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To Naif Ali Almasshi

This post is from Ashley who has reached out to us with her story. She has a 1 year old son named Ethan. The biological father’s name is Naif Ali Almasshi (pictured below) His family is originally from Jazan, but currently live in Khobar. Ashley first met Naif while he was here in the US attending school in Florida.

This is her story:

Hello my name is Ashley I am 23 years old. I met a guy from Saudi Arabia two years ago, by mutual friends.

Then several months passed and we started talking again and we started dating and from there a “relationship” was born, which was what I thought it was. Then he asked me to marry him and he came to my house to talk to my mother to get her permission and he gave me even a ring. His father accepted me but his mother did not like me because obviously I was not from his country and she wanted him to marry a woman from his country and even offered him money to leave me but according to him he never wanted. Well, several months passed and I got pregnant. At the beginning I was not sure what to do and obviously how to tell him. The point is that obviously he took it very badly that he did not want the baby and began to treat me very badly and kept telling me that if I have the baby he would go to a lawyer so that I could sign a paper saying that he has nothing to do with the baby. He also told me that he could not have children, that he had taken a test that was impossible when I confronted him and I told him to show me the test he told me that he did not know where was the test.

Since I didn’t know what to do, I told my mother that I was pregnant and I told her that the baby’s father was pressuring me not to have it and that I was afraid that he would do something. She talked to him and he told her that he was going to take care of the baby and that we were getting married. For the summer he went to his country on vacation and he wrote to me once a day, he never called me, at one point he stopped writing and I never heard from him again. He came back here to the United States and friends found out that I was pregnant and he denied the baby completely. That he wasn’t his son because he was out of the country. That it was impossible. I had a very bad pregnancy and they were afraid that I was going to give birth early and one day when I was 29 weeks old I had to run to the hospital because I was bleeding and they couldn’t explain why. I try to contact him and finally after several months he responds when I tell him that the baby would be born prematurely what he told me was “it’s not my problem” and he blocks me. I gave birth at 30 weeks, I sent her a photo on my friend’s phone because he had blocked me from all sides and I told him that the child was born. He unblocks me to tell me to do a DNA test on the child and I told him okay let’s do it but he never answer. I sent him another email and tell him why you are so afraid of taking the test and this bastard comes up with a rudeness and block me again. Until today he is on the street without worries and any type of responsibility.

As of today, Naif has still continued his deadbeat ways and absconded his responsibilities to his son.

Through all this Ashley has told us that Ethan is growing up to be very happy and healthy. We here at SCLB wish them both the very best.

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Lies Your Saudi Told You – Update

This was a topic I recently addressed on social media. Lately there’s been a recurring trend from women and adult children I communicate with who are interested in coming forward with their stories but are afraid to because of a fraudulent misconception. This prevailing falsehood is just one out of many in a series of lies and deceptions used on the women by these Saudi students during the relationship to get what they wanted, so I feel the time has come to bring up some essential truth.

From those questionable “trips back to Saudi”, to lies about what his real name is, age, which country he’s ‘supposedly’ from, not to mention those fairy tales he spoon fed you about how he was going to put a ring on it, these fly by night Saudis have long since borrowed from the same playbook.

One major deception that has long been perpetuated I hear often from women who want to come forward, but may be hesitant in doing so, is this:

“I want to find my child’s father but I don’t want to cause trouble with him and his family” This is something I hear from women who are interested in getting the rights due to their child (and rightfully so) but are apprehensive because of their fear of offending these pieces of human garbage who left them in the most selfish way, alone and destitute with a baby. With that said, since when should his or his family’s feelings be taken into consideration? I have news for you, the trouble already started long before you got pregnant. These guys were excited to come to your country and it wasn’t because of school. Secondly, who do you think molded this loser in the first place? Make no mistake..if his family did find out about you they’d no sooner rally around him like soldiers and some lowlife uncle of his would be the first to call you a slut or a whore before hanging up. So whether its going to cause trouble isn’t the issue. They could care less if you attempt to expose them or not, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so comfortable leaving in the first place. The only trouble lies with the fact that he left you high and dry without any support. When it comes to how the families of these deadbeats think, the golden rule goes like this..their sons are king, their sh** doesn’t smell, and no woman with a baby is going to change that.

This way of thinking is also deeply ingrained in how the Saudi government has handled this very issue historically and as of late…(If you want proof of this, try calling a Saudi embassy and see how the condescending know-nothing on the other line responds). They don’t care about what the father did, you and your child’s welfare, or anything. It’s a secret club and you aren’t in it! Which all leads back to the famous myth….

“If anyone finds out you’re pregnant I’ll get in trouble” LOL. Did he bother to mention this the whole time he was wooing you during the relationship? This is an emotional microchip they implant into your heads to insure they’ll get out of the situation without accountability. This was no more apparent than when I was growing up and I would tell my mom I wanted to find my dad, in which she would reply in hysterics “YOU’RE GONNA GET HIM KILLED!!”. A reality check: He’s doing great. He’s living the life back in Saudi, comfortably reveling in the false image he’s cultivated for society. He’s enjoying nice expensive vacations and the finest of leisure money can buy, and while you and your child starve he’s getting fatter by the minute from all the Al Baik and greasy lamb he’s devouring. Not to mention (at times) the many women he’s dining and having affairs with while he’s away from his wife and kids.

In short, you’re doing your child no favors by keeping quiet about these guys transgressions. Being nice and considerate about their feelings isn’t going to help you to afford diapers or formula for your newborn, or pay for the numerous doctor’s bills if your child is faced with lifelong health issues; or the never ceasing worry how this might be the month you and your kid end up on the streets. Remember, these guys operate in a singular way. They had a plan when they went abroad to target you for their enjoyment, and they have a plan to cover up their deeds if they’re allowed to.

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Shamelya is seeking her father Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza

مرحباً بالجميع، هذا المنشور من شمليا والتي تقوم بالبحث عن والدها السعودي الذي لم تقابله قط واسمه عبد الرحمن عزيز الهزاع وهو من سكان الرياض. لقد كان هنا في الولايات المتحدة في العام 1977 في مينيابوليس ، مينيسوتا ، حيث التقى بأم شامليا ، واسمها هو ايرتينيس برانتت ، وأيضاً في  منطقة بحيرة الدب الأبيض حيث كان قد التحق بالمدرسة هناك

إذا كان لدى أي شخص معلومات بخصوص المدعو عبد الرحمن عزيز الهزاع، فإن ابنته انتظرت حياتها كلها للاتصال به.

Hello everyone, this post is for Shamelya who is looking for her father, whom she has never met. His name is Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza and he is from Riyadh. He was here in the US in 1977 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he met Shamelya’s mother, her name is Irtense Parent, and also in White Bear Lake, MN where he attended school.

If anyone has information in regards to Abdul Rahman Aziz Alhazza, his daughter has waited her whole life to contact him.

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A Message to Hazza Ayesh Al Rosan from your daughter

We received correspondence from Divine Domingo in regards to her father, Hazza Ayesh Al-Rosan from Riyadh. After numerous attempts over the years to get in contact with her father, he has yet to try to contact her at all or acknowledge her as his daughter. This is her story…


My name is Divine Domingo and like everyone here, I am also an illegitimate child of a Saudian guy. My father is a Shiek in Saudi Arabia and I just learned that he is also an ambassador of good will (Sounds good right?) .

To make my story short, my mother used to work for him as a maid. According to my mother, my father loved her. Fast forward, my mother got pregnant (it’s me). Once my father knew that my mother was pregnant, he asked my mother to go back to the Philippines (where she lives) and promised her that he will come visit her after 3 months. So many months has passed my father never showed up and when I brought out to the world, my mother keeps sending him my photos and update about me but never get a reply. When I was like 12-14 I can’t remember exactly but I started to have the interest to know my father so we started searching for him. We went to a Saudi embassy in the Philippines and what they did is they just took all the evidence my mom had like photos business cards and never responded to us. Few months ago I tried to find any resources that could link me to my father and o found email and phone number. I called the office and I never get to talk to him. Sent him emails but I never get a reply. Soon I realized and it actually sinked into my heart that my father really abandoned me purposely. He intended to leave me and never cared for me. I had a rough childhood and to think how rich my father is up till now, with all his richness and resources, he could live a good life knowing one of his own blood is out there struggling to make it to life. How could he accept the label “ambassador of goodwill” if can’t do a goodwill to your own blood? What kind of a human being is that?

Now I that I accepted that my father will never recognize me nor ever cared for me, I will stop all the drama and I want the world to know that this guy on the photo, is the worst father I have ever known in my life. I am so disgusted by him and I wish that this letter will get to him. I know he have received  all my emails but this time I want the world to know what kind of a person you are.

Mr. Hazza Ayesh Alrosan, This is for you.

Your Neglected Daughter,
Divine Domingo

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A Brief update from Jenniffer, SCLB creator. (May 2020)

 To all our visitors:

First of all…hi! It’s been a few years, and since the site is up and running again ( more on that in a minute ), I figured I would give you all an update on our situation. As of my last writing, my son Joseph was only 3 , and I was scouring everywhere trying to find any kind of medical info I could, from allergies to diseases that run in his lineage. Things looked and felt a little bleak, and I had serious doubts about the future.

     Fast forward 5 years, and things couldn’t be more different. Joey is now about to turn 11, and is as healthy as can be. He was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum upon entering kindergarten, but he has not suffered in the slightest. He is fascinated with temperatures, measurement scales , and all things scientific, as well as learning words in as many languages as possible. He doesn’t seem to care about a lot of the typical things 11 year old boys tend to, but that’s just part of what makes him unique. He is happy, healthy, and growing faster than I can stand.

     We moved from Ohio down to sunny Florida in the summer of 2016, and I can tell you with no hesitation, trading in snow for beach sand was the best decision we have ever made. We actually get blue skies down here! Joey misses the cold, but doesn’t complain when he can ride his bike 365 days of the year. You can’t put a price on that.

     Shortly after we became former Ohioans, Trump was elected. Not by me or my husband mind you, as neither of us can stand the Cheetoh in Chief, but after 8  years of relative normalcy, it seemed like every leader we had abandoned all pretense of humanity and decided a free for all money grab was what we elected them to do. 3 years into his reign, and all it seemed all Trump was capable of doing was careening between lies while dismantling every safety precaution Obama ever put into place. All that would have been disastrous enough without a plague-like virus descending on the entire human populace, but, alas, here we are. And that kind of brings me to my point. Why did I bring the site back?

     It was not an easy decision, to be sure. It was a strain on my time, my family life, and a drain of resources, both personal and financial. But after being cooped up in a state of quarantine / enforced social distancing, I realized how much I craved a return to normalcy. To being able to go outdoors, to parks, to beaches. To have real human interaction beyond my kids asking what time I was making dinner. And, after speaking to some old friends who decided to help me with content and administrative duties, I decided to reopen the site. Because I know the kind of relative discomfort I and others may feel by being isolated is nothing compared to the upheaval my life went through when Joey was born, and his biological father promptly disappeared. I know that kind of hurt, and I take a little comfort in knowing that I can provide A) a little help, B) a place to tell your story and vent if needed, and C) a sense of community, so that people in my situation know that they are not alone. Keep in mind, I started the site originally because of  how close to home this issue hit, but that is not the case any more. Joey is in a loving home, with a proud adoptive father, loving older sister, and a mother who would give the world to see him happy. He will never want for anything, nor most likely ever have any need to question what happened to his father. There are lots of children out there, however , who will not be as lucky, and when the time comes, they will deserve answers. If I can help in any way to provide those answers, then I will rest happy. I want to help others that are where I was, because I know not everyone will be as lucky as me, so maybe I can pay a little of my luck forward. I look forward to tomorrow much more than ever before, and will be talking to you again soon.

Joseph Age 10


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He’s Looking for his dad Hamad Saud Alkhaldi

 Hamad saud Alkhaldi  and his son

Hamad saud Alkhaldi and his son

He left a week before the baby was born , now he’s 9 months and last time Hamad saud Alkhaldi contact me was on Valentines day 02-14-15 to say that he loves me but he didn’t even ask for he’s baby 😥

He got really mad on 6-30-15 because I send him a picture of he’s son having he’s first birthday and this is what he answers me .. I have no words I just feel so disappointed/ What a shame of man 😦




I just hope God take care of my baby and me I don’t really care anymore about a guy who lie saying that he loves me when he’s unable to love he’s own blood ..


Plus I don’t need to pray 5 times a day and lie the rest of the day or just been an double moral person who you think u are cheating ??

God knows who u are in real life a heartless person .. !

But I believe in God and I know he’s the one who’s going to ask you about this precious child who is a blessing for me and should be for u too , he was born the first day of Ramadan and not even for that reason you can have some fear in God he wanted to be that way .! I’m glad that he chose me to be the mother of this beautiful baby .. Al 💖hamdudillah !

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To the Family of Sultan Abdullah Asiri,الي عائلة سلطان عبدالله عسيري ،، /

الي عائلة سلطان عبدالله عسيري ،، / To the Family of Sultan Abdullah Asiri
 السلام عليكم
    الي عايله سلطان عبدالله عسيري ،،
    هدا الابن عار علي هذه العايله. في عام ٢٠٠٩ شهر ٥ كان سلطان يدرس في الجامعه وخلال هده الفتره رزقه الله بمولود وهدا سهل جدا اثباته عن طريق الطب المتقدم والتحاليل. وعندما ولد ابنه يوسف قال انه سوف يتكفل بمصاريفه وسجلاته …الخ. ولكن للاسف لم يوفي بوعده. لان يوسف سوف يكمل ٣ اعوام بعد شهر. في الواقع يوسف بشوش الوجه وطفل جميل ومليئ بالسعاده. سلطان هو من اختار هدا الاسم لابنه ليحمل اسم العايله. وللمعلوميه ان النيه في داخلي ليست طمع في سلطان للزواج به لان هدا سوف يكون ضار علي ابنه يوسف. وانا سالت وطلبت السجلات الصحيه لابني يوسف. وحاولت ان احصل علي هده المعلومات من سلطان ولكن لم استطع. وانا علي استعداد ان اتواصل معاكم في هدا الشآن. الرجاء الاتصال بي
 Joseph – يوسف
 سلطان & يوسف – Sultan & Joseph
سلطان -Sultan
Comment from Sultan to Joseph – تعليق من سلطان الي يوسف
 I was and still suffer from studying and homework..
I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable life, my life is very difficult, and still very difficult, all the decisions that I have made were so difficult, non was simple. But, I love you and I love your mother, and I wish you all a wonderful life.” 
Written by Sultan Abdullah Asiri
(English Translation)
To the Family of Sultan Abdullah Asiri who reside in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
This letter is to inform you of the actions of your son Sultan Abdullah Asiri has and still continues to shame your family name.  In may 2009 while Sultan was studying at the University Of Findlay, he fathered a son. This can easily be proven with DNA.When Joseph was born he said he would always help financially and he would make available his medical records. To date he has done neither of those things.  Joseph will be 3 years old in May, he is a bright wonderful child that is so full of happiness. My beloved husband has chose to raise Joseph as his child and Joseph has taken his last name. Please know my intent is not to marry your son or have him be a father in any way that would be detrimental to the child. I do ask for any medical records that are relevant to my sons health be available. All attempts to get this information from Sultan have been exhausted. I am willing to communicate with you on this matter, Please contact me at
Thank you.
If anyone can help get this letter to Sultan Asiri or his family it would be greatly appreciated as he continues to ignore the mother of his son, pretending that they do not exist.

UPDATE. 11/07/2012

I have learned so much in the past year, the ups and downs have been enough to try anyone’s patience but through all the hardships I have found the most amazing people. They have been my saving grace during this difficult time. The family we have created and the bonds we share will last a lifetime.

Our numbers seem to keep growing and yet the Saudi Govt. is yet to take any action in disciplining their own people when they study abroad. The young and old men in our website still continue to live their life as if they were proper Muslim men marring virgin wives. The word whore is often used to describe the women effected. Family’s of these men ( Sultan Asiri’s family as well) when they are informed about their sons behaviour have a reaction that baffles us in the west. Pretending the problem does not exist seems to be the way some Saudis deal with a problem that is staring them in the face.

The majority of the women and adult children are Muslim and are raising their children alone. My dilemma there is with my own son is the fact that my sons father uses Islam as his excuse for his neglect and total abandonment of his son. How as a mother can I raise my son Muslim when his own father says that is why he hates his son? Why would I raise my son to ever believe that actions like that are acceptable because he is a male muslim? How can he pray to Allah and beg him to know his father while his father is praying that he never has to hear the name Joseph Martin or Jenniffer ever again. My son deserves better than that.

A Note To Sultan Abdullah Asiri.
I try to think back to a time when you and I were inseparable, up all night just talking about anything and everything that would pop in our heads. Hanging out with Fahad, Falah, and Tareq laughing so hard we thought we would die. You were in love with me and I you.
When I became pregnant you insisted I kill our child if I wanted to keep you you then showed me how important I truly was by sleeping with every girl you met and telling them you never knew me and you have no children. In the beginning people believed your lies and tall tales……then they get a look at your son and they all immediately know that you were a stone cold liar. Your defence was so unoriginal and comical….”o ya I know her she is crazy she says every saudi is the dad” REALLY??? First off look in a mirror and you will see what Saudi is the daddy. Second you KNOW you were the only man I was intimate with!! I was madly in love with you. I remember a time you lost your scholarship and were broke and homeless, I was struggling to put food on the table for my children and I took you into my home paid your bills washed your clothes and fed you. How is the favour repaid? You get your scholarship back after 8 months of living off me and my family and you go out and spend 3,000 dollars on a big screen tv for your new party pad while I have to get on welfare just to feed and clothe our son. I begged you for 10 dollars for diaper s and you flew into a rage saying you whore you only got pregnant so you can have my money, I tell you what let me send you a bill of money spent on Joseph thus far and see if the thousands of dollars I spent and the 0$ you gave seem logical at all.
When I created the website I hadn’t heard from you in months, when you found out about the website you broke into my house and hacked my computer with a key-logger and stole Joseph birth record. I had often wondered why you stole Josephs birth record? A few weeks ago I got my answer when you sent me the e mail with a picture of Josephs birth record saying I am a liar because your name was not on the birth record and my husbands name was put on file as his father. Sultan you know why I didn’t want your name on his birth record.
Now I can explain to the readers as to why.
I didn’t want Sultans name on the official birth record first and foremost he threatened if I did he would kidnap Joseph and I would never see him again (RED FLAG) With all the international child custody horror stories out there I refuse to ever give him access to my son when he is threatening to take him if I put his name on file or tell anyone that he is the father. Then there is the issue that Sultan did not want anything to do with his son, why on earth would I put his name down….Sultan does not deserve the honour of being listed as a father he is clearly not father or husband material. When I was presented with the fact that my husband could adopt Joseph and be put on his birth record I jumped on it. My husband who wants to be a father and loves every second he spends with his little arab prince deserved to adopt Joseph and be legally considered his FATHER. The safety and well-being of my son is to important to have a mad man listed as his dad. The day is coming where Sultan will be forced to do a DNA test and no amount of scheming lying and hiding will help. I look forward to the day I can post the results.

Just by some small miracle you are secretly wondering about how Joseph is doing in past couple of years……
Sultan he is still so short….he is going to have a little man complex….sound familiar?
His favourite colour is green and he loves to watch Yo-Gabba_Gabba & Pocoyo.
He loves spaghetti and pizza and can eat as much as a grown man. Sleeping with his blue blanket and pillow I made him for Christmas is a funny event every night. You would be so proud of how smart he is he can count all the way to a thousand and knows how to count by two’s threes excreta. Scary smart!! He loves to sing and dance to every day often on the black coffee table you left in my house. The sensitivity to clothes you had as a boy he shares, nothing scratchy on him or he will just strip all his clothes off ..even in public 🙂
Joseph is the poster child for cuteness. I do feel bad that you will never know what a light he is in this dark world. You will never know what it feels like to feel the world crashing down on you and have those small hands wrap around you in a hug and seeing the eyes of an angel looking back at you while he smothers you in kisses making all the troubles melt away. You have no idea what you have lost, the feeling of happiness you always wanted are not wasted on Matt, who is teaching Joey to be a little man. We get to see the child you refuse to and you have nothing to show of your life. I hope you will contact me about Joseph. Open your heart to the one person in your entire life who will want to know about you. He is your son…..please don’t have hate in your soul for an innocent child who did nothing wrong but have us as his parents.

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