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Jedwin’s search for his father

I am Jedwin Asia, a Filipino who has been living in Manila since the time that my biological mother took me here from Saudi Arabia.

I was told that I was born in Riyadh in 1988. I don’t have a Saudi birth certificate because my Mother did not declare that I am a son of a Saudi national. Several days after I was born, I was told that she flew back to Manila and brought me along with her. As soon as we landed, she contacted one of her friends and decided to give me away for good. That friend became my Family and they have adopted me ever since. My foster Mom explained to me that the reason why my biological mom took me here is because she was trying not to get in trouble with the law for having a child out of wedlock.

My biological mother’s name is Yolanda “Yolly” Roldan but it could have also been Yolanda “Yolly” when she was in Saudi Arabia. From what I was told, she either used to work for my Father or my Father’s family. My foster Mom also shared that my biological mom told them that my Father, a Saudi from Riyadh, did his best to find me but eventually gave up perhaps when he realized that my biological mom will not let him see me and was only contacting him for money.

I was told that my Father is a good man which is also why I want to meet him. I am already 34 years old but I always feel like an outsider, with no real identity. I love my foster Family and they mean the world to me but I always yearn to be a part of something that connects me to where I came from. I am not looking for my Father to demand the missed child support, I am financially stable and have a wife now. I don’t need to depend on anyone for anything. 

I was told that his name is Gaib (or could be Kaif) with a last name that sounds like Al Koweydi though I am not sure if that is how it is spelled or not. I was also told that he owned a PO Box in the 80’s or 90’s, PO Box 3701 in Riyadh. This was how my biological mother got in contact with him, at least I think so. I also learned that my Father, at the time that my biological mother knew him, was either an Immigration Officer/Police or an Airport Police officer or something similar and that he and his family lived near where the National Guards were. I am just not sure if “National Guards” is an outpost or a government office.

At this point, these are all the information that I can share. I don’t think my biological mother will still be able to remember other information that she missed to share with me but I will still try to ask her from time to time. I really hope to be reunited with my Father.

Jedwin Asia

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To Mohamed Alghamdi Al-Azari

My name is Yessica Dempsey, I am 44 years old. I was born and raised in Tijuana Mexico in August 1978.

My biological father is from Saudi Arabia. He was transferred to the USA to San Diego ca for military training. In one of those days he and his friends decided to cross the border and go to a club in Tijuana that where he meet my mother..her name is Maria De la Cruz Loya. They dated for a little while and she moved with him to San Diego.

When she found out she’s pregnant with me I believe he got scared when she told him about me. He told my mother that he needed to go back to his country so he left. My mom went back to Tijuana Mexico where I was born. I don’t want money nor destroy a family, all I want is to meet you. You are always in the back of my head. Now I live in San Diego California. I know your name is Mohamed alghamdi al Azari.

*The city Mohamed is from is unknown but the DNA results mention a relative in Jeddah. Another location shown is the Al Baha region (below). If anyone has any info that would help feel free to leave a comment

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To Fahd Hedaib

My name is Akilah. 34 years ago I was born in late January. My mother and her best friend went to the hospital once, but it was a false alarm, then again and this time was the real deal! I had arrived and had a whole beautiful life to live.

My mother was single until I was 15 years old. I didn’t realize how hard life really was for us until I grew up and became a mother myself. I genuinely have no idea how she did it by herself, but I’ll give you a glimpse. She never made me feel like a burden. She loved me and supported me behind words. She raised me to love myself, be confident in my abilities and gifts, and she taught me to not hold hatred towards anyone.

I grew up in southeastern Ohio and subsequently in northern Kentucky. Growing up in this part of Ohio was wonderful, because I was surrounded by so many cultures, hippies, and farmers. I was raised and maintain my faith in Islam Al hamdolilah. I am so thankful for the melange of worlds that she exposed me to.

Do you wonder what she spoke of you? She said that you met at college. She said you used to play soccer in Saudi Arabia. She said you knew she was pregnant, but had to go back to Saudi Arabia because your father was sick. As I got older and asked a couple more questions, she told me that you asked her to get married and go back with you, but she declined. I’m not sure what’s true or not, but I will tell you, she never said one bad word about you to me.

This depiction led me to be proud of you. I was proud of where I came from even if I didn’t and still don’t know where there is exactly. I would beam telling friends or people about this illustrious man that is my father. I’m almost 100% certain I embarrassed my mother many times at the masjid when I would tell people about you and how you were never married. Funny now, but my poor mother!

Fast-forward ten or so years and my world changed drastically. My mother passed away when I was 25 years old. My world collapsed and I lost my comfort, my protection from the world, my best friend… I have never felt so alone in the world. This was the first time I decided to try finding you. I called the embassy and sent the emails, but they were no help. I called Ohio University (not to be confused with The Ohio State University.) The only information I was able to acquire from them was conformation that you had in fact attended in the mid to late 80s, but nothing else.

Let’s skip ahead to the good stuff, I am now in my mid-30s, married to a Moroccan man, and we have a beautiful son mashallah, who is pure joy and never ceases to keep me laughing and also on my toes. I’m happy, and I want a chance to gain knowledge of who I am completely. And it honestly, it’s the least you could do.

It’s been nearly a decade of me occasionally typing your name into the Facebook search engine or googling your name for me to get here. I hope that this letter finds you and finds you well truly. I am a good woman because of my mother, and I would love to continue evolving and learning about myself for my son and future children inshallah.

*Akilah says Fahd is originally from Ryadh, but not much else is known. If anyone has any info on Fahd Hedaib or his family feel free to reach out to or leave a comment below. Thanks

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To Abdullah Mohamed Kalfout Al-Harithi Al-Sharif

This post is on behalf of Candy Hixson:

My name is Miriam (“Candy”) and I was born in 1970 in St. Louis Missouri, USA. My mother’s name was Virginia (“Ginny”) Hixson. I am searching for my father. His name is Abdullah Mohamed Kalfout Al harithi Al-sharif. He was born in 1938 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

He studied Political Science at the University of Louisville, Kentucky. His Masters Thesis, GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE, AND THE CIVIL SERVICE IN SAUDI ARABIA, was written in 1971 and is still available on the internet.

My Arabic name is Nada Al-harithi Kalfout. Please share my story and contact me if you have any information.

Abdullah Al-Sharif, Candy and her grandmother

Candy mentions that during their time together Abdullah and her mother had a religious marriage ceremony. Abdullah told her he had to go back to Saudi once he graduated and that he would return one day but never did.

Sadly Virginia passed away in 1998. Candy says she felt like an orphan and, after going through the hardship her whole life with this big missing piece of her life unknown, decided to contact the Saudi embassy for assistance. Since her parents weren’t legally married the Embassy refused (a common occurrence with this agency when it pertains to this issue, but that’s a whole other post). She’s hoping by coming forward and sharing her story to maybe get some long deserved answers as to where she comes from

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BBC News عربى segment on Saudi Children Left Behind

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Saudi Children Left Behind the documentary: An ABC broadcast

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To Ahmed Yousef Alshayeb

This post is on behalf of Guadalupe. This is to remind you, Ahmed Yousef Alshayeb, from Al Hofuf KSA, that you fathered a daughter during your 2 year relationship with Guadalupe while you were here in the US for school (remember the ring you bought her?). Your daughter’s name is Alondra.

Apparently, after your daughter was born, you decided to cut off contact with Guadalupe and when she tried to reach out to your family, they blocked her on social media.

This is no way to treat the mother of your child. So to you, and the Alshayeb family..shame on you

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Terri is looking for her dad Ahmed Al Dossary

Terri has reached out to the website in hopes of locating her father. This is her story:

This is my Father, Ahmed Al Dossary. I was born April 14th 1978 at Lake Forest hospital in Lake Forest, Illinois. I was given up for adoption at at about a month old, and was born without a thyroid. My mother was only 17 years old and a runaway herself, he called her Malik (meaning Angel in Arabic.) Her name was Angela Martin.

I was born Terri Lee Martin, the man who signed my birth certificate was his best friend/ cousin. I think his name was Fahd. or something similar. Details of the man who signed it are, birthday June 1955, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My father gave my older “adopted” sister an arab barbie to be given to me when I knew the truth of my adoption. I didn’t know I was adopted until I was twelve, I didn’t know alot of truths until Christmas a few years ago.

The things I was told about Ahmed was that he liked horses, cowboys, Andy Kaufman. He could speak 7 languages, and that he did want me. However, he wanted to take me back to Saudi Arabia and raise me muslim.

My biological mother refused to marry him or leave her country. I was about a month old when she found out that I was born without a thyroid, and her guardian’s ex-wife and husband adopted me. She was originally hired to be a nanny to their two youngest boys nanny. My adopted brother Mikey was particularly close to him. I’ve been told he was part of the royal family of Saud. I’m telling this for the sake of identity and not because I want anything more to actually know who he is, besides a face in a picture. Honestly, I’ve lived almost 43 years without him and if he still chooses to not walk through a door I opened for him, it’s on him. but it is opened, and I want him to know he has 2 gorgeous grandsons age 17 and 14.

If anyone has any information about Ahmed Al Dossary, his daughter is trying to contact him. You can email the website at

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To Naif Ali Almasshi

This post is from Ashley who has reached out to us with her story. She has a 1 year old son named Ethan. The biological father’s name is Naif Ali Almasshi (pictured below) His family is originally from Jazan, but currently live in Khobar. Ashley first met Naif while he was here in the US attending school in Florida.

This is her story:

Hello my name is Ashley I am 23 years old. I met a guy from Saudi Arabia two years ago, by mutual friends.

Then several months passed and we started talking again and we started dating and from there a “relationship” was born, which was what I thought it was. Then he asked me to marry him and he came to my house to talk to my mother to get her permission and he gave me even a ring. His father accepted me but his mother did not like me because obviously I was not from his country and she wanted him to marry a woman from his country and even offered him money to leave me but according to him he never wanted. Well, several months passed and I got pregnant. At the beginning I was not sure what to do and obviously how to tell him. The point is that obviously he took it very badly that he did not want the baby and began to treat me very badly and kept telling me that if I have the baby he would go to a lawyer so that I could sign a paper saying that he has nothing to do with the baby. He also told me that he could not have children, that he had taken a test that was impossible when I confronted him and I told him to show me the test he told me that he did not know where was the test.

Since I didn’t know what to do, I told my mother that I was pregnant and I told her that the baby’s father was pressuring me not to have it and that I was afraid that he would do something. She talked to him and he told her that he was going to take care of the baby and that we were getting married. For the summer he went to his country on vacation and he wrote to me once a day, he never called me, at one point he stopped writing and I never heard from him again. He came back here to the United States and friends found out that I was pregnant and he denied the baby completely. That he wasn’t his son because he was out of the country. That it was impossible. I had a very bad pregnancy and they were afraid that I was going to give birth early and one day when I was 29 weeks old I had to run to the hospital because I was bleeding and they couldn’t explain why. I try to contact him and finally after several months he responds when I tell him that the baby would be born prematurely what he told me was “it’s not my problem” and he blocks me. I gave birth at 30 weeks, I sent her a photo on my friend’s phone because he had blocked me from all sides and I told him that the child was born. He unblocks me to tell me to do a DNA test on the child and I told him okay let’s do it but he never answer. I sent him another email and tell him why you are so afraid of taking the test and this bastard comes up with a rudeness and block me again. Until today he is on the street without worries and any type of responsibility.

As of today, Naif has still continued his deadbeat ways and absconded his responsibilities to his son.

Through all this Ashley has told us that Ethan is growing up to be very happy and healthy. We here at SCLB wish them both the very best.

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Lies Your Saudi Told You

This was a topic I recently addressed on social media. Lately there’s been a recurring trend from women and adult children I communicate with who are interested in coming forward with their stories but are afraid to because of a fraudulent misconception. This prevailing falsehood is just one out of many in a series of lies and deceptions used on the women by these Saudi students during the relationship to get what they wanted, so I feel the time has come to bring up some essential truth.

From those questionable “trips back to Saudi”, to fabrications about his real name, age, which country he’s ‘supposedly’ from, not to mention those fairy tales he spoon fed you about how he was going to put a ring on it, these fly by night Saudis have long since borrowed from the same playbook.

One major deception that has long been perpetuated I so often hear from women who want to come forward, but may be hesitant in doing so, is this:

“I want to find my child’s father but I don’t want to cause trouble for him and his family” This is something I hear from women who are interested in getting the rights due to their child (and rightfully so) but are apprehensive because of their fear of offending these pieces of human garbage who left them in the most selfish way, alone and destitute with a baby. With that said, since when should his or his family’s feelings be taken into consideration? I have news for you, the trouble already started long before you got pregnant. These guys were excited to come to your country and it wasn’t because of school. Secondly, who do you think molded this loser in the first place? Make no mistake..if his family did find out about you they’d no sooner rally around him like soldiers and some lowlife uncle of his would be the first to call you a slut or a whore before hanging up. So whether its going to cause trouble isn’t the issue. They could care less if you attempt to expose them or not, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so comfortable leaving in the first place. The only trouble lies with the fact that he left you high and dry without any financial support. When it comes to how the families of these deadbeats think, the golden rule goes like this..their sons are king, their sh** doesn’t smell, and no woman with a baby is going to change that.

This way of thinking is also deeply ingrained in how the Saudi government has handled this issue historically and as of late…(If you want proof of this, try calling a Saudi embassy and see how the condescending know-nothing on the other line responds). They don’t care about what the father did, you and your child’s welfare, or anything. It’s a secret club and you aren’t in it! Which leads back to the all time famous myth….

“If anyone finds out you’re pregnant I’ll get in trouble” LOL. Did he bother to mention this the whole time he was wooing you during the relationship? This is an emotional microchip they implant into your heads to insure they’ll get out of the situation without accountability. This was no more apparent than when I was growing up when I would tell my mom I wanted to find my Saudi dad, to which she would reply in hysterics “YOU’RE GONNA GET HIM KILLED!!”. A reality check: He’s doing great. He’s living the life back in Saudi, comfortably reveling in the false image he’s cultivated for society. He’s enjoying nice expensive vacations and the finest of leisure money can buy, and while you and your child starve he’s getting fatter by the minute from all the greasy Al-Baik and lamb he’s devouring. Not to mention the many women he’s dining and having affairs with while he’s away from his wife and kids.

In short, you’re doing your child no favors by keeping quiet about these mens transgressions. Being nice and considerate about their feelings isn’t going to help you to afford the diapers or formula for your newborn, or pay for the numerous doctor’s bills if your child is faced with lifelong health issues..or the never ceasing worry how this might be the month you and your kid end up on the streets because you can’t afford the rent. Remember, these guys operate in a singular way. They had a plan when they went abroad to target you for enjoyment, and they have a plan to cover up their deeds if they’re allowed to.

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