To My Father, Elayan Fahad Altafi







Dear Elayan,

Greetings to you, hoping that your health is stable after reading this story of mine to you. Yes, you, ELAYAN FAHAD ALLAFI! My name is Elayan Kris P. Allafi Jr. 31 years old Philippines’ citizen and married. If you are curious to know my date of birth I was born on 21st November 1984. Remember Dolly Pascua she is my mother, remember Romy Perez, he is the reason why and how you met my mother “Dolly”. After all, you and my mother get together and become couple and then you make. I know you don’t have Nikkah or proper wedding with my mother but those are not my fault. Have you ever seen cat giving birth and after they will take care of it and the birds are same, but I am thinking, why you don’t even care! You know you have a child but you choose to ignore the fact that I was born even writes letters to my mother saying “I LOVE YOU DARLING” now, where is the LOVE you said.? Since then, I started looking for you, I went to Saudi Embassy philippines, I gave all your particulars and I gave some of all original photos of you together with my mother, hoping that you may reach me back. After years passed nothing happened, I told everything to my mother and I am staring to lose hope of knowing you. My mother suggested me to be with her in Malaysia and forget everything since she is married to a Malaysian, and start new life with her and her new family. But I dont stop believing that I will meet you someday and decided to go with my mother planned to be with her, but my mother unknowingly, I am still on searching of you. I used social media Facebook, instagram, twitter etc. In someway and somehow, some people simpatize my effort of searching you they offered helps, some manage to tracked your instagram account and some recognized you as their friend and manage to give me your mobile number so quickly used it social media to get closer to you but what you do is, the more I get closer to you is the more you go far away from me. You keep on blocking me and telling stay away from your life, the feeling is hurts. You know the feeling that I have already found you and the feeling that I thought I can hug you and share my passed to you but that’s didn’t happen.every night I cried this feeling is so upsetting I even thought of dying because of not recognizing me as your son. Its not my fault of you having child in the first place, you enjoyed being with my mother before, now you saying get lost, well, I am not! I will pursue everything for you to realized you have responsibility!

Elayan Kris Allafi

Elayan Kris Allafi ( Your son)

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