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He’s Looking for his dad Hamad Saud Alkhaldi

 Hamad saud Alkhaldi  and his son

Hamad saud Alkhaldi and his son

He left a week before the baby was born , now he’s 9 months and last time Hamad saud Alkhaldi contact me was on Valentines day 02-14-15 to say that he loves me but he didn’t even ask for he’s baby 😥

He got really mad on 6-30-15 because I send him a picture of he’s son having he’s first birthday and this is what he answers me .. I have no words I just feel so disappointed/ What a shame of man 😦




I just hope God take care of my baby and me I don’t really care anymore about a guy who lie saying that he loves me when he’s unable to love he’s own blood ..


Plus I don’t need to pray 5 times a day and lie the rest of the day or just been an double moral person who you think u are cheating ??

God knows who u are in real life a heartless person .. !

But I believe in God and I know he’s the one who’s going to ask you about this precious child who is a blessing for me and should be for u too , he was born the first day of Ramadan and not even for that reason you can have some fear in God he wanted to be that way .! I’m glad that he chose me to be the mother of this beautiful baby .. Al 💖hamdudillah !

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