Saudi children left behind reference page

الي عائلة سلطان عبدالله عسيري ،، / To the Family of Sultan Abdullah Asiri


For more information ;

Sultan Abdullah Asiri page

Location Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Sultan’s birth date is May 24 1983. Studied at Findlay University , Findlay Ohio.

Sultan and I ( Jenniffer) have a son born May 15. 2009 named Joseph Martin.  Sultan and I were in a 6 yr relationship and I was promised marriage before our child. Known family members are a cousin Fahad Alakatini who attended the same collage.  Joseph Martin will be 4 years old on May 15 2013.

If you know the Asiri family please contact Jenniffer @


Untitled (2)sultan&joey (3)

السادة المدعو الراجحي / To Alrajhi family


Studied at  the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

Known family members:

his father’s name and he has three wives أسم الأب: عبدالعزيز صالح عبدالله الراجحي ولديه ثلاث زوجات

his mother’s name and she is the second wife أسم الأم: ساره سليمان اليحيى وهي الزوجه الثانيه

his brother Bader’s name and his wife is from Alrajhi familyبدر عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي متزوج من الراجحي

his older sister Samar سمر عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي متزوجه من الشنيبر

second sister Amjaad أمجاد عبدالعزيز صالح الراجحي متزوجه من الراجحي

Sami bin Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Alrajhi, whose father is Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh bin Abdullah Alrajhi is now stuck with his mother Mandre in her home country. Sulaiman signed legal papers claiming Sami as his son but now denies any relationship with the mother of his son and continues to lie to his family.

To Alrajhi family

UPDATE FEBRUARY, 2013 SULAIMAN ABDULAZIZ S. ALRAJHI تحديث عن سليمان عبدالعزيز الراجحي

me & my son: Sami ben Sulaiman Ben Abdulaziz AL-Rajhi


ى عائلة باهي نبيل قطب / To the family of Bahi Nabil Qutub



To the Family of Bahi Nabil Qutub who live in the city of Makkah Saudi Arabia. Studied in Texas.   Rayan Bahi Qutub was born in March of 2012 he is the son of  Bahi Nabil Qutub.  Christina mother of Bahi has some contact with Bahi’s family members but as to date Bahi continues to deny his son.

To the family of Bahi Nabil Qutub



If you have any information to help Christina & Rayan please contact

رسالة الى أب الحارثي / Letter for father Alharthy

Screen shot 2012-03-17 at 11_11_48 PM

Family Al Harthy / Raji Abdulmohsin Zayed Al Harthy. Raji studied in findlay ohio at the University of Findlay. Raji has twin daughters that just turned 2 years old.

رسالة الى أب الحارثي / Letter for father Alharthy

Any information to help the mother of his children contact me at and I will send the info to the mom in this case.

Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 10_26_17 PM

To Abdulrahman Al-Omran

To Abdulrahman Al-Omran

To Abdulrahman Al-Omran

Kimberly B.  is 46 years old and has never met her father. Abdulrahman Al-Omran (or El-Omran) is from Saudi Arabia. In the mid-1960s, he traveled to the United States to pursue his college education. At the time he was a young man in his mid-20s. Described as tall, dark and handsome, Abdulrahman enrolled at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. It was here that he met Kimberly’s mom, Diana Divine, a gorgeous 20-year-old part-time model with curly brown hair and brown eyes who was studying business. The attraction was immediate.

To Ma’an Nizar Al-kurdi – معن نزار الكردي


Searching for my dad Ma’an Nizar Al-kurdi – Maan Nizar Kurdi

Omar Nizar Al-Kurdi is looking for his father Ma’an Nizar Al-kurdi  Omars mother and father  met in 1981 while he was attending at Golden West College in Huntington Beach California


If someone has some information please contact me to:


22 thoughts on “Saudi children left behind reference page

  1. john

    Just ask the US government to stop them from coming to your country

  2. Angela Weeks

    How do you post your story on this site?

  3. Yasmine

    My sons father is Saudi I want to find him I have no idea where to start.I have pictures and his passport information. Could you send me some information about how I can find him?

  4. Jose

    How do you post your story on here ?

  5. Jamilah Abdush-Shakur

    I need to contact one of the admins for this site. Can someone please let me know how to do this.

  6. ashley

    How can I get in contact with my child family in Saudi Arabia I have the address of the place they live in Saudi Arabia from Facebook when he left the location on when he sent me a message . How can I contact the family in way that will be respectful and not conflict with the Saudi rules.

  7. Damien Sb

    why do you get into all this shit human I feel so sorry about you really ,but why don’t ever think deeply before fall in love in someone , why don’t you keep relationship even go on for a while with no having kids um your both have the responsibility to raise your kids in peace and love ,so please be human men and woman and just help each other to take care of your poor mistake child even you no longer in love . best of luck

    • Comments like this, make me scratch my head in wonder. If you had taken the time to read the story before commenting, you would see we were together for 6 years. Sounds like a long term relationship to me. Why do you feel sorry for me? I ended up with a child that I do not think of as a mistake! I do wonder what kind of a person thinks of a child as a mistake though, so best of luck in your search for humanity.

  8. Ahmed

    Most of the Saudis sent by the Saudi government for the so-called education are superficial and lazy. They went for fun looking for girls to fuck and drinking. The Saudi government sent them for political reasons to please uncle Sam.

    Of course, these fools (students) come back to our country without any certified certificates because they are big losers. They never care about what they did or any children left behind because their fathers did the same in Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, and other countries twenty years ago. It’s the Saudi nature; a mixture of stupidity, ignorance, negligence, and lowliness. After they are filled up with the sex, they think they can’t bring their wives with them because they think that are only whores and the child is born by mistake after they lost control at that night.

    The only solution to take your wives’ and children’s rights (money, expenses, spending) is to contact and complain to your government.

    Here our government fears the American embassy and the European’s.


  9. Jared Aljasser Morrison

    How do I sign up for this? I’m the product of a saudi father as well. his name is Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Jasser from Riyadh. His family owns the Al-Jasser Printing Press in Riyadh, and his brother Abdulaziz owns “Al-Jasser Aldakheel the Saudi Group for Auditing and Accounting” in Riyadh. I guess the honor from money is more important than the honor that comes from raising a child. So sad.

  10. Can someone please tell me how I can search for my father who is from Riyadh Saudi Arabia his name is- Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhasa
    (not sure of correct spelling) he was a student in late 1970’s in Mpls MN USA. He did have an apartment and lived with my mother but we’re never married. He had a cousin -Abraham Natafi
    I am now 40 years old and have been wanting to contact him but not sure how to do so and also so not want to get him in trouble he knows about me but does not know me.
    Anyone who can help me please contact me at-
    ShamelyaShortieBMartinez on Facebook

  11. American female working in saudi

    Dear All,
    I am in Saudi. No relationship story to tell. I just work here. It is in their culture to allow outside marriage for sex. As long as there is a marraige paper. It is halal. They go to Dubai, Bahrain and go to clubs. They make a temporary marriage paper for permission of intimate relations only and for thier time together. This is the accepted way and thinking. This vacation from the Saudi by way of a student visa is just that. It is a long term vacation. It will end. And all will be a memory. I know it is hard for you to understand or believe. But almost any relations out of the country is just play for them. They have the money and means given to them by their government when they are abroad. All looks promising. But you don’t understand that in his mind, by his core beliefs, an extra marraige is allowed and it is allowed for intamacy and then it is expected to end. In Islam, you must must take care of your parents. This is binding and it is a good thing. How can he not return.Also you do not understand the culture here. They are the last, and credit to them) the last to try to keep their country soveirgn and their bloodline Saudi. They follow tradition. Marry in their tribe. Familys are only with ohter same family tribes. They do not mix tribes. Your family is everything and the only thing. The men can have different friends . But all family marraiges are from relatives. (with very little exceptions) There is some exception to what I say, but 95 percent of what I am saying is true. They will not forsake their family. You foreign women are a temporary pleasure allowed within marraige and if not marraige, all the worse to expect he will not marry you. This is just how it is. It is a value, belief and custom. The foreign woman is thought of as trash. Unfortuantely eveyrone cant be married , right? so what does that make the single women? Even by tribe, everyone is not married. But I am not talking about that. I am telling you that you are a temporary pleasure. You can not expect more. And Suadi is for Suadi. It is rare that you could be accepted nor tolerate living here because it is closed to family for family and with famliy only. This keeps family relations strong, but can be too restrictive. But this is how it is.

    • American female working in saudi

      I also want to say that this comment is stating facts. I am not saying anything about the women with children. All of that is obviously irresponsible, more than unfortunate, and a shame and the world is full of this and yes this is a good blog to blasts those and shine an light with photos and proof that cannot be denied. Yes the men should be accountable. Yes we all know it takes two to make a baby. But life is what it is. This blog tells the truth. and allows an outlet for the women to experess themselves. However Saudi is still a hands off , soveign somewhat. closed border country. (yes supposed tourist visas are allowed. I’ve yet to witness it. ) You can be invited by someone and get a 6 month visa. But the point is. You can only avoid this situation by not being involved with a Saudi . Understand their core values. You probably never will. Yes, they are nice, polite, gentle and seem all around mr. wonderful but you are a temporary experience for them. They have to return to their family and continue Saudi tradition, obligation, tribal marraige and fullfil his Islamic duty for caring for his parents and that is the best thing in Islam. No I am not condoning any actions. I am telling you only facts. I am not talking about the circumstances of the womenly a . That is obvious irresponsible for the guy to leave his child and it does take money to raise a child so no need to say it is about money. We all know that the situation of broken families is everywhere and we know this site is about Saudis. Let someone make a site for the others. This lady has the courage and money to keep this site going.. Maybe one day maybe it will get legal results but Saudi now is a closed county and has a free pass to do as it wants.

    • Your are correct, but you have some misunderstands. First, the temporary marriage paper is not hallal at all and they know that, but they write it as an attempt to clear their conscience and feel better abaut them selfs, knowing that they are religiously guilty. The other thing that it’s always ok to marry someone outside the tribe on the condition that he belongs to an authentic Arab tribe like most saudies
      Also, family members must stay in constant contact and care for each other, and as a Muslim I believe that when I do this I have a great reward from God in this world and the hereafter and I will be guilty if I offend them or leave them

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