to raise children on their own with no support. I raised two children who both graduated from UCLA with honors. I paid, my ex paid nothing. I am a Muslim, and I have the right interpretation of Islam and it is not the fake Muslims who have no relations with Allah. Who just memorize things and pretend. If you make a mistake Allah will forgive you but if you make a mistake and you do not admit it in front of Allah then you are not with Allah no matter how many times you pray, or fast, or declare that you are a Muslim or give to the poor or go to Hajj. You are not a real Muslim. Fear Allah. Always Kul Yom Fe Aman Allah.

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